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[BREAKING NEWS][FEDNET] Sanctuary General and High Ranking Officers Dead.

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Sanctuary General and High Ranking Officers Dead.


On the 9th of June 2298, the following officers: Brigadier General Marcus Morel, Captain William Markwell, Major Eleanor Sorven, Lt Colonel John Marxis, Captain Mary Ivory, Major Kaine Willard, Captain Ryan Wells, Captain Mason Velvet. Were reported dead  in the city of New Dristan on the sanctuary controlled planet of Udessa-4. The cause of death has still not been revealed by sanctuary officials and all reports on the scene were asked to leave by presumed OSW forces who turned up on the scene shortly after incident.




By the pictures and witnesses at the scene of the incident at the time of the explosion many are saying a missile was launched from an opposing high rise into the office building in which a meeting was being held. Leading to the death of the collective of officers. The identities and affiliation of the perpetrators of this incident are still unknown. Speculation however has lead to most believing this to be an act of domestic terrorism.

An eye witness who will remain nameless for their own safety gave this statement;


“ It was around three pm, the day was sunny and well it was generally quiet. The security levels were admittedly increased for some reason. I was on my lunch break staring from my window when I saw a glimmering orange light cross from the building there to the sanctuary HQ, which lead to a loud thunderous bang. Shaking the windows in my office and soon after that we were ordered to evacuate the district as men with black clothing and marines started filling the streets.” - Mr. Unknown at 6:34 11/06/2018.


All witnesses within the building at the time have seemed to disappear from the city, perhaps to witness protection programs? Or other programs being lead by sanctuary but the whole situation is still relatively clouded by sanctuary officials and all advances on the story have been refused. All further updates will be reported here. Please bare with us as we try to learn more.





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