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WANTED - Maxine A. Valentine

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General Theme:



[Face Claim]


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[An image drawn of Max by Ylva]



Basic Information:



Awful<██████|██████|██████>Not Awful


Name: Maxine Amber Valentine
Age: 20
D.O.B: July 5th
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Bently's Bandits
Role(s): Armorer, Top Marksmen, Engineer, Advisor
Kin: None
Homeworld: Terra - Michigan, America
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Build: Ectomorphic

Religion: Church of Wellsbeing
Rank: Warrant Officer

Rank Progression: 

Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. > LCpl. > Cpl. > GySgt. > Pfc.> LCpl. > Cpl. > LCpl. > Cpl. > Sgt. > WO.

3Spc. > 2Spc. > Spc. > SSpc. > MSpc. > WO.


Charles Valentine - Father - Deceased Citizen

Stephanie Valentine - Mother - Alive Citizen
Mark Valentine - Brother - KIA 106th Marauder Detachment


"Is that a compliment? Now I know things are fucked up."






Unknown <ERR: EX98H2>





Cannot open file.


<Error Code: /10294892/ >

Wealth: Poor


Prized Possessions:

Faust's Headband

Bently's Sunglasses

Ylva's Drawing of Max

That one LtCol. that Max beat the shit out of's Reaper

Vicker's NCO Guidebook

A crushed package of Lucky Strikes

A pearl topper, taken off of a bar tap

Two of Hartwick's gold star stickers







General Specialization Ribbon - REVOKED



Engineering Ribbon - REVOKED



Outstanding Services to Combat Engineering Ribbon - REVOKED



Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon - REVOKED



Purple Heart - 2x Silver Star - REVOKED



Operation Olympus Unit Citation - REVOKED



Operation Dawn Unit Citation - REVOKED





Veteran Combat Medal - REVOKED



Combat Action Medal - REVOKED



Valorous Unit Medal - REVOKED


Stormed the Progenitor Ark, destroying it and in turn, beginning the end of the Progenitor occupation of the Sol system.



Meritorious Unit Medal - REVOKED



Awarded for repelling the Arachnid assault on Cordellia, and destroying the local hive in dire circumstances.



Legion of Merit Medal - REVOKED


Awarded for driving an APC loaded with a nuke into the main hive on Scarvis, effectively removing the bug presence from Scarvis.

>View INTERVIEW FN-1120529 Here<

Other Information:
Tattoo sleeve, located on her right arm




Character Description:
A 5ft. 9in. female, with reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. She looks to be about 150 pounds. Also has a sleeve tattoo on her right arm.



Huge-ass scar on her abdomen due to a talon slicing it open.

Huge-ass scar on her left thigh due to yet another talon piercing her.

Multiple GSW scars along her back, and on her stomach area.

Shrapnel scars along her right shin.

Uranium & Plutonium literally being sprayed onto her.

Getting crushed by a mortar shell and somehow(?) surviving.

Having her throat slit and body filled with shrapnel and still somehow surviving.

And it goes on.

And on.

And on.


Related image


Personal Relationships
Relations: Loved|Respected|Trusted|Good Friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears

--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--


Sebastian Bently -

The dude who is in charge of us lesser ranking dudes. He's a more than capable leader, and he's actually good company, unlike most of the NCOs and up. I'm kinda hoping we can be friends and shit. It's been pretty lonely since Faust left.

The moment he gave me his sunglasses, I knew this man was a real kinda guy.

Dealt with NCO's big dicking each other effectively. I can see why he's made Captain, being the competent man he is.

Major now. The big man on top, or whatever. Haven't seen him in awhile.

Lieutenant Colonel? Explains why I never see him anymore.



I was expecting a demotion, lashings, whatever.


Holy shit.

Holy shit.

He also gave me no drink limit for a week. As promised.


Maybe they aren't -all- bad?


Saying the guy had 'alot on his plate' would be a huge fucking understatement.

Honestly, I don't know how he does it.



- Aaron Holtz -

I opened up to him, and just let it all out.

It feels good to have a friend again.

And he's gone too.


Came back. Haven't talked to him very much, though.

Staff Sergeant now. Did some dumb shit with a CB. Honestly, I'm not sure if he was ACTUALLY a Pee Eff, or his dementia is kicking in early.

Chatted a LOT of shit on Asper, too. I don't know, man. Am I just being paranoid? Probably. Will that make me trust him anymore that I admitted that? No.

Master Sergeant? Shit, when I talked shit on my superiors, I got fucking beat. Not a promotion. This place keeps getting more and more backwards every fucking day.



