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Eric Shepard

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'' Rauders are pussies, hiding behind that Fairy Tale Barbie Girl Mickey Mouse Shit Armor, fuck 'em.''







(Pfc.Eric Shepard on the Left with his Assistant Gunner Pvt. Jimmy Russels during Operation Restoring Hope)




Passive Theme





  Combat Theme





Basic Information

Name: Eric Bobby Shepard

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Date of Birth:  20th of August

Place of Birth:  Iskander

Religious Beliefs: Christian

Affiliation: Mobile Infantry

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Height:  5ft 11


Weight: 180 pounds


Hair Color: Dirty Blonde


Eye Color: Green




  • Brave
  • Fearless
  • Chaotic
  • Boisterous
  • Extrovert
  • Foul Mouthed
  • Honest




Armed Services Career
Branches Served In:  Mobile Infantry
Current Unit: 112th Mechanized Morita Rifles Battalion, A. Company, 1st. Platoon.
Role: Light Machine Gunner
Rank:  Private First Class
Demotions: N/A
Criminal Record: N/A
Age of Enlistment: 18







          Purple Heart






   Veteran Combat Medal



    Combat Action Medal




   Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon





   Citizenship Ribbon





Operation Meggido Unit Citation




Operation Restoring Hope Unit Citation




Operation Moros Unit Citation




Operation Breadbasket Unit Citation



 Shepard and his 'Dudes' from the 83rd Morita Rifles


LCpl. Bobby Main, Pfc. Jimmy Russels, Pfc. Arnold 'Dutch' van der linde, Pfc. Adrian Marshal

                                                                             Pfc. Eric Shepard






  • Randal Shepard: Father, Citizen, Alive
  • Lucy Shepard: Mother, Citizen, Alive




Born and Raised on Iskander, Eric Shepard was your typical Eccentric and Extrovert Individual, his Childhood was rather if not simplistic, going through School like any other Student and becoming a starting member of the High School Jump ball team, particularly the position of Offensive Tackle.

After Graduation, Eric immediately enlisted into the Federal Service , having served for 3 years in the 83rd Morita Rifles, participating in countless Engagements and Campaigns.


Personal Relationships      Strange Wool, Bro, Dude, Pal, Eh, Pansy, Boo hoo


William Beans:


Ma Man, Beans, old Pal from High School, total Babe Magnet. Baddest Motherfucker the 112th has ever seen, bitches love the Bean.  Still cant believe ya did it dude, you crazy Bastard! Your a Hero Willie, I miss ya Pal. Rest easy Dude, save me one of those Angels with them Big Biddies too!




(Privates William Beans and Eric Shepard after their First Confirmed Kill in 2295)




Ylva Hilmarsdottir: Dirty Hippie.

Jackie Knoxx:


Got the Hunch she just another one of them Pussies who's in for the rank....We'll see.

Huh, chick aint to bad so far. Bit of a joker, I like. But uh....that hug was somethin else dude, I dont get em man...I dont get em




Pauline Westervelt: What a stupid Bitch, slack jaw NCO faggot.

Arryn Falco: Cry baby. Cry baby

Aphelion Dominica: Beep Boop, Ima Robot. Glad 'its' wasted, bucket of fuckin Bolts.

Alicia White:


Chick got herself Boog'd , saved her pretty ass. Hot damn, them Swede's.If She weren't with some other dude, I'd be pat the living shit out of those Chest Bongos of her, yes sir, I'll be....taking care of business




Adrian Marshal:


Hey man, almost Heaven ain't I right? Fucking Slack Jaw Faggot NCO's. Gunners for life





The Lick


He some German Engineering Product or something? Dudes a total Beeper, but a cool one at that man.




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3 hours ago, Randynand said:



You know, I gotta say, I really like the theme music.

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