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El Excellente

Changes - Round Two

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Having collected experience from the first round of leading FFRL, here's some changes I'd like to implement for the aftermath of the Civil War.


  • General Structure of FFRL

While cool and somewhat scientific, having each Officer restricted to a specific branch/department was restrictive. Instead of committing themselves to a rather useless scientific department, FFRL Lieutenants will just be a pool of researchers. While they still be somewhat dedicated to a subject of their choosing, they are 'just' scientists. Projects will be assigned/picked from the research tree (see below); They can be completed (ie. a written article) by a single subject or in cooperation with others. In their freetime they are to research whatever they please with high chances of this being added to the techtree. This allows for more cross cooperation so that either all of the researchers focus on new weapons which are on the tree or just one of them focuses on transgender-transdressing mutant apes.


  • Mobile Infantry Intelligence (FFRL)

What I always thought was lacking was the FFRL input on missions and a face for the faction for people to talk to. On one hand, the Mobile Infantry are the people on the field and they should come up with ideas to effectively combat our enemies. This person will be the man to talk to and will always have open doors. Secondly, this man curates the bits of canon that affect the Mobile Infantry. I always thought some missions could need some more in-depth information. They would not replace the regular Games & Theory Lieutenants, but rather be a supplement, a close person for the Mobile Infantry to talk to. Let's say you're deploying to a planet called Salk. This guy would explain to you while the planet having a breathable atmosphere, you should be wary of Hart's Fever. There could also be really scary fauna or even flora, who knows. There's lots of places with lots of dangers.


  • Mobile Infantry Attachés

Having talked to @Orwell this morning, I decided to include Mobile Infantry Troopers who work for Intelligence and act as goons for the Lieutenant. Because, why send a valuable scientist to take probes when you can have an Infantryman do it? They will act as primary tool of gathering intelligence for FFRL. From time to time, they may be assigned side objectives such as taking probes or samples. They are a lot more likely to toy with prototype weaponry and are the go-to people for field research. In return, they may have to write a field review every once in a while. For the MI themselves, it will make missions a little easier. They don't have to fiddle around with "intelligence" - they just hand it to the Specialists working for FFRL, who then again hands it in to the Lieutenant. They will be valuable to the MI in the way that they boost the intel points output of a mission by 1.5x


  • Fleet Intelligence (FFRL)

One thing that upset me was the lack of initiative Fleet brought up in their own RP. Then again, who would truly ever roleplay they plotted a course right through a black hole and risk getting demoted over that? Primary tasks for Fleet Intelligence Officers will be to provide a database for Fleet to use. In truth, everything in space happens very far away, leaving Fleet to only read a few values off a computer screen. To properly decipher these values will be one task for the Fleet Intel subdivision. For one, they will tell you that the ship is a Skinnie Battleship and should we not disable their thrusters within the next twelve minutes, we should really really consider retreating. Secondly, the Fleet Intel will always be aware of the galaxy, lurking dangers and where we are. While mission runners will tell you that there will be a mission in the Tinkywinky-System, it will be Fleet's IC job to get there. And it will be Fleet Intel to point out that the Tinkywinky-System has a unstable sun ready to explode in a burst of happiness.

To do this, Fleet Intel will essentially be game-mastering Fleet's actions. Fleet (Petty-) Officers roleplay the ship and it will be up to the discretion of Fleet Intel what happens next. Whether we're travelling through a known pirate system, encountering solar flares, worm holes or just pass through a nebula which funks out our scanners. Should we be satisfied with how Fleet Intel performs, they may be allowed to run their own independent Fleet events, at the discretion of @Rook and I.


This comes at a price, though. For one, Fleet Intel will maintain the star chart. They update it with content and/or locations the admins bring alive. They will also bring it alive in terms of enemy fleet movements, pirate actions or other space events. Fleet Intel will need to have an array of 'events' at hand. Things that can happen in space, such as solar flares, cosmic rays and the like. They may also be required to have classifications for ship types which are non-coalition or even alien. They could turn to Stellaris in all these regards, but these are things they will have to write up somehow. Because only canon that is written up carries over to generations. And who would like to teach a new Fleetie every 2 days when you could just link them to the forums and call them stupid?



  • Star Chart

Yes, the Starship Troopers.net universe will become astrographied (is that even close to a plausible word?). That means there will be a map of every (known) system/planet, their locations and their affiliation. Now that the Civil War is over, most belong to the Coalition of course. But that doesn't mean some of them are open to revolt or happen to be tragically close to the AQZ...

This map will be different from Xalphox's Civil War map. This is due to the fact that the Civil War map was balanced for gameplay reasons and created for this storyarc. The new map will be more based on 'real' astronomy in the sense that Alpha Centauri will be actually close to Earth. Also, the location of all except one official colony is known and marked on a map already- something Xalphox didn't consider or simply wasn't aware of. Doesn't matter, with the Civil War over, the real enemy is right at the brink of the colonies anyway...


  • Intel Points

Intel points are collected on missions and redeemed on research projects. For further information, check out the Intel points topic in the FFRL forums, enough said. Intel Points will be curated by me, the head researcher I will appoint and the Mobile Infantry Intelligence Officer (see above)


  • Research Tree

The Research or Tech Tree is a huge flow chart marking potential fields of research to be unlocked by FFRL scientists. The tree will be presented to whom it may concern and they will then decide on how to allocate assets. I will most likely only reveal a few techs at once so that those who decide over things don't straight beeline to Laser-weaponry-wielding Federal Royal Bugs who win Starship Troopers in a week. Potentially I will only reveal the categories, leaving the sub-techs to be unlocked at random and at the discretion of the researcher. Worry not, it doesn't have stupid arachnid laser mounts. The majority of them unlock something to use for IC; which can be new surgery tools, combat drugs which increase the roll bonus of Troopers for a while or simply new computers to increase Fleet roll bonuses.



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So the attachés will just be regular MI who applied to test some things on the field? They aren't actually in the FFRL or Intel at all, just the people who field test things?

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yes, maybe they will be made specialists if they're just an enlisted and/or moved to the intel faction. There wont be any pathfinderlike pretend-coolness stuff and secret "golf trip sideobjectives"

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