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Applications of interest, Status: CLOSED

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10 hours ago, Fluid said:





Steam Name: Fluid 

Steam I.D.: https://steamcommunity.com/id/markeysucks/

Length of time on the Server: 2 years

Length of time RPing: 5 years with some breaks between due to school

Time-Zone: CST

How active are you?: On nearly every day


What is your backstory that would make you believe that your character was a Psychic? OR Why would the Federation believe you were a Psychic as a child?: As a child on Terra he lived a fairly relaxed life as the son of a wealthy business owner and loving mother. When he was about 9 he went to work with his grandfather who was the head of a massive mining operation on Terra and was given a tour of the mines. While they were down there one of the employees messed up on a blasting charge and caused a massive collapse on the inside of the mine, killing his grandfather and leaving him all alone. After about 30 minutes he emerged from the mine without a single injury save for a small cut or a scrape. His parents asked him how he managed to get out and he simply said "I could see it.". Once that was said his father finally realized what was happening and sent him to receive a Psychic examination which ended up becoming positive. Once that was shown they immediately started to teach him on how to hone his abilities until he graduated highschool, at which point he joined the Federal Military and began training as a sensor. 


Write out a situation in which you would have to use one of your abilities?:

Once a force has landed on the face of a planet I would use my abilities to map the safest route to our objective so that we can complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether it be grabbing a HVT, investigating a missing MI unit, or anything of the like.


IC Section -

Name: Remington Dean Mitchelle

Age: 18

D.O.B.:  July 9th 2281

Sex: Male

Physical Description: 6'5", Blonde hair and green eyes, A rather bulky build like that of a Mesomorph. He has no major physical injuries or physical features other than a couple tattoos that serve as a memorial for his sister and brother.


- If Applicable -

Current Rank: Recruit

Education History: Has completed Highschool

Criminal Record: Vandalism by Toilet paper rolling his best friend's house.

Employment History: He worked mainly as a safety guide to miners after a shaft collapsed or for civilians/citizens wishing to tour the mines. He also worked many smaller jobs such as gardening, assisting the elderly in homes, and more. That is until he joined the Federation Military.

I recommend keeping this for when apps reopen. I'm not denying it, it's simply that the roster is full at the moment.

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