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Pakistan is not the bravest army, I remember Pakistan and India war on kargil war, you always lose the war with India the how can you be on the rank one. and you have less military people compared to India, in nuclear weapons also you are below us.

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India have best army in the world and best soldier who can face every condition and can live without eating and drinking for 3 day in the war.+13

Seriously? The country whose army always keep helping the terrorists and supplying funds to them are at a no. one position? I don't say all Pakistani people are our enemies but I do hate their government and army. According to most of the well researched website and GK books, India has the second largest army just after USA, so these publicly voted website doesn't matter. Harry Potter is the' second worst character' after Umbridge according to this website. So...+6

Indian army are cowards because they have always attacked Pakistan with cowardly ways if you don't believe check the war histories between India and Pakistan+4Indian army is the best and most powerful army in the world as compared to Pakistan. Because there are no any terrorism activity done by India. Any country who supports terrorism activity will show his Army power is very poor as compared to all over the world 

I think Ranking is nt depend upon the votes which are given on this website...+6

India is a great country with a glorious past and as an Indian I love my country more than any other, but unlike the Pakistani voters, I will not abuse any other country since war is futile and all I want is world peace. 

Laugh out loud.. Pakistan 2nd? I think The Pakistan military desperately wants to be in Second Position, that they started posting personnel for posting online+1

Third largest Army in size, Best Army in terms of Bravery. Indian soldiers are the Tigers who rule Battlefield. Never afraid of dying. Keeping us all safe from the neighbours like Pakistan and China. Warriors with courage seen never before. Love Indian Army 

Indian army's main aim is to promote international peace and for this cause they don't attack any country and have an army just to defend 1.3 billion people+1

India has a big navy, airforce and army too. We also have modernised weapons and we have intelligent people too just like the other armies have. Also we are a part of one of the only nine countries in the world to have nuclear power. Proud being an Indian!+3

India is the 4th most powerful country in the world. Pakistan is no where near as strong, India as billions of citizens while pakistan has no where near as much. I love india and pakistan but I don't see how pakistan is on the list. 

Indian Army is one of the most Brave and have lot of confidence to win each battle at end of their life.+3

Pakistan lost 4 wars to India. While India, not a single one. India is one of the 6 countries with Hi-Nuclear defense technology and is secretly working on many Nuke projects. I still am wondering how 

Terrorist-an got up there! 

Pakistan is not the bravest army, I remember Pakistan and India war on kargil war, you always lose the war with India the how can you be on the rank one. and you have less military people compared to India, in nuclear weapons also you are below us.+3

Indians kicked some arse without even having enough protective gear. It must be on the top list... At least above the Pakistan which doesn't have respect towards any one 

3rd largest army and the country is thriving despite Pakistan and china being neighbors!+3

Let's not fight for who is best, let's fight for a good reason so that no country in the world should have any army to protect itself. I am Indian.+1

The Indian Army is one of the most respected Armies in the world.+4

We will not let stare to our motherland+5

We are always best than others don't say us cheater the world knows who are cheaters our neighbors are cheaters+2

It's the second largest army... And the indian army NEVER gives up no matter what unlike the US armed forces+2

worlds fourth largest army man... - chander007+5

It is officially the third largest army in the world and India is also acquiring various high tech weapons from countries and allies like japan and russia. 

We are not part of the army just so that we can eat proper food but because we love our country and want to fight for it. Pakistan has never really won a war against India. Pakistan is lol. Pakistan has always tried to win battles for claiming Kashmir as their state but have you ever asked yourself whether Kashmir wants to join your country? Your own country is breaking up and your fighting to get our state. Indian army is better than Pakistan army 

We have the 2 largest army, experienced and trained in all terrain be it desert, mountainous, coastal or oceanic. These Pakistani bastards have been attacking our homeland for years, that has made our army one of the most experienced one's in the world. Long live India. JAI HIND! 

Sir you know what I think you need to wake up who started 1965 war who started 1971 war - MohsinAbbasi Super strong Indian army solder so defines in the war famous country promoted in India next level army I am Indian+1

No doubt Indian army is one of the most powerful army in the world. It has 3rd largest troops, 4th air force land army and navy. It is the army of world's largest democracy and continuously ready to fight a killer Chinese military and face terrorist army of Pakistan+1

Pakistan will never conquer Kashmir, and if they declare a war and no matter how big there army is they will not conquer kashmir at any cost! India for the win! 

War doesn't means to kill, but to win. Indian army is the only one which follows this.+2

Indian army is increasing it's capabilities at a very rate complimented by an equally strong economy. So it should not be a big surprise if the indian army is the most powerful army in near future. 

90, 000 pak army surrendered in east pakistan to indian army.no army in this world of such a strength has surrendered so easily 

Sikhs are ruthless they fought for Britain in world 2 also many know the Sikhs are warriors+1

India has the best army men in the world who can give their sole to their save their country+1

It's soul not sole... you would have killed somebody if English was a gun..+50

The Indian army isn't about weapons or about the nukes or anything. It is all about the acts of valor, of bravery. That is, the biggest asset for the army is the soldiers that serve the country. 

India have biggest army she don't show her power india shows it dignity among all country if it will show it's power all country will on more live they lose power 

We don't want to stand first in Army... We want our people should stand first in education, peace, friendly, wisdom etc., 

Indian army is the best... because, they are well trained in various terrains. India is the only country which has all types of landscapes (extreme cold and extreme hot). Indian army can withstand any attack even without the help of nuclear or chemical weapons... when we turn the pages of history.. these Son Of Guns have proved their ability to the world many times. 

It not the only country with all the landscapes Pakistan, Ethiopia, China etc also have all kinds of landscapes so do more research because most of your opinion is incorrect+4

I am from Australia but by far India and Pakistan are best countries and hopefully love each other in the end 

Get down to the current no. Guys... Google it... India is third most powerful in all aspects..+1

Because, in 1971 at longe wala post Indian army was only 120 and Pakistan army was 2000with tanks than Indian army defeats Pakistan army so Indian army is one of the best bravest army in the world. 

India have very powerful army. If Indian army want to smash and crush it's enemies, then it can do it in seconds. 

India is peace lover country it has best army it can conquer Pakistan in one day war but it will not because it loves peace jail hind 

India believes in peace but when it comes to Nations pride Indian Army is the best. World 3rd largest army, Never Lost a War, Pakistan lost two Battles against India. We doesn't need to prove, history Proved it 

History didn't prove nothing. We all know India has a great army but not as good as Pakistan. India has lost more wars to Pakistan than Pakistan has to India. 

Pakistani's continue to live in delusion, but in the end an ignorant enemy is easier to defeat, so let the land of Jinnah rot further in its fire of ignorance. 

