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MI Patches for PAC Editor

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https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3714348/pac/patch/sstpatch.obj - Model 


http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/rctpatch.png - Recruit

http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/pvtpatch.png - Private

http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/pfcpatch.png - Private First Class

http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/lcplpatch.png - Lance Corporal

http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/cplpatch.png - Corporal

http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/sgtpatch.png - Sergeant

http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/ssgtpatch.png - Staff Sergeant

http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/tsgtpatch.png - Tech Sergeant

http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/msgtpatch.png - Master Sergeant

http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/ltpatch.png - Lieutenant

http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/cptpatch.png - Captain

http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/majpatch.png - Major



Third Specialist Texture: http://i.imgur.com/HK8tx87.png

Second Specialist Texture: http://i.imgur.com/MPz4yKo.png

Specialist Texture: http://i.imgur.com/X0oelcw.png

Senior Specialist Texture: http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/cplpatch.png

Master Specialist Texture: http://pointofcontactrp.net/stuff/patch/sgtpatch.png


Instructions: To be worn on the character's left upper arm. Create a new model in PAC editor, in the model section paste the model link provided. In the material section paste in the desired texture link provided.


Unit Patch Texture: http://i.imgur.com/ylxBh2g.png


Instructions: To be worn on the character's right upper arm.

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