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PK appeal for Third Specialist Carolynn Grent

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I have been thinking about this for a bit and the way she died hasn't sit right with me since april. We were on a drop investigating a derilect ship and her suit malfunctioned sending her into space never to be seen again. Im not asking for this character back to play on I am quiet happy with the character I have now. But and there is always a but in this situation, I was wondering if she could be returned for a day still alive so I could retire her properly. I know its asking a lot and I would completely understand if this appeal was declined. Thank you for taking the time to review this and even consider allowing it. 

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I'll handle this one. 


Okay so, I'll put this plainly;


This is a very vague appeal. I would be a fool to blindly allow your character to return from what everyone else has considered a valid PK for a lengthy period of time. 


That said, my home state doesn't believe in a statue of limitations so fuck it. 


Can you at least remember who the admin was? 


Why the suit malfunctioned? 


Did you roll for anything that contributed or directly caused the PK?


Were you in any sort of communication with the admin who was running the event? 



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Sorry for the late response I’ve been sick and dealing with my child. But yes Xal was the admin yes I was in communication with him suit malfunctioned because of some weird shit that happened with the power. So I understand if it’s a no. That’s why I said it’s asking a lot this was more so a long shot in the dark. Again I will completely stand by whatever decision you make regarding this and if she stays gone she stays gone. 


This was more so an appeal dealing with the decision and having a ton of regret afterwards. But I know just like everyone else regret is not a valid feeling in this game when it comes to PKd characters. So In final I’ll state it again if the decision is made that she is too not come back I completely understand and fully agree with your thought process on this matter.


(wrote this on my phone sorry for errors)

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