What a joke Pakistan has world best army and Pakistan can win the whole world. At the present time no one country can win the world. And Pakistan is like a mosquito and India can crush to Pakistan in second. 

No doubt Indian army is the best. The Pakistani army, which has been running after Kashmir could be killed all at once, But our army doesn't do that because we Indians hate violence. 

Come to India and attack us. Don't forget to call somebody along with you to collect your ashes from Arabian sea. Don't complaint us if we just vaporised you. 

Well in terms of size and tech power its supposed to be 4th or 5th. USA is definitely for now and might remain for a long time the best 

Though my Pakistani brother has given many reasons for Pakistan's army to be the best I don't think in all these years the indo-pak war has taught something to him... Indian army fights with defensive tactics. Nukes can't be used just like that. India could not use naval or air raids on cities because it will be then aggression on India's part. India just fights to prevent acquisition of land by any militia. And for god's sake, its not India you should fight... It's the poverty in your country that you should concentrate on... As for best army, by training skills and all, I think India is fifth, as Israel and USA are to be on top, followed by Germany and Russia. 

Pakistan is on first and India on third what a joke. Pakistan lost all the wars with India so not much too prove which army is better plus it is also the third largest in the world. 

After seeing Pakistan at first place I laughed, Pakistan lost every war it waged against India, even more precise description would be that Pakistani soldiers literally ran back to their countries during all those wars. 

Indian army's the best, they live for their motherland and can die for it, but will never let anyone to even stare at it. We got the best men out there to save our country from such selfish nation.. JAI HIND 

India is best and Pakistan don't tease us. Otherwise the will be very cruel...+1

Hi guy India my country they do all this to defend them self and help small and respect the big 

Indian army is the best army and indian army win 2 wars again pakistan+1

India is known for peace whereas Pakistan is known for militants... India has the power to defeat anyone. Pakistan army brave? Why they surrendered to Indian army? Pakistan army can't fight with its own militants what it will fight with India? 

India has the great army of the world the army have saved numerous people from Pakistani terrorist and don't say Pakistan has the strongest army go to top 10 powerful Asian countries 1 is India 

Best Army in the world is Indian Army and soon India will take full kashmir from Pakistan as POK peoples wants freedom...and POK is Indian part... 

Indian army is one of the best armies in the world. So I vote for India+1

Indians have big heart with strongest confidence and a large army+1

India is better than Pakistan in every way+2

India is the best with one of the most experienced militaries in the world as it operates in deserts, coasts, Himalayan glaciers, Mountains, Plateaus and many more with temperatures ranging from 55 to -40 degree Celsius...
What a joke that Pakistan is the best. If they are then why do they see nuclear weapons as the only deterrence to Indian Army? Their army small, weak compared to India and they only pretend to be strong because of Chinese and US support. They were not able to defeat their homegrown terrorists without the Allied forces.
India is the best. JAI HIND 

What a funny Pakistan is best army in world if all Indians start run into Pakistan face big earthquake. if Indian army decide war again Pakistan India win with in 3 hours. Pakistan Brow the nuclear weapon from China but India develop own nuclear weapon. Indian Navy have two aircraft carrier what about Pakistan 

Only because of India, did Britain and the allies won the World War I and WWII...so remember it! 

India has given the title of peace loving country by UNO and on the other side our coward neighbour Pakistan has been given a title of terrorist country by the UNO. First Pakistan should try to take care about their own country rather than fighting for Kashmir. 

I think the most worst army is the army of INDIA... Because they always like to fight and attack on Pakistan. But still they lose... So INDIA SUCKS... 

Currently India has a great force, and it is improving every year.+1

Indian army has lot of soldiers with a high confident persons.+1

We are the true fighter with lot of courage. Never give up are the blood of every Indian 

No nukes, or chemicals same size, this all means army with the most skill which is India 

All countries have army and they fight for their nation till a single soldier alive... 

I think you are wrong bsecuase india is the 4 best and pakistan is 16th why do you say it is 2+6

India is the best country, they can die for their motherland+1

Best army in the world, whole world knows that... We might be peace lovers, but when it comes to our motherland we will defend it to last bullet last men last drop of our blood... because patriotism is in our blood, we are best friends of friends and you will never find a enemy like us, Indian army is killing machine of enemy, whole world knows that... so watch out enemies... If you attack India then Indian army will show you gates of he'll... I love my India and respected Indian army more than anything... peace 

Defeat China in 1967 and Pakistan in all the 4 wars we have fought. It is one of the strongest countries in the world. 

Indian Army is the most powerful army in the world...I salute The Indian Army...Jai Hind... 

Description says if armies were all the same size. India's main advantage is size. 

India is large army with huge military and also it has highest technological weapons in the world once upon a time when India got freedom soldiers even doesn't have even enough bullets in the gun to fight against the enemies but now it has more than enough and as an Indian I should support my country 

Our army people are an idiots. They are losers and coward. We need to improve our army. I hate Indian armed forces. They can't even fight against Pakistan because they are scared of Pakistan armed forces. 

India is very powerful army I proud my nation army+1

India is the best possible army for whole mankind+1

Indian army is one of the best army because they protect Kashmir form Pakistani and also from China. Indian army is very brave and strong. Today India is good country because Indian people accept the challenge and show that they also will beat 

Indians never built armies to attack and conquer other countries, we would never attack other countries unless we are attacked upon! We Indians are always on the side of peace and Independence. - glambert 

Your information is incorrect the Indian army is 2nd largest army in the world. They have lot of modern weapons. The Indian army defeated the Pakistan in all the four war the Indian army is the best 

India is by far the best Army in that region. I don't know from where Pakistan came in this ranking. 

I accept that India isn't number 1 (in real world, here I see Pakistan at top), but I accept that the United States of America deserves first place on this list. Russia on number 2, followed by India, China at 4 and Germany at number 5. That's all for the truth. 

Shocking that pak has better army than india...+1

Defeated Pakistan 4 times. Broke Pakistan in 2 parts in 1971. Captured Goa from Portugal in 1961. Controls full of the world highest battlefield Siachen which India captured in 1984. Has a 100 percent success rate in counter insurgency and guerilla warfare in Kashmir and North east. 

India ( the country of dogs) is the biggest cheater and can do cheating to win war and go show it self but it's a dream of India to win a war against China And GREAT Pakistan 

22nd century and maybe many more will have a visible Indian presence. 

India is v bad country in the world.soon it is lost by Pakistan army. 

