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Galya "Manova' Abdrakhmanova Biography

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Basic Information


Name: Galya "Manova" Abdrakhmanova 
Rank:  TBD
Affiliation: Mobile Infantry, 182nd Combat Medical Detachment
Specialization: Medical Personnel
Gender: Female
Age: 26



Physical Description:

Female | 5'8" | Green Emerald like Eyes | Light Brown Hair Put In a Pony Tale | Caucasian | Age: 26 | Muscle Build: Regular | 160lb | Noticeable Russian Accent  | M.I Dog Tag With Name "Galya Abdrakhmanova" On Neck |  Morita Assault Rifle | Sidearm On Right Side Of Body | Combat Knife Attached to left Boot | Dirty Scratched Standard Issued Medical BDU | Dirty Red Tinted Standard Issued Medical Pack | Medical Kit In Medical Pack | Dirty Red Tinted Military Canteen On Military Belt | Scorched Dirty Black Military Issued Boots | Journal In Medical Pack | 10 Volt Lighter Stored In Left Pocket | Words Tattooed On Right Shoulder "Белый рыцарь" | Military Issued Belt | Waterproof Watch | PDA In Medical Pack | Military Helmet [OFF] [Attachments None] Flashlight attached to Top Right Medical BDU Armor | Pharmacology Book Inside Off Medical Pack | Cross Necklace Around Neck | Scar Going Down Left Shoulder 

[Image: eye-color-green-a-330x220@2x.jpg]





[Chapter One: Birthplace and Childhood]

      Galya Abdrakhmanova was born in the state of Detroit USA, December 31st, 2268 in a hospital with the name "Franklin Johnson Hospital." Galya's family was made up of two children, her brother, Ryan Abdrakhmanova. He was a one of a kind kid. Ryan would always talk about space, how he wanted to see what was really out there, Ryan never stopped believing that maybe one day he could go. 

      Galya and Ryan would play games, shoot hunting rifles, read Federation news and of course talk about their futures. Galya always wanted to be a Combat Medic for the M.I. Ryan dreamed of flying a ship of his own for the Fleet. Galya's father was a genetic researcher. Her mother had passed three months after Galya and Ryan were born, she had died because of Pancreatic Cancer at least, that's what her father said.


[Chapter Two: Studies and Progression] 

      Growing up Galya was in love with math and science, she was one of the smartest in her class. Galya was attending a private school named “Cornerstone School.” The classes she'd enrolled herself into was basic human anatomy, because of her mindful skill in math and science. The school board had decided to put Galya through honors. Galya learning these new things she was always one step ahead of everyone. One day in human anatomy, Galya was fond of what she was learning, she'd been studying about the femoral artery, bronchial artery, and other parts of the body, the reason why she was so fond of this was of how fragile the human body is compared to small impacts. 

      Galya noticed that she wanted to go to medical school and get her BS DO Degree in Osteopathic Medicine. Sadly her father could not afford her the university that she wanted to attend. She decided to enlist herself into the M.I as a counter.  She'd grabbed her Medical Terminology book, her journal, set of clothes, a toothbrush, and a picture of her family. Heading to boot camp she waved her last goodbyes to her family. 


[Chapter Three: Operation Training at Fort Kaluthra & Combat Medical Training]

      Galya was assigned to barracks one-one-three-alpha, Upon sitting in her bunk an NCO walked into the barracks. The NCO blew his whistle calling everyone to get formed up. The NCO led Galya and the others outside, The NCO began to show everyone around the compound. He showed the armory and the medical bay. This room particularly peaked Gayla's interest in the M.I. After the tour, our NCO told us we had two minutes to head to the armory and retrieve our standard issued Morita Assault Rifle. After they headed towards the firing range and began to do target practice, Galya was a very high attuned shot. 