Leana Wells -

Second platoon's Gunnery Sergeant. Doesn't take shit from anyone, and she's a proud cunt. I can work with this.

She can be a 'too tough to have feelings' most of the time. I'm hoping the two of us can just chill together, maybe even talk with each one another. We've got a lot in common.

Also, suck my clit.

I snapped at her in the middle of our little 'session', and she cracked. I want to feel bad about it, but honestly, I don't. She needs someone to talk to, and I want to be the one to listen.

God, of all the people to be attracted to, I had to pick her.

Who the fuck knows. Maybe the feelings are mutual.
I guess she felt the same way. Y'know, I've dropped almost every bad habit I've ever formed in an instant for her.

I hope one day, we can just leave this shit behind us, and live out our lives. You know, have fun, do stupid shit, and kick-ass. Without having to worry about anything.


You left me over some fucking pills, and then act as if you were in the right about it.

Glad I meant so much to you.


Maybe I did? Who fuckin' knows. I sure as hell don't.

Maybe, you know, good endings -do- exist.


Maybe this is the best way. You stay safe at home, Wells. I'll be there soon enough.


At least I got to see you before we got tossed away. I won't die in this shithole.

I'm coming home, Leana.


I promise.



Sarah Redbrick -

Someone who knows their shit, and isn't afraid to challenge all the wrong that happens in the 112th. She's got a uterus of titanium, and I think I can learn a lot from her.

Taught me MEC shit. She's pretty nifty, I gotta say. Definitely knows a thing or two about honestly everything in the 112th.

She's turned into someone I can trust, both for NCO matters, and when life hits the fan.


Definitely not a 'queeah'.



Brian Larsen -

Now, I know he's done some shady shit, and he's kind of a fucking asshole, but he's not all that bad. Doesn't care who his troopers are, as long as they pull their own weight and fight. Not too bad to fish with, either.


This dude kills people. And I don't mean how we all do, I mean he kills his own people.


This man has fucking -issues-.


And he fucking -saves- us? Shit, this is like a weird, twisted plot to a bad action movie.



Jackie Knoxx -

Met you once, you seem like a good soldier. But Vickers mixes us up sometimes, so I think we're gonna like each other if I think we're anything alike.

And I never see you. Gone? Something like that.

Back? And now a Sergeant. Honestly, never expected that shit to happen.

--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--


Hecle Phan -

Dude, I could chat shit forever with this guy. Never seen Wendy get so fuckin' flustered in my LIFE. It was totally worth it.



Amanda Winters -

Took Martinez place, apparently his wife? Weird, if you ask me. But, I've seen far weirder stuff.

She trusts me a lot. Even told me that if the two leadership peoples died, I'd be on the mantle. I don't like the thought of that. At all.




--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--


Wendy Goodwin -

An older medic who's REAL easy to mess with. Much better than the last older one I met, but honestly, I enjoy being around her. She's got an air of fun around her, and it's something I need.

--[[Federation Marauders]]--



--[[Federation Fleet]]--



--[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--



--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--


- ✞ Cierra O'Casey ✞ -

I'm sorry. I could have done something, but I didn't. You didn't deserve that.


You still haunt me. God, I should have never let you die.



- ✞ Anthony Parker ✞ 

Cool guy. Had an absurd amount of alcohol at his hotel room, but he let me drink whatever. Respect.

He's the only  reason I got out of that nest alive, and I'm the only reason O'Casey didn't.

And of course he's gone, too. I need another drink.

You and O'Casey. I can't -FUCKING- forget you, and I hate it.



- ✞ Jonathan 'Zeus' Skye ✞ 

Stole my fucking car.

He was a good soldier. Saw him in the field kickin' ass. A fuckin' shame he's gone. Even if he stole my car.



✞ James Chevosky ✞ -

A sergeant in the MI. He seemed to listen to my report, and he also seems to be one of the few competent NCO's. I don't mind dropping under his lead.

And here falls another. This fucking sucks.



-  ✞ Claud Cozwin ✞ -

First guy I met on this ship. He's a Marauder, or whatever the big tin can's are called. He's cool and all, but man, I don't think this guy understands how women work.

First guy I met on the ship. Course he's fuckin' dead.



-✞ Daniel Dumont -

He's pretty funny besides that. Cool guy. Can be a bit of an annoyance sometimes, but hell, can't we all?

Heard he bit the dust. He might have been a fuckin' idiot, but that doesn't change the fact that a good guy died.