India is the best our army forces are best then all other in world 

Is India a girl oh alright today I came to know that India is a girl 

Indian Army is the best army of the world.+1

India is coward and looser not powerful+1

Most powerful army India number 4 but top ten most powerful army don't have Pakistan name so which country army biggest and powerful guys 

This is very looser army I hate India I hate India's army and I hate India's Prime Minister 

Oh little thought people Indian feel jealously from Pakistan 

We don't have to prove our strength. It's funny to see Pakistan in the second rank. They have lost two battles. 

India is the most powerful country then Pakistan in the world 

Great army in india.. Too strong cold and hot place army in india 

Indians are bravest army in the world+1

They are 3 largest army in the world and even much more dedicated to their duty. UNO also prefer indian army for their operations.. Moreover they have more nuclear weapons then pakistan... 

I love my India... among all the country we are the better in the world... Indian real heroes. 

I'm from India and in Mumbai they have huge aircraft carriers in the ocean its awesome - LaserSharkYT 

Best army...! hope China and pakistan get it as soon as possible... 

The greatest country ever existed+1

You say that Indian army is best but I say that coward dogs like Indians can not beat Pakistan till Doom's day 

Largest importer of military goods in the world. What more can be said? We win all wars against Pakistan. China too hasnt attacked us+3

It would be in 2 because we are more stranger than Pakistan 

Don't underestimate Indian Army+1

East or west indian army are best+1

Really we don't have to prove our strength.I love my India. 

Indian Army sucks. They are cowards who hit from the back. 

India is best and powerful army+1

Indian army is best of Pakistan+1

Is this list really true Pakistan has more vote than India even after shameless defeat three times with heavy casualties these moron not even claimed bodies to bury in own land causing shame in world one more thing these are the cowards which don't dare to fight Indian army and produces terrorist which whole world knows 

From past one decade our army didn't show up and I think they deserve number 5 rank. 

Only government body in India who thinks about their country before themselves :) too much patriotism 

You guys are showing wrong figure, India is much more better than Pakistan in each and every situation... 

The correct list is 1. USA,2. China,3. Russia,4. India? Don't believe check it on Wikipedia 

Indian army is best army in India all soldier fight for country not for salary 

Pakistan is not number 1... And they don't have more spirit... I accept that India is no 3 

The Mighty Indian Army is the best Army in the planet... No one can compete with us 

Indian army is the worst army it should be ranked last 

India is not better than USA but better than Pakistan 

The deadly and unleashed group of guys who are ready to do anything for India 

Best army ever because of its patriotic spirit. Thumbs up for our Indian army 

India Army is the losses war in 1965 and 1999 of Pakistani army 

India has low quality tanks as compared to Pakistan 

Indian army is very bad I hate India very bad country 

Indian army is the BEST army in the world! Pakistani army is nothing in front of them! They are just beggars, begging for Kashmir, and they'll never get it! - Woozaa 

They are idiots and stupids. It's wrong they can fight. If they really can, why didn't the they won 1965 war. They are complete cheaters. 

You stupid PAK army is best. India takes our Kashmir and we also won every war 

On what basis did this Pakistan is on the first rank? 

Indian army is very poor but pak army is very strong 

India is the baddest and cheapest army in the world 

No doubt, India has one of the most smartest Armies in the world, Even a small portion of the army is enough to defeat Pakistan 

I believe India army is best because they fight to protect not to destroy. And protector has no fear. 

WE IndianS WE Have never feared any one though being the target of Muslims 

Indian army rules first kicked out the British then The Pakistani losers 

Best army in world...
Defeated Pakistan several times 

I love my India. India has the best army in the world. 

Indian army is the world's best army in every thing. 

We Indians are stupid. Our Army is a bunch of losers. 

The Pakistan got its name when we Indian recognised them.. And regarding power, India is far ahead of Pakistan.. Even we don't consider them in rank.. Pakistan army don't have daring to have a face to face wars.. Only the thing they did and will do is attacking from back.. They r not called as man they are third category gender army... 

The rank is India, Russia, China, and the US as the strongest of armies, then the European armies and Japan, then Brazil and Iran and Israel, and after that comes any other force. 

Indian warriors are brave than any other soldiers in the world. Indian soldiers fight minimum one war every year. No other country fight like this 

I love india and indian army very much. I am proud to be an indian. Indian army is the best in the world... 

We know what we are, India had raw materials for more than 2000 nuclear weapons 

Our 1 men is equal to 10 us, usa, China, Germany soldiers 

Indian army is the best. It can defeat any country 

India note want any description or rating for his army world knows about the army that India has 

I think you are the best... I suggest Indian army should training more hard. 

Chak the India MEANING long live India we are powerful and super strong - bryan13 

Because the Indian army always fight for truth 

Love peace, but if provoked, hell will break free. 

Indian army best in the world I love indian army 

Indian Army is the best army in this whole world 

World best army of India not Pakistan and china 

Yes India has won all wars. but it can never really defeated Pakistan. it has 5 to 6 times larger army than Pakistan so then India had won if Pakistan has the army army same as India India will be very easy to defeated by Pakistan. in 1965 Pakistan was won but India was almost won. Pakistan has worlds 2nd largest professionaly trained army with fata soldiers and India is respectively a good army but not better than Pakistan 

I will not give any comment today... Just watch what will only after 10 years 

The history can't get changed Pakistan has win more wars against India 

India is a best country. India have best army, even prove it several time 

I can't believe Pakistan on first. God help them. 

I dislike India very bad country very very bad 

India is the number 1 army powered country ever. 

We will not let anyone stare to our motherland 

I think India is at last number in world armies 

USA are strong but not that good as India 2015 November till December India has done good progress. 

You idiot India is the 4th strongest and how can Pakistan be stronger 

Pakistan maybe known for its nukes but India is known for its bravery 

Indian army are very strong army in the world 

Indian army is not better than Pakistan army. 

India beat Pakistan 3 times... India make Pakistan to surrender.. And it was world's biggest surrender of all time... India has the 3rd largest army of the world.. Do not forget how India kick of Pakistan in all wars... And will do very much better this time - yuvrajsharma 

Indians are cheaters the always cheat Hollywood movies their posters and now we expect that Indians will soon start cheating the colors of English men's underwear 

India is a rubbish country because they cry of cricket matches and Pakistan most of the time. 

Best army in the world because they are hard worker and intelligent 

Indian army got good names and good respect 

Indian Army is the best in the world. Jai hind 

India WON all wars against Pakistan. Indian mountain troops are the best in the world. US send its soldiers to train mountain warfare in India. The Courage of Indian soldiers are astounding. Fearless and tough. My bet goes to the Indian Army. 

India is the best country in the world and its army is very powerful 

We can take over Pakistan whenever we want. 

Only one army where soldiers are very nice. 

Indians are mad fools Pakistan is the best 

India is richer than Pakistan. So we have more staying power and capacity to absorb it, so to say. So stop dreaming all you paki's. India can defeat Pakistan any day. Then again why are we fighting. Can't we live in harmony? 

