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El Excellente

On the updates of Roll bonuses

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I've been on a steady LOA since June 2nd due to work and personal commitments. Since I was the only admin managing and maintaining roll bonuses, nothing much has changed in this forums - aside from people dying and making some of these threads obsolete. However, I would consider it unfair for me to keep my roll bonuses because I was on LOA and degrade all the others because they didn't post in the meantime (even though they wouldn't have improved anyway). So I consider all roll bonuses frozen up until July 15th. On July 16th, a new week will begin and we will have to start working on our roll bonuses again (if you want to maintain it, that is).


The updates you have to post (your roleplay logs) are due on July 22nd. I will evaluate them on July 23rd, which is a monday. On the other hand, for being frozen so long, I'm going to double this week's output. If you had a roll bonus before I went on LOA and update it now, I'm willing to give you a +10 instead of a +5. However, I'll also decrease it by -10 instead of -5.


Thank you.

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