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El Excellente

Intel Points -- LOGGING

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This is the official Intel Points log for administrators to post.

If you're a player and collected Intel, urge admins to post.





Current Intel Points: 12150







 After every mission they have ran, administrators will post the intel points acquired during their missions in this thread. If you are a player and have collected intelligence as stated or similar to those below, urge the mission-runner to post here. If they do not post, you will not have enough Intel Points to purchase upgrades! If the intelligence you have collected is not listed below, either take it up with FFRL ICly (Maj. Rachael Collins) or send me a forum PM. Similarily, if you are an admin and wish to run a mission that boosts Intel Points (read: FFRL-themed mission), send me a forum PM or contact me via Steam or otherwise. If not listed below, I will be the one making entries!




Capturing a generic HVT: 20 pts

Gathering field intel: 1-10 pts

Extracting from consoles: 5-50 pts (see below)

New Encounters: 25 pts

Capturing new tech: 15 pts



1. A generic HVT is any Officer, field commanders or researchers (that includes meth cooks) captured in the field on any generic mission.

It does not include special characters such as high ranking Generals, Admirals or FFRL scientists. These missions are not considered generic!


2. Field intel is any spoken intel encountered in the field. This ranges from meeting Civilians telling you about special/secret places around town, talking to you about local legends (think the Draconians on Faraway) or as simple as stealing paperwork from local garrisons or politicians or photographing maps.

You get bonus points if it's a well designed mission and you mark these new developments on the wiki (such as a recent meteor shower destroying some specific flora on the planet. The more detail, the more bonus I'm willing to give, independant from the base value)


3. Extracting intel from consoles. This is your usual hard-drive plugging. These hard drives are from 'generic' computers and the bonus is per hard-drive. It stacks up to +50, meaning you can extract 10 hard drives per mission.

This does not include hard-drives from special consoles. Special consoles are any consoles that hold anything of research worth, ie. any computer on any FFRL-themed mission.


4. This is a very broad term. It describes the Mobile Infantry observing the Arachnids employ new tactics, encounter new castes in combat or a new species entirely. A new species can be primitive but has to have some combat value. This means that any new fauna you encounter on some planet can be marked down; anything advanced outside of Arachnids/Skinnies/Progenitors will not be covered by this. New Encounters can also be made with Humans; encountering new Seperatist factions or new tactics employed (including Seperatists rolling out tanks) will be covered by this. New technologies by any race also fall under this, be it Human weaponry or spooky skinnie stuff.

When in doubt, shoot me a PM.


5. Should the enemy employ new techs and you capture it, assign this bonus. Please keep the following relations: Arachnids < Humans < Skinnies < Progenitors.

Progenitor tech is worth more than Skinnie tech and skinnie stuff is worth more than humans'. Arachnids have very little tech, therefore little worth. However, a new superweapon developed by Humans could be more valuable than a skinnie PDA. If you are wondering why this base is so low for bringing home special items - it is a generic point boost. Bringing these techs home will be a special research project for us which may unlock a bigger point boost depending on the item's worth.

When in doubt, shoot me a PM.



Special values are those approved by m e. They can be given out for completing special missions or retrieving intel from certain missions/places as a side objective. I could may aswell hop on during a mission and decide that we need a Warrior corpse back on the Grant, which would give you a quick point boost. I might aswell settle for weekly/monthly objectives such as capturing x amount of bugs or observing bug caste X's behaviour for x amount of time. As a rule of thumb: Anything that would be of interest to the Federation and/or is FFRL themed is deemed a special mission. While Admins are free to run these whenever, the points need to be approved by me.


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