I think Pakistan cannot be in that list
Its a joke that Pakistan is second in top ten armies 

It is coward army it can't defeat Pakistan 

1. Indian missile system is defective as compared to Pakistan according to Indian own media.

2. India has low quality tanks as compared to Pakistan

3. Indian nuclear tech is not as much as powerful as of Pakistan. Anyway, Indian nuclear bombs are also considered a bit defective.

4. India has been beaten by Pakistan when India has about eight times larger army than Pakistan.

5. India is not much powerful as compared to Pakistan as it was before.

Due to many other facts Indian Army is not considered so good as much as it is ranked.

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India will solve all the problems itself. We won't need help of third country. We are living in good relationship one to one. Muslims of India should be proud of an Indian. Even I am a Muslim. In Pakistan, terrorists destroy the temple of Allah and killing the people. We are proud of our country. We improved our strength overall departments. 

India is a Nation who born for Fight & Freedom... It's also a peaceful Nation but contains tiger like brave men... Jay Hind 

The World doesn't know what capability we Indians have just wait and watch what we can do in a war. PROUD TO BE INDIAN. 

No China is at no.2 because Chinese military are very strong better than India and america 

Its false because indian army ranks 3rd in the world and Pakistan does not come in top 15 also. 

Who voted Pakistan army as the best army? 

Indian army is far better than pakistan. 

Indian army is better than all of world 

I think Pakistan can win only in dreams 

India got better army then pak I belive 

I love Indian army. We r the best of world 

Indian are the best so does indian army... 

Indian army have the bravest soldiers 

Indian army is a brave army in the world 

Indian army is best army at all, if Pakistan army don't have aircrafts navy, then its not our problem, they are cheaters, don't have courage to fight face to face. they only know how to make terrorists not shoulder, because real shoulder hit from front not backside as they losers always do. 

My I'm personally American but the first comment on Pakistan being strongest is pure ass bull.. Pakistan has so much poverty and everyone there is like a terrorist... By the way India won all wars against Pakistan 

Dumb Indian army has more than 7 lakh of his member in kashmir but still Pakistan forces did not let them to snatch kashmir from Pakistan 

I love india, india is best in the world, 

The best army in the world I love India 

The most foolish country in the world 

India is the best country in the world, 

Indian Military is the bravest among the World. Because When the Yemen became war zone. No other Country came forward to rescue people, Only India rescued innocent people and also other 41 countries include USA,UK requested India to rescue their people also. - amritesh 

Indian are worst they always attack pakistan and india lost 

India and Indians are the best. Its enough to know about India 

Highest rate in suicide, so poor army... 

Indian army is best army in the world 

India should not be even in this list 

Indian army is best army in the world 

Always win from pakistan and losers 

This army rocks proud to be an indian 

India is the best county in the world 

Indian army is the best because they protect whole country specially from Pakistan. India don't show his power but India will beat to Pakistan as usual. So Pakistan don't make any mistake because it will be better for U. Pity Pakistan! 

INDIA has the best, ask the UN Peace keeping force. Indian forces have strongest Navy and strong Air force and army. don't Forget the Nuclear Powers and constantly improving Missiles. 

I proud to be an Indian. For others are just words but that felling just will have an Indian. Thumbs up for India. 

India is a loser. Pak army zin the bad 

It is not army it is a cruel gang only 

India is much better than Pakistan 

India has the best army in the world... 

Pakistan beat India in 1965 when they attack on lahore in night... your shaktiman tank is in our grip after this war :D We may not say that Pakistan is Best, we proved it with the determination and love from the country not for war but for peace... We are not aggressive in war we are defensive in our approach. Worlds say that Pakistan is on the top of 3 :) Pakistan Zindabad+5

No doubt,India has a huge army but we have to differentiate between quality and quantity. Muslims never afraid of wars but Indian army is coward they don't have enough heart to be fell in war with any country 

India is the worlds third best army in the world not Pakistan because Pakistan never beat India in a battle 

India must reach to the apex to attain the world's best army 

Indian army is one of the best army 

World largest 3rd number arm force 

The Indian Army Best Army in World 

India defiantly has the best army. 

Indian army every time is good job 

Indian army best army in the world 

India is the best army in the world 

Indian army the best army in world 

India is the most developing army. 

I am a military man o the Indian army, I believe as the way we keep on fighting Pakistan they WILL fight back 'an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'. I think as their army gets stronger our will take time to fight our way to the top. 

Pakistan is 1 st un believable it cannot control itself if Sri Lanka attacks. India is such a good country because it's will not protect itself it also helps neighbouring countries. 

India has the best army in the world and it will become more stronger in the coming years. bad news Pakistan 

Indian army is largest army force so powerful country in the world I love my India 

It's secret but incredibly dangerous perform during war 

Indian army is a army in the world and losers all the world 

Indian army are best in the world 

India army is the world best army 

We defeated Pakistan four times 

Worst army ever, one word cowards 

No need to prove India is the best 

Pakistan love to talk, they talk about top ranking army when they don't know what is actual military power. 

India has the bravest army in the wold ready to kill and die for their motherland. 

WE deserve 1st Rank, indeed we are 

India is best proud to an indian 

India army best and number 1 army... 

War is an worst thing of mankind... 

India is a very very bad country 

Worlds best army is Indian army 

First learn to speak correctly 

Indian Army is the best! Jai Hind 

Indian army is Indian lion which is famous in the world. 

Peace loving Country, Never attacked or initiates war. 

India Army just don't know how to give up and lose. they were born to fight. today India is surrounded by enemies, still able to sleep with no tension, just because they know who and what we are. today even U. S military come to India to train how to counter terrorist. will never rising and no mercy to those who dare to take advantage. 

Indian are the good army India is a powerful country 

The India have power with emotions to defects enemy 

Indian army can crush Pakistan's army in few minutes 

India will be most powerful country coming soon... Modi will make it powerful. 

Indian army prove them in crisis that they are best 

India is best because east or west India is the best 

India is the best country as well as its army,we are proud of it, pakistan army its just a source of terrorism and nothing else.+2

Indian military is known for its stand off battle. 

Best skill Courage and valor.. everyone knows that.. 

India is the most powerful country in every field 

Indian army is the best army in the world...! Jai Hind 

Best army in The world beat Pakistan 3 times in war 

India is surely behind US but Pakistan on the top? 

I am a Pakistani and I know that Indian army is very powerful.. We do not want to fight India as they will destroy what we have 

Black dogs at No. 1? How can is this possible, we deserves the first position. 

