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Troy Hughes

NCOs are enlisted soldiers

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Had an argument with a few others on the server about NCOs being enlisted. I started out with the comment of 

17:50:17 - Sgt. Troy Hughes[OOC]: Almost half of the enlisted are NCOs
And was proceeded to be bashed on for what I said. As I have come to the conclusion that and with talking to a few others, that this server does not consider NCOs enlisted. Why is that? What are they ranked under? They certainly aren't officers.

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It may be the way that you phrased the statement. It seemed a little confusing to me at first, though I understand your meaning in the end.


Allow me to clarify if anyone is confused by this situation: Non-commissioned officers are enlisted. Their paygrade is between E(nlisted)-4 to E(nlisted)-9, and are given varying levels of command over those below their rank. They are not commissioned officers, such as a Second Lieutenant (O(fficer)-1) and above. For all intents and purposes on the server, they are the main commanding body over the platoon, given the small nature of the server. They are, however, not the ones that give the overall strategic and operational objectives, merely executioners of the tactical objectives. 


This is not to say that Non-commissioned officers are not without their own respects and courtesies given to them from other enlisted ranks. A higher rank is a higher rank, whether you salute them or not.

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Yes, everyone is enlisted Soldiers.


However the classification between them is different.


Enlisted are anyone below the rank of Corporal

Non Commissioned Officers Corporal to Sergeant Major

Officers are special snowflakes.



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Though NCOs are still Enlisted as for E-4 to E-9 is still Enlisted, it's what the E stands for. Officers are not enlisted, they are Officers. There is a difference.

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yes, e1 - e9 are enlisted. they just have noncomms from e4+


nco = enlisted officers that aren't commissioned, hence 'non-commissioned'


you're all good T


basically whatever jordan said

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Alright so the difference is actually fairly archaic, from the days when becoming an officer was more of a thing for nobility.


The grammar is different for both:


John enlists.


John is commissioned. 


In one case, John is joining something. In the other, John is being chosen. It's all about officers holding a sort of office, like judges or governors. 


A non commissioned officer is an officer without a commission - just like it says on the tin. 


So, yeah, the NCOs are enlisted (they enlisted, they were not commissioned), but people generally consider NCOs as their own separate group because of the sheer difference in role and privilege they have. You don't have to stand to attention for a Pfc, but once they get into the NCOs, they're treated like little baby officers. No salute, but similar respect in a formal setting. 


So, yeah, they're enlisted, but they're also NCOs. 


Jordan put it best.

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1 hour ago, radical roach said:

incorrect. i am a cpl and i am better than all enlisted and that needs to be recognized.

All Corporals have my deepest respect.

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