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Craig R. Smith

Craigs Guide For New Players!

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Welcome to SSTRP.net new player!

I am Craig and I shall be giving you some advice on your first days here.

This is going to be short, to the point, and in your best interest. So dont skim to get through it, you'll need this advice. Trust me, this is all stuff I learned.
1. First things to do.
Alright, you made your soldier. There are some basic guidelines and rules to follow. Sounds boring, but helps you in the long run.
First off, make your guy have an actual name. Capitalised and everything. If you don't, an admin eventually pulls you aside, asking you what you want your name to be.
Second, you need a starting description. This should by PHYSICAL ONLY, wich includes but is not limited to; Height, weight, hair and eye color, uniform description, accent (If any), and any major features that are often exposed I.E. facial scars, and other such things.
Third, chose a player model. Theres a nice list of faces avalible, chose the one that best suits your fancy.
2. Shipside manner
Our server takes place roughly thirty years after the first Starship troopers film, currently in the year 2298. As expected we spend most of our time in a big ass spaceship, not shooting anything. In times like this you need to know how to generally act so you don't get yelled at by admins if you decide to shoot someone.
First, don't have your gun out. If you look in the bottom right corner of your screen and you have your gun out, you'll see an ammo counter. Select your fists or keys so you don't walk around lugging an assault rifle/shotgun combo.
Second, partake in passive RP. This is as simple as walking up to someone and saying hi. Go out and make friends, live your life as if it were real and not inside a computer screen. Your character needs to Eat, sleep, drink, exercise, socialise, everything. So go out and meet some people.
Third, grammar and capitalization, it makes you look better to others if you talk 'Normal' (or how your character would) and capatalize when nessasary. This sounds stupid but it actually does something in the long run.
Lastly, attend trainings. People from time to time host different trainings and simulations to better prepare MI for the battlefield. Go to them, they are for -YOUR- benifet.
3. Combat tips
As we are all enlisted in the Mobile Infantry, we get to shoot things, the best part about this job. This is good and bad as its entertaining, but there is a good chance you get killed. Here is what I learned (Both the easy and hard way) about shooting boog and other such enemies of the Federation.
First, LISTEN TO ORDERS. This is the biggest thing you need to follow. If you dont follow orders, you can get; Injured, killed, arrested, court martialled, and executed. Also it assists your fellow riflemen if you do what you're told. So listening to orders, saves the lives of EVERYONE, in one way or another.
Second, identify targets. Know what you are shooting. If you dont know what you are about to shoot. Dont shoot it unless you; A. Know its an enemy and you are able to fire via orders or not being told to hold fire or, B. are directly ordered to shoot it by a NCO or someone placed incharge. You do not know how many times we've shot HVT's because we did not know it was the HVT.
Third, stick to cover. It really increases your chances of survival if solid objects take bullets for you and not your vest and/or limbs. Rocks, trees, walls, and hills are some common pieces of solid cover.
That is all the help I have to give you for now!
Below is a more in depth guide from the old forums!
See you in the field troopers! Good luck and gods speed!

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i'll be honest with you, this thread seems kinda pointless and mostly obvious stuff that can easily be said to someone in-game, the current RP guide is really all we need.

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