- Devin Saiphan -

Dude fuckin' totes a flamethrower into battle. He also called me 'Mad Max'. I've got mad respect for this dude already.

Fuck, man. I miss you already. The good people always -fucking- die when I'm not around. It's bullshit.

Man, I miss this motherfucker. Like, big time.



- Kyril Layland -

He's actually retarded. Him and Aoife both. They can't even do their job without almost killing the fucking Captain. Wells is right to hate this guy.


Honestly, the more time I spend around this retard, the harder I find it to hate him. He's a good trooper, whilst also somehow being straight up brain-dead. It's hard to explain.

Everyone's fucking dead. I don't know what the fuck to do. I have no fucking idea what the fuck I'm supposed to do.



✞ Patrick Stevenson -

Got to know him after Corporal Westervelt sassed me in my own domain. -Extremely- competent NCO.

That RnR was probably the best time of my life, and I didn't even get high or anything.

I still hate you for making me do -the dare-.

Good job on making Staff, cunt. You earned that shit.

-- And, you lost it. And then went to marauders. You look pretty ugly in blue, if I'm gonna be honest.

Kidding, mostly.

Dead? Jesus -fucking- Christ. It just never stops, does it?



- ✞ Jee-un Choi  -

At first, I thought she was a cool Fleetie and all. I guess the lewdness of Fleet corrupted her. Sad.

P.S. - Calling people 'Daddy' is weird.

I don't wanna know how they got Captain. Like, seriously, I don't.

Traitor of the Federation? This shit gets weirder and weirder by the day.



 Cinder Linh  -

Some cute-ass replacement for Bronson. Apparently banging with Okazaki. She REALLY didn't like it when I taught him the Mark One back and front. She'll learn eventually that I'm GAY, and not trying to SWOON her man over a Mark One disassembly lesson.

Died taking the ship we have now. Damn.



 Vito Dominiko  -

I encouraged him when he was making gains on the ship. Seems like an O K kinda guy, but I'd have to see more before I make my decision.

Engineer now. Pretty stupid, but so am I, so I got no room to talk.

Gone now, too. See you around, Dogbrain.

He fucking overdosed. God, this place is fucked.



Chiyuki Asahi -

Another wannabe sniper-elite. God, they're so fucking annoying.

I wish I scored fucking ass on the Marksman test so I wouldn't have to train some of these people. Especially him.

Just a few days after they rip my certs off me, they hand him a MX, and he gets someone fucking killed. Not my problem.



- Troy Hughes -

The 2IC on my first drop. The dick knife-handed me after I said "Yeah" to the Sergeant. Like, chill the fuck out dude. The dude was less dickish for the rest of the drop, so I can't complain. Maybe that's just how they introduce the new girl.

I beat his ass in a spar match. In my defense, I didn't know he was suicidal at the time.

Gone, I guess. Probably for the best.



Saige Shields -

Another veteran of the 112th. She seems to share the same idea as Vickers, trying to keep me from putting myself in bad situations. She can be way too by the books sometimes, and that gets under my skin a lot. But after you get past that, she's actually pretty good company, not gonna lie. 

Fucked off? Who knows.



Jamie Sanderson -

Ballsy guy, learned a good life lesson from Holtz. He's got a shit ton of potential for leadership, and I'm willing to train him with all the guns he'll need to get him there.

Guess he fucked off? No clue, honestly.



Dorian Elswood -

Dealt with my prickly ass on an RnR. We shared some insight, and he told me what she couldn't. I'm just glad I'm not the only one dealing with this bullshit.
I fucked up, and snapped at him.

Fucking typical.

I guess we're good now. Hope you're doing well, and shit.

And you're gone too.

Of course. You say you'll help me one day, then leave the next.



Sylase Freeman -

I can't tell if he just wants to bone me, or if he's just incapable around women.

I like it when he's less retarded, but you can only ask so much of one man.

Gone. Probably for the best. You weren't meant for war.

Fuck, none of us are.



Gray Seraphim -

Cool ass dude. I drank a shit ton on RnR with him and Parker. Good drinks. Good fucking times.

Gone, or something like that.



- John Freeson -

I guess he's another long-time member here, like Vickers. Guy seems to know his shit since he's lasted this long, so I've been trying to learn a few things from watching him on drops. Maybe if I surround myself with all the old people, I'll just begin to become one.

Gone? Who knows. Kinda didn't like his superiority complex, so I guess I'm glad he's gone.



Alice Vickers -

She talked to me. Didn't make me feel better about that shit in the nest. But I think I needed exactly what she gave me. Helped me understand this shit a little better than before. I think I can really look up to her. She was real as fuck with me, and that's just what I needed.

