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Memorial Book for Gen Martin & Cpt Bailey

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Daisy - Iwill forever miss your smile, and your friendship. I will never forget what we had, and I hope that you find the peace you have been looking for.


Martin - you were a stoic Trooper and you will always be respected and remembred for your actions.


-Travis Young.

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Captain Bailey - We never did finish our conversation in the bar. I will gravely miss your presence on the ship, as will everyone else I am sure. I hope you find the peace you always sought but never could find in life.


General Martin - We certainly had a rocky past... We definitely did not see eye to eye for a long time. I'm glad to say however that we could put that aside for the better of the Federation. Your sacrifice will not be in vain.


-Rear Admiral Aramis A. Hux

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Captain Bailey - I'll make sure Archer takes care of them. We hated each other at first and everyone knew it, but overtime I came to call you a friend, and essential ally. Rest easy.


General Martin - I've never been afraid of another man just by looking at him, until I met you. We'll make sure the Federation is restored, sir. You have my word.



-Major Franco E. Sorrentino

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Captain Bailey - I never got to give you the pen and metal rank pins I made for you before I was discharged. I hope Major Salem gets them to where they need to be. We butted heads and all that. But I would have followed you to hell and back again. Rest Easy and keep giving them hell wherever you find yourself, heaven, hell, Valhalla


General Martin - I never knew you personally but we've all heard the stories of what you've done and who you were. I only wish I could have gotten to meet you and fight with you. Rest easy General. We'll keep giving them hell. Keep giving them hell wherever you find yourself.


- Private First Class  Specialist Annabelle K. Thacker

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היית חבר יקר ובן ברית אמיץ במלחמתנו המתמדת למען האנושות, אני תמיד אשמור את הלהבה כל עוד אני חי כדי לעזור לי אלוהים, אני אספר את הסיפור של דני מרטין






הזכרת לי את אמא שלי. הבורבון לא יבוזבז ידידי היקר. אתה מילאת את חובתך ונספת גיבור.




 אלרד בן דודזון


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