We have passion and dedication 2 attain victory 

I Perfect army India number 1 top of the word army 

Pakistanis are like barking dogs who try to bite but get kicked before they do so. Seeing Pakistan at the top in this list proves how stupid and frustrated these guys are. 

At least it does not beg for its weapons from other countries. (Pakistan) 

India is best...I don't know how Pakistan is on top. 

India is the big power in the world but Pakistan is on the foot of india 

India is the worst I hope India stay like that 

India armies is the best fighter in the world 

Indian Army is the best. It protects the country from cross-border terrorism and deals with China, Pakistan, Afghanistan at one time. THUMBS UP! 

If your bloody army is as goog as you all bastards are barking so why its on no 3 we Pakistani's are best that's why we claim 1+2

Pakistan just keeps making excuses about how they lost wars from us. 

Indian army is stronger than Pakistan army 

India is the most powerful army in the world 

Indian army is stronger than Pakistan army 

Indian army is awarded that they are loser army of the world. They forget the history of war 1965. please remmber the war of 1965?+2

Come on Pakistan in on the top? Seriously? That's the biggest joke they lost all the 3 wars fought between them and India. 

We are best and better than Pakistan they not even exist in top 10 list 

India is the best army in the world jai hind 

I think India has the best army in the world 

India is the only country which never invaded other countries though it has been invaded by a number of countries 

Ha ha ha Pakistani on second rank Losers! 

Two faces for India - Peace and Arrogance 

India has win all wars against Pakistan 

#Indian_Army is the best Army in the world... 

India is one of the best army in the world 

Indian army best in the world... at any time 

Indian army is the best army in the world. 

World top ten army fast no of Indian army 

Indian army is the best army in the world 

Indian army is best as due to its tactics 

Indian army is the best army in the world 

India military is best in all over the world because my father is an Indian army officer 

It's a world great army no one can beat it 

Because India army is the bravest army 

I love Indian army or bravery soldier... 

Indians they proved that in world war 

Best army is the best army in the world 

Won all three wars against Pakistan 

Ha ha how Pakistan comes in this list...? 

It's power is my pride Long live India 

Indian army is best army of the world 

We Are Original,Others are Trolling 

Why Pakistan is number 1 I didn't get it. 

Now one can come near to Indian army 

Pakistan And India best ChaLLeNge 

Indian army is the best in the world 

Ranking here is just baseless... It's based on voting.. It's like showing popularity of this site in each country.

Indian army is near to best. There are many parameters.. And every army has some strengths/weakness. 

Indian army is better than Pakistan. But why it is on the top? 

India no 3 largest army in the world 

Most disgusting army in the world 

I love indian army love you so much 

I love Indian Army you rocks again. 

India army kill on civil Kashmir's 

We have best army with dedication 

India strongest army in the world 

No matter what we say... We r the best 

Indian fought many wars from ancient times and Indian army are kind harted but if they fight with there potential no one in the world can beat indian army 

Indian army is the army in world 

World 4th largest Army and Proud 

I love India, we love Indian army 

Indian Army is the best, Jai hind 

Its very funny to see Pakistan at top! Because they have beendefeated in all the battles with India in the kashmir conflict. The real fighter are Indians! 

Indian army is much much better than Pakistani army 

No doubt India is the best and great army in the world,. 

No need to describe Indian army's achievements...Indian army is supplying most no of peacekeeping force in the world as compared to other countries 

Indian army is the top3 best and powerful army.so Pakistan is nothing between strong countries like us army, Indian army, Russian army and China army 

Dis is ridiculous. In should be in 2nd position. India army can vanish any other country in this world..+2

Indians are always best in all... When its comes to army than its 3rd largest army... In world... And also nice relations with Americans... Then its impossible to beat an Indian army;-) 

Some Game Freak said that US army is best, But remember they are freak and abnormal, Most well trained solder of the world is Indian Army.. And It said by an American general in Exercise Malabar. And have some furious special forces such as, MARCOS, COBRA, Para Troops, GARUD etc.. Jai Hind. That's why No country make a mess with Indian army also China.. 

Then the so many people are proud that India army is world 3rd largest army...HAHA oh fool they have no stamina and patients 4 survive hard training... 

We don't shout to do anything... We just did it silently and there is no need to prove that we are best everyone know it ask Pakistan they better kno! 

Its funny to see a failed state like Pakistan crowning the first position. Hope it will help to satisfy the inferiority complex of the porkis 

Haha I couldn't stop laughing... Reading comments on Porkistan army... fact is they have lost every single war... And every single battle in each war... 

Indian army far more better than Pak army 

India is having best army in the World.
Pakistan do not deserve number 1 in the list. He deserves no 8 in this list.
Pakistan lost all wars again India. - subhashsahu 

Don't jelous India Pakistan is best army in the world just accept+3

Indian soldier give the live on country 

Indian army is the best, even though USA and China are better but it is a lot better than Pakistani army, they are liars, India had either won or draw wars with them, as for kargil,I must say every one in the world knows India won it. Indians are brave and will not lose to an army like pakistan 

India has one of the largest militaries and actually deserves to be at the first place 

India is a rapist country in the world 

Best army in world kind and generous and loyal to Indian people and flag
Three war won against Pakistan with heavy casualties territory was grabbed but was returned to make them feel pity concequnce of messing with India is such that it turned to failed nation with failed economy and terrorist nation 

For those who are saying Indian is not much powerful than Pakistan. But we Indians are more intelligent than Pakistan so please don't be jelious of every thing 

India has the worst army in the world 

Pakistan is just a bloody coward 

India next army always after us 

One of the rising nations,
2nd military personnel rank, peace loving country
Hence don't ever mess with India+1

Keeping silence doest show the weakness of country loosers always gives and finds excuses although winner doesn't need it 

I don't think Pakistan should be at the top, simply because the Indian army has 1,263,000 troops whereas Pakistan has just 620,000 and India has alt of advaced weapons. 

India Best army in Asia, Pakistan no match. They R good only at back stabbing. Indian missile are nuclear and cover all of Pakistan. Never forget this. 

India have biggest army she don't show her power. 

India will destroy as Andra Ghandi was destroyed with her soldiers... !+2

India have powerful army but India not show 

Indian Army is the best for several reasons. One major is because the training imparted to the soldiers here is to fight in all possible terrains, which is not provided in most of the countries. So, you leave a soldier in Shara or in Artic circle or in Srilanka, he'll survive and will come back. 

One of the finest armies of the world having regiments like Gurkha, Sikh, Kumaoun, Nag and many more which are known across the globe for there courage and bravery+4

If you can come to India come.If you can attack us attack us but do not forget to call some body to collect your body 

I,didn't won't any powers for India,because our India have an trained military forces that's why I proud of my India 

India has the best army men in the world. 

