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[FEDNET] Tjunkaya Station Captured, Sanctuary Forces Double Down

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Mobile Infantry of the 74th Moritas attack Tjunkaya Station, seated in the foothills of the Fairfax Mountains on Cassandra.




The 74th rounding up a few Sanctuary officers following the capture of facility's grounds.


TAZMAN, CASSANDRA - The town of Tazman is one of Cassandra's least populated settlements with less than five hundred residents. Today, however, the town is bustling with non-stop activity as it rests at an important crossroads for invading Coalition troops. As part of a new offensive towards Sanctuary, Cassandra is one of the planets targeted due to the sizeable Sanctuary military presence. Battle cruisers and corvettes fly overhead while countless lorries loaded with troopers clad in grey funnel through the dusty roads of the old town, heading off towards the planet's front line. 


Built in 2200, Tjunkaya Station used to be an important military station designed to accommodate and service thousands of Mobile Infantry and Fleet personnel passing through the Eta Cassiopei system towards the AQZ. However, towards the beginning of the Civil War, Cassandra fell to Sanctuary, and Tjunkaya Station was heavily refurbished and fortified to serve as a more active post manned around the clock in the event of an attack. 


FedNet correspondents witnessed the heavy bombardment the Station endured, and accompanied the Mobile Infantry as they secured the sprawling grounds of the facility after nearly twelve hours of constant fighting. The occupants of Tjunkaya Station eventually surrendered after a long, drawn out fight, granting the Coalition a valuable post to further facilitate the offensive against the rest of Cassandra, and towards Sanctuary.


Hundreds of Sanctuary troopers were captured, while a few dozen Coalition POW's being held in the Station were liberated as well. With Tjunkaya Station under Coalition control, Military Intelligence suggests that the hardest part of the siege of Cassandra is over. As of now, Mobile Infantry and Fleet personnel make their way towards the planet's capital of the same name, aiming to do battle with the remaining Sanctuary forces hunkering down for the invasion.


The Mobile Infantry is made up of men and women who are a clear cut above the everyday civilian.

Do you think you have what it takes?

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