      The following day a whistle was heard mid sleep, she heard the drill sergeant yelling at the recruits to get into formation and get ready for PT. Galya was preparing to get into her BDUs, Only getting two minutes to prepare. Getting ready she got information. She was being led out by the Chief Instructor. When getting out Galya and the rest of the recruits were told to get into five divided lines and line up in a square five-by-five formation for physical training. Galya addressed herself into the third line. The chief instructor blew his whistle, and we were told to stay in formation. We took by staying in an orderly same speed formation. Running, the pain of the limbs inside of the Galya's body started to burn. Galya kept her pace up running around the compound, seeing another physical training formation run right past their formation. 

      After the physical training, her formation stopped by the firing range. Galya and the others were told that they had three minutes to get their Morita Rifles and get back to the firing range. Once the NCO blew the whistle we went to the armory. The freshies began getting their weapons and started to report back to the NCO In a two-by-two formation. The NCO Informed us that we had to get into a separate firing range and initiate firing when the sound of the whistle could be heard. The freshies began loading our weapons with one magazine attaching them to the rifle. The group held their rifles in a holstered position. The whistle was heard. Galya started firing her rifle hitting every shot on the point. Once fire training was over, the group was ordered to put the weapons away into the armory and head back for chow. Once chow was over the group was ordered back to the barracks, upon arriving at the barracks she could see the chief instructor with a small, menacing smile, ignoring it she went on continuing through the barracks heading to her bunk.

      Galya had applied for FMSS school, knowing that it was going to be difficult, she saved her notes from her prior teachings. FMSS had explained about what supplies to use and what to do if a trooper needed to be stabilized. It also explained the terminology of how to call for evacs, medevac, casevac, etc. Forwarding on, Galya had to do one last test to perform and explain that she understands what to do if a trooper has been exposed to a high caliber weapon. Galya explained and was able to perform the test, acing it on the first attempt. Upon completion, Galya was granted the position of Combat Medic.

                                                                                                                                                                   How did your character receive this position?

After physical and mental naval training, Galya Abdrakhmanova was sent to FMSS School attending every class, learning everything that she needed to save and help the future troopers in the M.I, she passed FMSS training with high marks and was attached to the 182nd Medical Detachment.




Strength: 13/20


Dexterity: 14/20


Constitution: 17/20


Intelligence: 19/20


Wisdom 14/20






Combat Rating: 














Kind/Friendly - Varying on her anti-depressants, Bramhall can be happy-go-lucky, or the dull, dark Master Sergeant she's learned to act like.

Courage, Duty, Honor - Loyalty to the end. The M.I. is all she's ever known and won't lightly throw away its ideals.

Task-oriented - There is a time to goof off and there is a time to take things seriously. She knows the difference. Her combat self is entirely different from her normal self.

By The Code - Don't shoot civilians, don't break ROE, don't break the rules. Professionalism.

Guilty Conscience - She's not one to let her mistakes go lightly. If she thinks she is at fault, then sleep will be lost over it. She typically assumes the worst, that she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders when it is simply not the case.

Family first - Those she considers family she believes can do no wrong, to her or anyone else. This can make her bullheaded, highly-defensive, and unreasonably stoic.

Aims to please - After all, she's been through, the one joy she has is making others happy. She actively tries to make sure her family stays together despite the obvious tears and goes to lengths to the detriment of her health to ensure it. When everyone else is happy, she too will be.

Xenophobe - let's face it, nobody has truly forgiven anyone for what happened during the Great War. She isn't hostile to it, but don't expect her to awe in amazement over a bug. 

Mental scarring - Her time in the Fifth has not been kind to her mental stability. PTSD-plagued nightmares are ever-present.



Character Sheet - Warning: Brutally Honest
Relations: Love | Family | Admired/Respected | Close Friends | Friends | Acquainted/Like | Neutral or Mixed | Dislikes | Hates with a burning passion | Fears | Killed In Action

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51 minutes ago, El Excellente said:

whats a M7 Submachine Gun and why is this character -230 years old

smells like halo my kraut boy

also the white knight tattoo yeah boy hehehe

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6 hours ago, Archer said:

smells like halo my kraut boy

also the white knight tattoo yeah boy hehehe

You'd be right big boi ;)

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