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Leana Wells

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On 7/15/2018 at 3:55 AM, OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz said:

The Church of Wells-Being.


That's right, I have my own fucking Religion now. Below is a list of all the fuckers in it, the rules, laws and all that shit. 



Leana Wells


The Holy Pope:

Billy Candy



Maxine Valentine

Christopher Miller

Sofia Holloway

Candy's 4 Friends.

John Williams

Aranea Saint-Laurent

Kolton Buxton

Tzipora Bronson

Liliana Verbeck


The Commandments:

The Church of WellsBeing is based upon the three pillars of life. Killing, drinking and fucking. Guns, booze and sex are what we praise and realize to be the three things all of our species and Society are built upon. And so, the rules cater to this. 


  1. One will spare no Arachnid, Progenitor or Separatist life. 
  2. One will never turn down an alcoholic drink when told 'No balls' 
  3. One will never, EVER be a member of the Marauders. 
  4. One will not judge the Sexual preference of another member of the Church of Wells-Being. 
  5. One will not cheat on their partner unless both parties consent.
  6. Don't rape people, it's fucked up. 
  7. One will never surrender in combat. You fight until you die or you win. 
  8. One will put the life of the innocent above the life of their own, protecting it with their own blood if needs be. 
  9. One will not fuck someone underage, it's weird. 
  10. One must always, ALWAYS, get shitfaced on an RnR. 


"We are real!"


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On 2/15/2019 at 2:54 PM, Silent said:

First impressions of Shane!



22 hours ago, nikb said:




21 hours ago, foxy said:

Holloway? Kinda know her.



20 hours ago, aphasic said:

add burke? 



18 hours ago, Scar said:

Update myself nig too


AND done

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