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Grasping the reins once more!

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Dear friends,


Over the past few months, myself @Durango and @Tonic have taken over in the wake of @Xalphoxs departure. Putting it simply, he felt burnt out 




When this originally happened, this wasn't locking Xalphox from the community or leadership in anyway. Matter of factly, we all wanted him back within the XA team. That I can safely say, and I'm sure many others did. That being said, we made it appoint when he took his LOA that we'd love to have him back on the saddle whenever he felt comfortable enough to return.


For a very long time Xalphox has lead .net successfully. Both the time and effort dedicated to the server by himself alone is something incredible.


Not much needs to be said on my part. As such, @Xalphox is returning to the leadership of .net, so let's all welcome him back with open arms! ❤️ ?






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Most of you only found out that I only resigned last week - bit of a weird situation, really - but it has genuinely been like a full quarter since I left. 


Whilst I appreciate the hard work of the XA team, I think one of the key things that SSTRP has lost even towards the tail end of my tenure was a sense of direction and progressiveness. My goal will be to re-instil this immediately. Starting with kicking off the final leg of the Progenitor quest line with a campaign this weekend (the penultimate campaign of the arc)



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