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Test Subject 4G71-B Experiment One

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[The following is a recording of Lieutenant Aleks Peters, Doctor Starr Axby, Specialist Ashley Olsen, Private James Riech, Corporal Miranda Walters and Sergeant James Chevosky. All present for the LIVE analysis of Subject 4G71-B. Image attached below. Audio only.]




AP: This is Lieutenant Aleks Peters, I am currently here with Doctor S. Axby, beginning experiment one on test subject 4G71-B.

AP: If you could all state your name for the tape.

AO: Specialist Ashley Olsen!

JR: Private James Riech

MW: Corporal Miranda Walters.

JC: Sergeant James Chevosky.


MW: Be careful doc, I was fighting these things down below and they were as tough as normal tigers.

AP: From what we know from reports, these bugs move faster than the average Arachnid.They have thicker armour, taking much more ammo to take down due to what we assume is that thick armour. We're, so far, assuming that the creatures have adapted to the planets harsh snowy climate, being able to survive and navigate intense blizzards and snowstorms.

JC: Oh one of these bugs huh.

AP: You were on a drop with them? Anything you can tell us, Sergeant?

JR: The thick shell would keep it warm no?

JC: Well.

JC: Plenty.

AP: Go ahead. In as much detail as you can.

JC: Alright. These bugs some much more calm, at least that is until you make them angry, sound draws them in, so the use of flares and explosives at a distance drew them in, they are either completely blind or just have minimal sight range because we were able to quietly sneak past them, but their hearing was either super sensitive or they have some sort of vibrations sensors.

JC: They also moved around by tapping their mandibles on things, almost like a blind person.

JC: And with weird clicks, probably to tell their comrades where they themselves were if you asked me, clicks I've never heard arachnids make before.

JR: Echo location..

JC: I doubt that.

AP: Interesting. Well, from what we can tell, the eyes seem to be fine.

JR: Just a thought

JC: If that was the case they would have found us earlier.

SA: I'll know more about it's vision if I can open it up.

AP: Which you may do soon. For now we want to see what we can get from it while it is alive.

JC: Got a noise maker?

SA: Interesting... it has nictitating membranes.

MW: Got a flash bang on me. Might fuck up the audio recording though.

AP: It's under psychic control at the moment, simply being told to lay where it is.

JC: Hm.

SA: The thing can see just fine... however it does appear sensitive to light, but the nictitating membranes would negate that. Was there a brain present?

JC: No idea.

AP: We're unsure at this moment in time.

MW: Not only were the normal warriors tougher but so were the elites, one of them took on two marauders and three normal MI, wounding two of them in the process by itself. Seems to be happening to most of the bugs, hell, maybe even chariots are getting these bug steroids..

JC: If you ask me, some animals have eyes, but cannot use them.

JR: Sounds like we might need more than .308 rounds

SA: This one uses his just fine, from what I can see intially. LIke I said, I'll know more when I'm allowed to open it up.

MW: "The damn thing is looking at me."'

JR: What about its soft spots, like the veins. They have armour now?

JC: This is just a winter bug.

SA: They all have armor.

JC: Normal bugs are still the same I am sure.

AP: Simply try to ignore it, Corporal.

SA: There you are boy... still normal neurological functioning, even with the psychic presence.'

MW: Oh great, it's probably imprinting on me now knowing my luck.

AP: What are you thinking so far, Doctor?

AO: Imprinting?

MW: Kinda like seeing something as a parent, seen it with some animals on the farm.

SA: I'm thinking that this arachnid is the product of natural evolution, however, like I said, I won't know for sure until I cut it open.

SA: He appears to be a big brother to the typical warriors... He was found in a harsh environment, right?

JC: Yup.

AP: Yes, snow planet. Consistent blizzards and snowstorms. Below zero temperatures.

SA: Evolution seems a good hypothesys.

JR: How'd you even get this thing? If you don't mind me asking

AP: We had a team lure one into a tunnel and trap it. Took some time, it put up quite a fight against two Marauders and a Psychic attempting to restrain and calm it.

AP: Interestingly enough, they didn't have to use sound. The creature spotted them and ran after them.

JC: I think that means these bugs had to have been on that planet for a loooooong time.

JC: Weird how my team managed it, maybe they suck at night hunting or something.

AO: Maybe the bugs are only blind when the weather is rough?

JR: The creature has two layers of protection for its eyes right?

AP: Well, the planet was mostly ignored until Sanctuary tried to set up shop there, built a few FOBs but pulled out not long after. From what we can tell they were trying to mine for something.

SA: Hmm...

AP: How so, Specialist? Elaborate?

AO: Mhmmm. I saw the eyes seemed to have a thicker... second eye?

AO: For protection maybe?

AP: Eye lid, yes.

SA: The additional layer of eyelid protects their eyes and would allow them to see /better/.

AO: Oh.

SA: Cats and dogs have the same thing.

AO: Im sorry. Nevermind.

SA: It's fine. I wouldn't expect you to know that.

JC: I'm still wondering how we fuckin managed it then. Maybe just pure luck, or stealth.

AP: Well, you said it was dark.

JR: At this point Sergeant I'd say Luck, no offense.

AP: So perhaps their vision wasn't adapted. What was the weather like at the time?

JC: Blizzards, it was dark.

AO: Um... I only heard story from Corporal Hughes. Rough, cold and blizard like.

JC: We just kinda walked through the middle of them though.

AP: And they seemed blind during the blizzard?

JC: Appeared that way.

AO: What he said, yes.

JC: One of the bugs attacked a radio tower because it made a sound.

AO: Maybe they protecting their eyes from the harsh winds or snow with something?

MW: So maybe the kinda armor shit doesn't let light through and only comes down when it's either: A.) Really fucking bright. B.) Shit is liable to get in it's eye, like wind and shit.

AP: Well, the eyelid seems much thicker, so I suppose it could work to stop wind or snow from damaging the eye.

AO: MAybe when the eyelid shuts, they can't see, of course. Making them essentially blind?

AP: It would explain why their hearing is so sensative.

JC: Hm.

AP: If they have to blind themselves to navigate snowstorms or harsh weather they'd need other ways to move around.

SA: It's a likely hypothesis.

JR: They probably use their hearing and mandables when blinded

AP: For now, we'll call and end to the experiment. Doctor, I will have the body delivered to your lab within the hour.

SA: Thank you. Please ensure it's euthanized as humanely as possible. I'd like as much of it in tact as possible.

AP: We'll be sure to do as little damage as we can.

SA: The blue one will make it fall asleep. The pink solution will end its life.

AP: That will conclude experiment one, Lieutenant Aleks Peters signing off.

[End of tape]

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