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[FEDNET] Major Offensive Underway

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NEW MOLDOVA, RHOHAN - The scene on the ground in the smoggy mining city of New Moldova is one of anticipation, and tension. 

For the past week and a half, Mobile Infantry and Fleet have been making their presence known more and more as the Coalition begins to undertake an offensive 

targetting the inner worlds surrounding Sanctuary. Corvettes and battle cruisers obscure the muddled skies while troops on the ground drill and prepare for what is projected to be some of the harshest fighting of the war against Sanctuary.




Troopers performing drills on Rhohan's Grey Forest.


Veterans and seasoned troopers who fought toe-to-toe with Sanctuary on planets like Shoreridge are anxious to return the favor.


"I lost more than my fair share fighting against those traitors. There's good men and women that'd still be drawing breath if it weren't for them."

Sergeant Thomas Flores lost his eye in an explosion while fighting against Sanctuary forces on Claudius I.

"We're gonna' hit 'em ten times as hard as they hit us during their offensive. I'm determined to see those rolling green hills and sprawling seas on Sanctuary for myself, and to see that bastard O'Brian hang."


Sergeant Flores and his men are stocking their ship, the UCF-277 Ivar Knudsen, and are set to deploy to Epsilon Prime later this week.

Sergeant Flores' story is not unique among the thousands of troopers mobilizing on Castus. 

Between the scarred and hardened faces of the troopers, Fleet personnel are more than eager to satisfy their bone to pick with Sanctuary.




The Ivar Knudsen, preparing to visit a supply depot on the other side of Rhohan.



"My Captain sacrificed his life in order to save the rest of the cruisers in our flotilla. My home, and everything I had was blown out into space by a Sanctuary helical."

Ensign Laura Graham served aboard the UCF-187 Anne Bailey, one of the many corvettes lost during the Battle of Shoreridge.

"I'm alive now because I'm not gonna' let my Captain's sacrifice be in vain."

Graham and her colleagues spend their days overseeing bustling cadets as they rush to stock up the Anne Bailey with enough ordnance for the coming fight against Sanctuary.


Lieutenant Colonel Mahmoud Babar stands at a solid six feet. His biotech right leg is barely noticeable underneath his cleanly pressed dress pants. His medals gleam in the artificial light of the military offices in New Moldova.


"...With the end so close, we're more than willing to do everything it takes to bring about a stop to Sanctuary's insurrection. I've ascended the ranks through this civil war, and have seen men and women much greater than I pay the ultimate price for supporting the Federation. It's my duty as an officer to ensure that they will rest peacefully- which will only be brought about with O'Brian's deposing."


Outside, three battle cruisers' thrusters shake the windows as their massive frames lift from the stockyards, heading towards planets like Epsilon Prime, one of the manufacturing powerhouses for Sanctuary, and Agamemnon, a largely agricultural planet responsible for supplying much of Sanctuary space with an ample amount of food.


"As we speak, we're already striking Sanctuary targets to pave the way for our offensive. An overwhelming show of force with surgical precision- that's the theme of this operation. We're gonna' make O'Brian and her cadre quake in their boots."

As we speak with Lieutenant Colonel Babar, more and more ships streak through the sky. Their contours cover the sky, slowly zooming away towards the Sanctuary front, heavily fortified on both sides. The fighting is forecasted to be some of the fiercest in the entire war- Lieutenant Colonel Babar states that Sanctuary troops will be fighting tooth-and-nail now that their backs are pressed against the wall. The troopers we've spoken to show a headstrong resolve to put an end to this war.


But they're not alone.


They need men and women like YOU for the final fight to come against Sanctuary. Do you think you have what it takes? Contact your local recruiter and speak to them about enlisting.











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