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[Rct.] Barret Ryan

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Basic Information: 

Name: Barrett Ryan
Age: 19
D.O.B:  5 November
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Mobile Infantry
Role(s): Infantryman
Kin: Henry Ryan (father - living), Marietta Ryan (mother - living), Lisette Ryan (sister - living), Daryl Ryan (brother - living)
Homeworld: Iskander
Hair color: Dirty blonde
Eye color: Blue
Build: Slim, athletic
Rank: Recruit



A civilian from the Iskander farmlands, Barrett grew tired of the divide between civilians and citizens on his home planet and enlisted to earn his own citizenship. 






Theme Song:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow | John William Morgan ft. Shadow Royale



Loved | Respected Liked | Friends | Acquaintance | Unsure | Disliked | Hated 

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