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Johnathan Skye

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Combat Theme song





Character Picture


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(Johnathan relaxing on the beach during RNR)


Basic Information:


Name: Skye, Johnathan
Age: 26
D.O.B: 05/23/2272
Gender: Male

Martial Status: Single
Affiliation: Coalition
Role(s): Mobile Infantry, Marauder
Homeworld: Terra
Alignment: Lawful good
Hair color: Jet black
Eye colorLight blue
Build: Mesomorph
Rank: Specialist



Strength: 16/20
Dexterity: 14/20
Constitution: 16/20
Intelligence: 14/20
Wisdom: 13/20
Charisma: 10/20

Misc. Attributes:

Combat Rating: 9/10

Wealth: Middle Class

Character Description: 



Off-Duty: A tall man standing at around 6 feet with a muscular figure looking to be somewhere in his mid twenties. He wore a blue beret which rested on his messy jet black hair and matched his piercing light blue eyes. His clothing consisted of the standard grey Mobile Infantry battle dress uniform.


On-duty: A fully armored Aegis Mark two Marauder suit decorated with a massive yellow crown on the frontal chest piece with the words "King" in a bright crimson painted underneath. The entire chest piece would be painted jet black. On his right shoulder would two lightning bolts with the words "Zeus" written underneath in red. On his left shoulder would be a skull bearing a bloody red crown and the words "Royal" etched underneath.


Marauder suit Decals


Frontal chest piece


Related image

Right shoulder


Image result for Lightning boltImage result for Lightning bolt


Left shoulder


Related image




Becoming a Marauder.


Becoming a Marauder Specialist


Losing his left leg.

None to note

Personal Relationships
Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Liked|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears
You know what's up, asked to be added.


--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--
-Devin Saiphan


CQC specialist I've talked to a bit around the bar once or twice, seems pretty chill. He's an alright type of guy I suppose.

-Maddox Ryder


Mobile Infantry private, CQC if i'm not mistaken..he's ok but sometimes he can really get on my nerves by just being a emotionless douchebag.


-Thomas Constantinos 


Cool guy, I suppose. He was a Marauder for a time but he got kicked out for something, not quite sure yet. We were pretty nice friends when he was a Rauder but we haven't really kept in contact after he left, but, the few times I DO talk to him he seems pretty chill.


James Chevosky


A decent Sergeant, seems to know what he is doing most of the time. I also tend to trade quite a lot of insults with him, jokingly of course. 

--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--

-Lyndsey Carter


Ah Lynn, my favorite cone loving combat engineer. She's one of the first people I met when I first transferred to the 112th and she gave me a nice welcome. She has been lovely company so far and I've learned she has a amusing obsession for cones. By now I think she has become something of a Friend to me, I just hope she doesn't get herself killed.

-Travis Young


Hm, this guy. He's a engineer Sergeant that I haven't known for too long but I've heard he's been around awhile. From the few times I talked with him in the bar, he seems solid.


-William St. Claire


Eh, he's a alright engineer. Does his job and does it well. I can still find him to be a constant annoying sore loser who can't take a loss without screaming bullshit but I don't think he's a bad guy by any means.



--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--

--[[Federation Marauders]]--

-Claud Cozwin


Oh Cozwin, my Marauder battle buddy. I met him pretty much right after my transfer to the 112th and we quickly hit it off. On the field we make one hell of the team and on the ship we're good friends. He's just been going through some shit lately, he got himself crushed by a Royal and now he's been hospitalized. I hope he gets out alright...Hold on brother.


-Izla Sinthachai


Izla is a pretty solid Marauder, me and him were part of a new batch and he went through the Tech's training with me. For the times I've dropped with him he has proven to be a good battle buddy and he's a cool guy to hang out with on the Grant.

--[[Federation Fleet]]--


--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--
-Daisy 'Hel' Bailey


Hilarious Captain Bailey, my detachment leader. For the times I have spoken to her she is quite friendly and laid back. Under her lead the Detachment seems to be doing pretty well and I've heard some pretty good stories about her from back in her early days. Moreover, she has this lovely motherly vibe entirely unlike most officers that lets me feel at ease when she's around. Well, she's dead. The one day I don't fucking drop and everyone dies. Fucking unbelievable. She was a great detachment leader, I think she did the job well. I can only hope that her replacement does half as well as she did. It was unfortunate that I had only known Bailey for about one and a half months. I would've loved to gotten to know her more personally. Rest in piece, Ma'am.


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I know it's been a LONG ASS time since the last update but I finally got around to doing it. Fucking took me long enough. Moved some people around, added some stuff, got some new relationships. Yadda yadda yadda.


Get added, finally.

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