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Bugs. Define a Bug. REWARD

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2 hours ago, Archer said:

bug: anything that has more than 2 legs

shoot it

 smash the entire area 

I would probably include neodogs in that order as well, would I be correct in this assumption?

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3 hours ago, Archer said:


you're nitpicking words 

that's a reference

Yes, but I'd shoot the neodogs anyway. I've said that IC and like five people brought up the neodog we had so I had to clarify. Oh, also, chariot bugs.

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17 hours ago, Noviix said:



this is the warrior arachnid, the most common bug seen by a mobile infantryman. it ain't too smart but their claws are LETHAL... their talons are SCARY... and the worst of all.. is that it's still 86% combat effective without one of it's limbs.

fucking hell, very nice

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On 7/1/2018 at 9:25 PM, VenomBurke said:

Oh shit world war 3 about to start eggs-d

just give me my 20 shekels you goyim

i clearly won, nobody'll post here till the end of july

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