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Face Claim:


A picture sent to Vanessa Andrews from Leana's PDA. "Gotta wear fucking glasses now. They look good?"





Basic Information:


Name: Leana Wells
Age: 24
D.O.B: 27/03/2273
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Mobile Infantry
Role: Gunnery Sergeant

Father: Jacob Andrews [Dead.]

Mother:  Vanessa Andrews [Alive]
Homeworld: Arbite
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Hair color: Black.
Eye color: Brown.
Build: Mesomorphic
Rank: Gunnery Sergeant

 Promotion Record:

Rct. - Pvt. - Spc.

--Transfer to the 112th--

Pfc. - Spc. 

--Moved to Second Platoon--

MSpc. - Cpl. - Sgt. - GySgt.




MSM.png   x1 Meritorious Unit Medal


Good conduct.png x1 Good Conduct Medal


Purpleheart.png x4 Purple Heart


CAM.png x1 Combat Action Medal


VCM.png x1 Veteran Combat Medal 





Born and raised on the ice planet, Arbite, living in the only inhabitable zone across the Equator. Arbite is home to a small Colony/Research Station, holding a population of 300-400 Civilians and Citizens. 50-60 of them being a part of the Security Division, acting as a smaller scale Planetary Defense Force. Leana was one of these people, serving in the Force from 18 Years old to the age of 22. 



[Pvt. Leana Andrews and her Security Squad (Delta). Cpl. Jack Wells, (Left) Sgt. John Fraz, (Front) Pfc. Arron Palter. (Right) and Pvt. Derick Baxter (Back)] 


Leana was raised by her Mother, her Father having died while she was a child. She joined a small security branch for a Civilian owned Research Division when she turned 18, working there for 4 years. Once she got tired of the same planet she moved onto the Infantry, serving with the 42nd Morita Rifles as a CQC Specialist for a year before joining the 112th Moritas in June 2298. 



[L. Andrews (Left) and J. Wells (Right) securing a staircase, covered by D. Baxter (Back)]



Strength: 15/20
Dexterity: 17/20
Constitution: 15/20
Intelligence: 14/20
Wisdom: 13/20
Charisma: 6/20


Combat Rating: 9/10



[Leana gunning down a Separatist, covered by her squad.]


Wealth: Middle Class



[Leana Wells, head of Security during a Political Party on Arbite, taking fire from a small Separatist Faction.]

"If you ruin my Mum's dress I'll fucking kill you!"


Medical Record:

Permanent damage to both eyes from chemical burns. - Wears Glasses

Heavy burns across the right side of the face. - Fixed in surgery. 

Phantom pains and light Trauma. - Fully recovered. 



[Leana and Delta Squad taking heavy fire during a breach, resulting in the death of Pfc. Arron Palter]


Character Description:

Leana stands at 5'8" with short black hair, large brown eyes and rather pale skin. She speaks in a relaxed tone of voice, her accent hard to pinpoint. Though it didn't seem to be anything too distracting. It could even be described as generic. Her build is best described as Mesomorphic, the focus of her muscles being in her stomach and thighs.



[A picture of Wells' face before her surgery.]



Those requesting to be added, the Relations will be shorter than my usual character Relationship posts, this is to keep Wells difficult to read on server. There's a lot to say about most people but I'll leave that to be heard ICly. 

With that being said, request to be added. 


Thomas Constantinos: Used to hide in a Marauder suit until his pansy ass was kicked out of it. Now he hides behind a sniper scope. 

He's meh. Mediocre at best. 

Haven't seen him in a bit. 


John York: Destroyed a TAC fighter with an M55. He's okay. Lieutenant of Engineers now. Has a pretty solid punch to him. 

Haven't seen him since he socked me in the jaw. 

See Ya.


'Doreen' Elswood: Paid for my facial reconstruction surgery and did it himself. Pisses me off that he didn't tell me about that, but whatever. He's alright.