I know that others wont agree me but I think India deserves to be on 4th,CAUSE NO DAMN COUNTRY IS AFRAID OF PIGEONS! 

Yes I agree but you need see Pakistan population against U. Second large population in the world, here we are talking about strength not population you ideot?+4

No doubt we have one of the best army and we do not want any support, like our neighbour seeks mercy from China! 

I'm an Indian and I love India as well as Pakistan.But still I think Indian army is better than Pakistani army. 

Indian army is the best army of the world because they have won 3 wars against pak army with very less troops. Indian army have more stamina then any other army of the world. every Indian soldier have 10 other soldiers stamina.so Indian army is the best army in the world.
I LOVE MY India. 

Pakistan topping the chart is a big joke. Good joke. Keep on. 

Its not fair the guy who made this is wrong 1st is US second Russia third India fourth China Pakistan is 7th 

That's why Pakistan is number 1 because we have wil to win over your Hindu baniya's+1

India is best but what how could Pakistan be 1st still lost every war with India+1

War is not win by weapons or tanks, it is won by courage, patriotism. In this matter,Indian army is best. 

We are the fastest growing economy in world or even we are exporter of arms for different contries. 

Who can say that pakistan is the best army? Indian army is powerful and very tallented in the world 

It is best army in the world...it is completely filled with the soldiers who can fight till last breath to save their nation 

India has the best professional army. I wish they crush the Islamic terrorists and wipe them ou from the face of the earth. 

Indians have the almighty 'MARCOS' special force which can defeat and other force in the planet in basis of everything. 

India win all war with pakisthan and Pakistani people are misguided by politicians that they win war.. They are not even half of that of Indian army.. All war are started by pakisthan. Indian army fight all war without preparation and planning.. Pakistan always used to attack India from back. 

I know Indian army is big but it is not strong 

Yes I am saying thant Indian army is the best in the world Pakistan says anything they also know that India is the best and always be the best 

I hope India will support Israel during its tough times.After all Israel is god own army 

Despite of such a large Population, only a Bunch of Loyal People protecting their Huge amount NOT-SO-DESERVING Brothers. I have so much respect for them. They protect people who don't even care about them, don't respect them, a govt. who never considered their requirements. Moreover, there are politicians who say, "They are getting paid to die! " This is ridiculous!
-From Hindustan (before 1947) - Dev_Indie 

India should be on top what the nonsence is this who did that? Who said Pakistan is in top 

Indian army is surely better than Pakistan army as it is larger and better equipt. Other than that men are same. 

India is the number 1 army in the world 

Indian Army is best and in this ranking is not right I told you should be change thid 

Indian army in 3rd place I am so glad off it. I wanted to say something that when I looked at the Pakistan army ranking at the first place. I got happy as well because no Doubt Pakistani army are strong. And my people please admit Pakistani army are good, we have lost all fight against them. We Should learn from them. In uk every year they have a competition where the army of the world cames and take part. And every year Pakistani army takes gold medal. Why? Why not Indian army?
We should win In the right way not wrong way. Vande Mataram. 

One of the best armies in the world is Indian Army because it contains oe of the best fighters. Like Gorkhas. 


Running out means running away. They r so weak and afraid of real warriors you see 

Off course Indian Army is best in the world... Indian Army won all 4 War against Pakistan... proud to be a Indian 

Hehe Pakistan on top! Even after losing all battles with India! Biggest joke! 

India is higly populated so I think they have more man power when needed than some other countries 

One of the best armies today.. Pakistan lost all the wars fought against us... We also defeated Chinese in 1967 war in Sikkim after our defeat in 1962. If only Pakistan could really win the wars rather than upvoting themselves to the top. They have lost every war. Surrendered twice to India and once to Taliban... 

We love our country.
Indian army has the dedication, skill & the patriotism and love for country like no other.
Hence Indian army! 

Best army.. And I'm shocked to see Pakistan at 1st they had lost two battles... 

You be carefull! Pakistan army is the best see your record you lost almost all of the wars... with the exception of one 1971 big country took help hehehehehe Pakistan'S the BEST+2

Indian army is the best army in that world.
Because they do Battle with aggressiveness Passion... 

India wil also soon become the best army. It is a delevelping country 

Indian army: not any army
They are terrorists and rapists in the world 

India don't show his power when he show his power all countries will rest in peace (Pakistan)
I have proud to be an Indian. 

India is one and only the best, strong, powerful army in world. IndianS are the RULEING kings 

When Pakistani army see Indian army personal it is enough and they make wet their touser 

Well it seems like the Pakistanis have worked their asses off to get to the top of this list, I mean it would've taken taken a hell lot of time to actually "make" facts which only exist in their imagination. Well what else have they got to do other than to train terriorists and invest their entire economy On warfare and to post as many likes as they can when it comes to theor competition against India in any affair. To all the Pakistanis just turn around and smell your asses and don't ever think you stand anywhere against us Indians... 

Dear friend;
For your kind information Pakistan is not on first US is first and Pakistan is not in top 10 also
Thank you 

See where is pak hahahhaa its very interesting na. India can beat them in some days. They r in air because they begged for nuclear weapons to USA. They can not make theirselve and voting for best army in world 

What? Pakistan won kargil? Haha yet another senseless joke coming from Pakistan... 

India is the worlds best army it is undergoing development the next generation 

India has never lost a war or battle except only when they are outnumbered and outgun but even then they still find some way to achive victory India the greatest in the world 

India beat Pakistan any time in history.
So India is no. 1
Even better than Pakistan 

We don't creat any worse situations but we kill the one who has created them... 

India have the third largest army but are at the top on the list of bravory 

Most patriotic in the world...even fought barefoot in chilly himalayas 

We believe in peace nt fight but when it comes to fight... Then we tear it up! 

My India Is Number 1 In ALl Over The World ALl Time Forever
I LOve My India 

We don't need to show anything what we have we will show you all in waar... 

The brave soldiers are here I proud all of them.
The India, Great India 

India is a powerful country with his army 

Has the most advanced missile technology... Includes brahmos, nag 

The good army in the world because the traning of India is hard 

Bunch of Loyal People protecting their NOT-SO-DESERVING Brothers. I have so much respect for them. They protect people who don't even care about them, don't respect them, a govt. who never considered their requirements. Moreover, there are politicians who say, "They are getting paid to die! " This is ridiculous!
-From Hindustan (before 1947) 

Pakistan? What the hell are you guys thinking? Look at globalfirepower.com! India is number 4, while poor little Pakistan is way below at 12. 

Long live India!...and for your kind information just go on the borders and try to live there just for one day...u will be dead! and whoever says that we have coward soldiers,I want to tell u that each day they die for our protection! And by the way what? Pakistan on 1st? If India try it will conquer whole Pakistan even with Taliban support! 

