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Intel points are an old concept introduced during the Civil War to SSTRP but finally vitalized in conjunction with a research tree developed by FFRL leads. Intel points is a term for all the intelligence players gather in the field or unlocked by other research on the ship. Intel points serve as a currency which can be spent on upgrades from the research tree that will be unveiled at a later stage. Currently this tree is designed to be vast and expected to have unlockables until the end of this year. While the majority of these unlockables are purely IC and will influence special roleplay (new medical equipment), some will impact everyday roleplay (roll bonuses for Fleet due to new computer systems), some will just straight out unlock new content.


Intel points will be curated by me, myself and I. They are an FFRL currency entirely. The research tree will offer paths/projects which the MI/Fleet/Intel leadership will decide to spend them on. It will be entirely up to the leadership on how much they delegate their power - perhaps Colonel Davidson will include even his Corporals or medical Specialists in the discussion on what they need researched for the field. There may also be a few power clashes. Fleet will definitely be interested in upgrading their systems, while medical may desire innovations to help their field. The process of unlocking a tech may take a while as I hope to have a small article on the wiki for each thing we unlock.


The Intel points will be logged on the forums aswell as the wiki front page.

The Techtree will be unveiled at a later stage.

This is for me to gauge average intel points income per month and balance the price of some upgrades - because who would bother spending them if we could just unlock a new Q-Bomb after two days?

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