She's become, like, a mentor to me. She's showing me how to not fuck up and everything. Literally gave me a book all about how not to be a fuck up. I don't usually get all mushy and shit and say this about people, but, I -really- look up to her.

Hasn't spoken to me in awhile. I dunno. I feel like she helped me get here, and I'll always appreciate that.

MI Lead, then moved out. Shame. I'll miss her. Like, alot.

Back? Shit, I'm just glad she didn't die with the Grant. Even IF she merc'd me down to Private from Gunny, she's not half bad. Guess you could say she got me to where I am right now.



- Valerie Faust -

The LMG Master Specialist who is uber German. She's been helping me not die on the field and shit, so she's pretty reliable in my opinion.

She's got a killer taste in music. Sends me recommendations too. I swear she's just like a mellowed out version of me. And obviously more German.

Not as bad-ass as I am either, obviously.

Probably the only other person on this ship I could call my best friend, besides Ylva.

You're cool in my books, Hippie.

I really fucking miss you.

The fucker is back, and now a Marauder? Sheesh, she's all grown up out of Gunny, I guess.

I really just don't feel the connection anymore. Honestly, I don't feel a connection with any of these people anymore.



Ylva Hilmarsdottir -

The old medic lady who keeps pointing out my unhealthy habits. Like fuck, we get it, cigs are bad. So is getting injured all the time.

I mean hey, at least she cares.

Update, she's much nicer than I thought she was. Like, I thought she was just another preppy medic, but.. I don't know. She just -cares-. Guess I'm not used to that.

She's just....

The best.

I really miss her, whether she realizes it or not. I'm afraid she's.... No, she wouldn't.

It's been awhile now, and she won't respond to my messages.

I don't think she cares anymore.

How fucking stupid of me to think she ever did.

Fuck her.

Y'know. I miss you. Not your love, or whatever, just you. You're personality. Your quirks. You were my friend. I can't let myself forget that.



- William St. Claire -

Some Intel/Engineering Lieutenant. Me and Ylva made fun of him. 11/10 experience. Harassing officers and making them uncomfortable is my favorite thing now. Kinda a little bitch, the more I hear and see him.

Came back as a PFC. Hasn't changed at all.

Some medic now. Still the dickhead he's always been. Glad he's not dead.

Back? I don't know. He doesn't seem to be a very constant variable around here.

And gone again. Jeez, man. Make up your mind.



Lowell Hartwick -

Gave me Corporal, AND two fuckin' gold stars. Fuck yeah.

Dude's a G for covering for me, though. I owe him one.



Percy Asbjorn -

We just constantly talk shit, and it's great.

Gone? Good. Kinda an asshole, if you ask me.



Grace Corbin -

She's fucking insane. She looks like some cute little medic, as it seems all medics are, for some fucking reason. And then she just SNAPS. I've never seen anything like that shit in combat, and it's dope as fuck. 

Gone, now. Went psycho is what I heard from the rumors.



Tzipora Bronson -

Tried saving her from the wretched grasps of Sinclaire, but it seems I've failed for the most part. Shame. Where she lacks in conversation skills, it seems she makes up for in looks.

I've never seen a body fly like that in my life. How you lived through that shit, or how ANY of us lived through that is a fuckin' miracle and a half.

Transferred out. Shame, too. Got replaced by some cute-ass lookin' Techie, though. Plus, she got off before the shit hit the fan, so like, that's good. I guess.



Eric Shepard -

Now, I'm all for the gung-ho mother fucker. BUT, I don't know why he fucking mutilated people, and wore their fuckin' ears.



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mad maxine


i posted that before looking at the face claim

oh my fucking god life is strange

oregon us of a, too

hella dyke alert

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14 hours ago, Archer said:

mad maxine


i posted that before looking at the face claim

oh my fucking god life is strange

oregon us of a, too

hella dyke alert

Maxine ‘Mad Max’ Valentine


i totally didn’t take any inspiration from life is strange, I don’t know what you’re talking about ; )

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lis is hella shit

y'all fucks know we don't allow reference chars, you should at least yknow, not rip off shit so blatantly and play it so obviously if you really want to cosplay some media snowflake 

i'm looking at you, marine judge dredd 

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5 hours ago, Archer said:

lis is hella shit

y'all fucks know we don't allow reference chars, you should at least yknow, not rip off shit so blatantly and play it so obviously if you really want to cosplay some media snowflake 

i'm looking at you, marine judge dredd 

my apologies dad


im a disgrace to this community 

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