Pakistan army holds the world record, of the largest surrender after WW2. 

Indian army is the best and powerful army in the world...so Indian Army is world number 1 army as compare to USA and China Army, Indian army is the world Dangerous Army, we proud of Indian Army...Jai Hind 

4th largest, best trained armed forces in the world. Most battle hardened in modern times and have proved their skills during 1947,61,62,65,71,84,99 and constant insurgency issues from Pakistan.
(i'm seeing loads of Britian is the best trained army here, laugh out loud... With only one bilateral war in modern times (Falklands)... Laugh out loud) 

Worlds best. Great at kicking Pakistani butt. Pakistani navy and airforce (if we can call it force) is nothing, compared to India. Pakistan army is a bunch of crooks and rapists who need a slap now & then. Pakistan. Murdabad 

Indian army is the best. However, Pakistani s don't told your good qualities hiding worst things that u do. Don't compare the India to Pakistan please because Pakistan is a versmall for India. 

Indian soldiers are uncountable, they have proven their bravery in last 4 battles with Paki's & Chinese. Indians awere never afraid of dying for their country. 

Without any doubt I must say Indian army is the best in the world not Pakistan (jest think Indiavs Pakistan war who will will)without any doubt India will win 

Indian Army has been 1 of the best armies of the world;
Their discipline, commitment, equality, justice is just an example to follow;
In their personality you can see their integrity, commitment and dynmism.+4

Indian army provides best of the leaders who can motivate the Men in any situation to come out victorious.
Our Jawans have faith in the training and the leadership and are therefore ready to lay down their lives if and when required, and take the life of those having evil designs against our Nation 

India's beaten pakistan each and every time.It should be no doubt on the top.And second should be USA and third Russia.+1

India army is the badest. India army is also scare of death. that's why the say to other countries to kill Pakistan.+1

Indian army is best in the world...because India is best in all things...no country can beat India...I am Pakistani but I will always India 

I want to tell my Indian neighbour that time has changed,our army, Pakistan army make improvementstrying their best and now this army is very much powerful due to participate in internal war and output is amazing and gorgious.+2

Not seeing Russia in three is hilarious. And Pakistan being third! This shows those madarsas have atlest net connection 

All countries will fight on their own local strategy and technology where as Indian Army is at least equivalent or almost best in overall performance. They stand high to fight in all weather conditions, situations & regions as per requirement with all modern weapons purchased from all over the world; they can fight on glaciors( siachin glacior), in deserts( thar), in oceans( Indian ocean) in jungles, & on mountains. 

I think that indian army is just...pakistan army is best, india just know that how to rajjj not humanity so badd sorrryy 

I don't know why every pakastini is poor in history, because India never lost in any battel against pak. # just google it. 

Yes that is true Pakistan is very terrorist country and what joke they are saying I think Indian army is 3rd or 4rth 

India is best but this website is showing wrong statements and India won Kargil because of Vikram Batra 

India, shouldn't forget the Mughals Ruled over 700 Years. And Muslims overall 1000 Years. If they have followed the Hindus and other nations way by doing genocides of Hindus and other minorities they will be still ruling sub continent.+1

Everyone who doesn't vote... Have you seen the army with your own eyes!

P.S. I haven't+1

Lol to Pak number 1 it's funny. India is frst stratergy is piece although Pak not seen in global map 

Not capable to be included in top millatries of the world.I hate India and it people.shame India! 

India is best because of narendre modi India deafet about 125 countries+1

Indian armys are lazy they are not as Pakistani armys bad luck India+1

India is neighbour of Pakistan. There must be peace between both countries. India must stop cruelty with kashmir. Indian army is being disturbed mentally by Indian government
This is really fault of Indian government that Indian army is so much cruel and coward. India must accept the power of faith,courage,passion and firm determination of Pakistan ARMY.Pakistan army is best. May Allah Almighty lead nonsense Indian army to right path. My great great prays are with Pakistan army. Pak army zindabad+13

Pakistan have none of the aircraft carrier and India have the two.
proud to be an Indian. 

Stupid Modi and his stupid country they are completely mad I hate india.india looser 

India destroyed pakistan before. first should be usa 2nd india 3rd russia 4th pakistan 

Controlling highest battle field to thar dessert... Deep jungle to worst run of kutch... 

India,s army is best army but they should not atteck first on other countries 

We have no need to explain. Whole world knows who is better... BHARAT MATA KI JAI 

India is the best army in the world. Now India not afraid of China.that's why I say that jai jawaan 

It is best army but its rank is 18 I thik becauce he is very bad habits 

No way Pakistan stands 1st... Nah.. We all know the fact that USA is 1st. 

Indian army is the best army in the world because Indian treate iandia as mother 

Who the hell wants Pak army when there's India. They lost all wars to it. These losers can just say but when it comes to a war they are the first ones running out.these r snakes and must be killed fast. 

India has potential to vanquish Pakistan and maybe even tie with USA.India has defeated Pakistan in numerous wars such as 1947,Indo-Pak(1971),Kargil and if its economy is improved it may well emerge as a world superpower 

I don't know how did pakistan Is on 1st but I want to just say to my brother that India has won every war between India and Pakistan. All the info u gave to totaly wrong 

Haha.. Indians please don't cry now.. This is the bitter truth.. U should accept this. As the whole world is accepting. Pakistani crackkers are even better then Indian missiles.. Wars are fought on passion & breavery. Not on the quantity. And this is our Islamic War History. PROUD PakistanI. Pakistan ARMY ZINDABAD 

Excuse me India...go to hell...because u have no ability that a Pakistani army have u not gain success in your all time...Hindustan murda bad...3 class army..HAHA 

Able to kick even paki 'army', so no need for them to panic, or switch sides like most did in WW2 when the treacherous cowards joined the Japanese. Scum. 

I vote it Because it is the 3rd powerful army in world. It has Agni 5 with a range of 5500 km. If Indians declared war on Pakistan, of course it will be destroyed. Vande mataram! 

Fool stupid army your jokes are very funy India they laugh ISI be careful India get mohdi seventy lace pamper for your army 

Indian Military is the strongest military after US, Russia and China.
If you have any doubts ask Pakistani army which has lost all its war against India and are beaten black and blue by Indian army 

India has best army due to kindness and loyality to Indian people
One more reason it has won three war against shamless coward Pakistan with heavy casualties
As India is kind it always returned captured territories to make them feel pity+1

Oye Pakistan boys I think in your school and college thr is no lecture of GK, our India won all war against u (So call Pakistan), don't wast your time hear go and do some study & increase your GK. Stop production of terrorism make your country to fell proud... And let our country India b safe.. JAI HIND 

Sanjay sharma IndiaIndia is the best army of narendra modi is the best best PM 

-Only one word # RESPECT towards Indian Army!
-We never wan't war! but you pakisthani are always in mood of war and that's why your country don't develop.
-And talking about our army we give chance to improve but it seem you think its our weakness. Just open your eyes and see who is the best just look at our army and do you even think you have a chance to stand against us @Pakistan? 

