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Petitions for PK reversals

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Hi all,


I am now strongly against reversing any legitimate PKs, however noting that others such as Westervelt have had the opportunity recently, and noting that some understandably feel it is unfair that they aren't so lucky, I have decided to come to a compromise here.


At the next admin meeting we will give players who have had a character PKed that they wish to restore the opportunity to speak to the admin team and explain why they think that character should be revived - followed by a vote on whether or not to sustain said appeal. 


After this, there will be no more reversals of otherwise legitimate PKs except in the most exigent of circumstances. This is your one and only opportunity - after this, I am drawing a line under the whole affair.


If you want to petition us to consider your character, please post here. Other players are welcome to comment on whether they agree or disagree with a PK reversal and why.

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Caveat on this - I reserve the right to veto the outcome if it's perverse, particularly if we're left in a situation where every admin gets their PK appealed but none of the players do.

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