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My participation in SSTRP - and all other SSTRPs.

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So as it has probably became readily apparent by this stage, I resigned from SSTRP in April. This wasn't publicised because I wanted a smooth change of the guard sans drama - I think that was achieved, and indeed I wouldn't be surprised if a third of the people who read this do not know who I am.


The goal was for me to fade quietly into the background but this has been upset recently by a couple of rival communities who have begun to form. Much to my surprise, I have discovered that they are falsely stating or implying that I have offered them some sort of support or endorsement over .net.


This is patently false: this is the server that I had personally ran for a decade, and the people leading it now were personally appointed by me. It is frankly ridiculous to suggest I would turn my back on my own server in favour of some upstart. 


Perhaps those who feel such a desperate need to lean on my reputation ought to consider why their own reputations are so tarnished as to necessitate deceiving the players they have have managed to acquire.



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