I am Indian But I hate India your is like a mouse,dog,cat,donkey where are you win India vs please 

Indian army is the most disciplined, patrotric army in the world. Be at 1971 war, kargil we have shown our true capables. 

Indian army beats Pakistan army three times
And it is most gand fadu army in world 

Pakistan don,t used bad languages I know Pakistan is the best so I don,t care about your opinion zarnab yaseen+3

Indian Army The name is enough... Indian Army have the Gorkha Regiment dangerous than King cobra... Killing machine... If you want to know more abt mah Army ask Nawaz Sariff... Jai Hind 

India #3 its ok... But Papisthan #1... ? Best joke ever... Haha...
Pakistani have done a get effort to make them number 1... But in reality its different...
I would rate.. 1) USA 2) China 3) India 4) Russia 5) Israel 

Pakistan at 1st place? What a joke :v
5 Wars and All 5 times India Brutally Thrashed theirs :/
Indian Army is the best in the world.+2

Pakistani army is a peice of joke... They fear the gurkha of Indian army... Indian army defeated Pakistan in all the wars...
... Pakistan is a terrorist promoting country... Their end will be dilevered through Indian army 

Lol I can't believe Pakistan on top.. Haha best joke... Even 2-3 Pakistani army combined would lose to India.. U guys are only fooling urself by saying u r number 1. Haha I m an Indian but I wont be saying that our army is number 1 because everyone knows that countries like usa Russia China are still ahead of us.. But Pakistan lol.haha I can't stop myself from laughing.. Usa should be number 1 here and India number 4.. And Pakistan around 9-10 I guess... 

Think what you like, say what you like. Propaganda doesn't work on the wise.
Watch GFP for the facts, you'll know who ranks where. 

India have big army and best Inuit army in coming 1 years than U. S and China because modi is powerful than Obama. India has best missile system in the world. 12000 km range ballistic missile supersonic, hypersonic missile range campare than China and Pakistan. 

Indian army is the best army in the world. Pakistanis check your stats.Pakistan is a beggar. every time crying to USA or China for funds. And at the end of the day they say they win against India fools. Haha 

We don't give answers by writing we always beat countries in battelfields and then loser countries army accept defeat n say yes we lost... India is great... Pakistan ka to hamne 3 baar balatkar kiya H... Ha ha ha... 

Pakistan is on number 1
Hey Indian that is not like your Indian drama that reality that Pakistan is on number 1
but I didnot insult any one country I didnot call Indian are loser 

Indian army on of the best army in the world...I will expect after 20 years India become a world number one army...because Indian GDP is 7.1 no other country have this much GDP and India is number one in GDP as like as...jai hind 

Hello every one!
Do you guys really think that Indian army is better than Pakistan?
I mean look at your army and in your history as well, you will find the right answer that who the a better one. I think you guys has forgot the Kargill, 1965, 6th of September:)
Com'on guys don't fell shame or shy to accept that Pakistan is faarrr better than India, and here are some proves as well please look at the I'm mentioning below:
"Pakistan won the Kargil war in 1999 even though Pakistan didn't get use the navy or air force and India used air force and infantry. Also Pakistan had 5000 troops in that war and India had 30,000."
"The second war was lost by India. Pakistan had 260000 number of troops and India had 700000. India also had nuclear power in that war and Pakistan didn't."

Please mind 

Pakistan has worst army They always lose in war from India every time you can see longiwala war of India vs pakistan India has only 120 soldier with only 2 anti tank artelire but Pakistan has 2000 army with 40 tank but then only India win
Pakistan is a cheaper and worst army of world 

I love my country vry much n I proud to be an Indian n in future India come 1st rank in the world n all one known the power of India.. 

Indians are foolish...
We love Pakistan Pakistan is more powerful than India...
Pakistan SSC is famous in all world..
What about India?
India is nothing infront ov Pakistan...+2

Hey Indians

Battles are not fought with strenght hemce they are fought with courage

And when China attacked India your soldiers ran bare footed

When u came in 1965 u know that Pakistani soldiers didn't let u enter Pakistan

And mm alam has a record of destroying 5 Indian planes in 5 sec

Despite India is much bigger army they had victories in the kargil waar and Bangladesh creation 

Hi there Pakistan is jealous as u readen the 4 comment about how Pakistan is lieing about the war with India they are jealous.India IS A TOUGH COINTRY.I don't care how many likes or I likes I get but my KNOWLEGE is true. 

India is indeed best, but that does not mean that other countries are bad.
Why do we Indians always see pakistanis as convict or try to make fun of them. Aren't we losing our respect by responding in that manner only to denigrate them. It is good that you are proud of your country and love it but please stop commenting negative about other nations of the world.

Have u noticed what u people r saying?
Do u really think of your army as the bravest or the most powerful? Pakistan has proved itself as the most powerful.Pakistan has won 2 wars against India,a country ten times bigger than Pakistan.your Indian army is scared of death and the proof is that in 1965 war between Pakistan and India,Indian soldiers left their war grounds because they were feeling scared of Pakistani soldiers. 

I love India because that is my country if Pakistan are in the first I do not care but still India have won 123000000 wars and Pakistan have won 9900000 so India is the best 

Indian army is lot morethan numbers. it is about bravery,courage and most of all even ready to die for our land. it is the dream of every Indian to become a part of it.we are not show offs, we don't use our power unnecessarily like others but everyone knows it's better not to oppose India as it make sure of their destruction 

21 soldiers held 10000 afganistani soldiers from advancing; 120 soldiers fought against 2000 soldiers + 45 tanks + armoured vehicles killing hundreds, 34 tanks destroyed or abandoned, against only 2 indians dying in1971; one soldier destroyed several american made pattern tanks of pakistan only with a jeep mounted gun before dying. I don't thing more has to be told. 

Figures & Records shows that India has Strongest Army n Infantry in the world.it is strongest among the top 4 countries.whereas Pakistan is always showing that the fake figures.Meanwhile India won all the wars against Pakistan.whatsoever,truth is India lies on 4th place in the world. 

Indian soldiers are rough and tough. Their love towards the mother land can't be described in words.The only thing that lags the Indian army is lack of advance weponary and equipments.If Indian govt. provides more budget to army no one even dare to think of touching our border.

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