Little bit soppy and whiny but whatever. 

Seems to have got his shit together. Good, he was starting to get unbearable. 

No idea where he is.


Maxine Valentine: I... don’t really know. 


Elizabeth Staines: Some weird Camera girl. Seems pretty awkward and asks a lot of questions. Fuck that.


Haven't spoken to her in a while. Dunno where she went.


Sarah Redbrick: Ugh. She's wearing Blue now. 


Jee-Un Choi: Fleetie. Suppose I don't mind her too much. 


Zoey Sunderland: Rather forgettable person. I don't mind having her around again though. Reminds me of home a little. 


Sylase Freeman: Bit of a cunt. Can't really say I enjoy talking to him much. 


Patrick Stevenson: One of the most unbearable people I've ever met. 

Heard he got dropped. Shame.


Kyril Layland: Why aren't you fucking dead yet?

Finally Died.


Lux Archer: Bye. 


Liliana Verbeck: My XO and boss. One of the few Superiors I actually give a shit about or even remotely respect. She's pretty funny to piss off too. Our spar was fun.

Got myself a new roommate, nice. 


Annabelle Thacker: Bitch broke my knee in a spar. Whatever, I still won.

Kicked her out. 


Austin Nordheim: Austin's odd. Not sure I'd ever expect to find a person like him in the MI yet here he is. I don't mind him I guess. Seems a bit sensitive though. 

See ya.


Maria Irwin: Some Fleetie. She was alright. Got her to hook up with Seraphim. Fucking easy. 


Amanda Whitfield: Helms person of Fleet. She seems alright. Didn't quite appreciate my upfront requests to fuck but I dunno, might have warmed up to me. Seems alright, I guess.


Corporal?? Simms: Some MI Corporal. Led me on a drop once. Seemed alright at it. No idea on who he really is though, seems kinda retarded, not sure though.

I dunno where this cunt went. 


Joshua Edwards: He finally took off that ugly Blue armour. About fucking time. 


Westervelt: Die bitch.


Naomi Hawthorne: Her and Verbeck saved my life. I owe her a drink. She seems alright I guess. She's one of those psychic brain freaks though. Not that I'm one to judge. 


Adam Taylor: Some new Lance. Shared some shots and got shit on for it. Was it worth it? Yeah. Shit was funny as Hell. I like him more than most, I guess. 

Not sure if he left. I’m kinda sad to see him gone. 



William Saint-Claire: Faggot talked shit and got hit. Said he was sorry though, means something I guess. 




[An image sent to Vanessa Andrews captioned "They want you to see I have friends." on 20/09/2298] 

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The Church of Wells-Being.


That's right, I have my own fucking Religion now. Below is a list of all the fuckers in it, the rules, laws and all that shit. 



Leana Wells


The Holy Pope:

Billy Candy



Maxine Valentine

Christopher Miller

Sofia Holloway

Candy's 4 Friends.

John Williams

Aranea Saint-Laurent

Kolton Buxton

Tzipora Bronson

Liliana Verbeck


The Commandments:

The Church of WellsBeing is based upon the three pillars of life. Killing, drinking and fucking. Guns, booze and sex are what we praise and realize to be the three things all of our species and Society are built upon. And so, the rules cater to this. 


  1. One will spare no Arachnid, Progenitor or Separatist life. 
  2. One will never turn down an alcoholic drink when told 'No balls' 
  3. One will never, EVER be a member of the Marauders. 
  4. One will not judge the Sexual preference of another member of the Church of Wells-Being. 
  5. One will not cheat on their partner unless both parties consent.
  6. Don't rape people, it's fucked up. 
  7. One will never surrender in combat. You fight until you die or you win. 
  8. One will put the life of the innocent above the life of their own, protecting it with their own blood if needs be. 
  9. One will not fuck someone underage, it's weird. 
  10. One must always, ALWAYS, get shitfaced on an RnR. 


"We are real!"

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