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Norman Cox

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Norman Cox, in a combat stance.








The accidental bastard child born from the union of a Fleet ensign, Thurgood Cox, and Mobile Infantry private Serena Duffy, Norman Cox was estranged from his immediate family at an early age. With his mother's pregnancy discovered, she was quickly medically discharged. Refusing to have an abortion, but having no particular desire to raise a child, she absconded to Wolf Run to her sister Aisha's abode to birth the young Norman into the world. Shortly after Norman was born, Serena dumped the bastard child onto her sister to re-enlist, only to be killed in service in a dropship accident when Norman was six. Norman was raised almost exclusively by his aunt and her circle of friends who worked in the hazardous conditions of Wolf Run's mines. The tight and dingy quarters of Wolf Run were the only home that he ever knew; educational opportunities being sparse, Norman believed that the course of his life would be spent toiling in the increasingly fatal mine shafts on the asteroid belts. The closest man to a father figure that Norman had (and believed was his actual father until the age of 14) was an ex-convict miner named Ryan Manx, who had his shoulder ripped from his body after a workplace accident. Being rendered incapable of holding one of the few jobs available on Wolf Run, Manx took a hankering to teaching young Norman about life along with his aunt. 


At fifteen, Norman began to notice that he had started developing blotches of melanin-deprived skin on his hands. He was diagnosed with vitiligo, and the blotches continued to climb up his forearms as he continued to age. Working a short stretch in the mines after completing his mediocre high school education, he quickly became disillusioned and repulsed by the lifestyle after having one of his best friends killed in a mining blast accident. With the nature of the mines being so dangerous, Norm thought it'd actually be a safer choice to enlist with the Mobile Infantry he'd inhabited the station with rather than risk his life toiling in the mines.


Norman, now a fresh twenty year old, was entered into the ranks of the Mobile Infantry. Setting foot on a planet for the first time for boot camp in The Trio (Camp Presley, Boot Hill specifically), Norman began his journey to becoming a legitimate Infantryman. Upon graduating, Norm was attached to the 112th, where he now resides.


Does he have what it takes? Who can say?








My first drop with the 112th, and she seems to think I did alright. I'll be the first to tell you I was scared shitless that day. It's one thing when you're at boot, and you've got a grizzled group of seasoned vets behind you on a controlled course. The rounds are simulated, and the bugs are too. It's much much different when they're actually running towards you, trying to make you into mince meat. I thought they would never stop coming. Vickers was my squad lead, and she put up with my whinging and pleas. I asked if it was always like this. She said sometimes it was worse. Good God.

When the sim-bugs get you, you get shocked, it's painful enough to dissuade you from slacking off to allow it to happen again. But no amount of shocking could've prepared me for the searing, throbbing, agonizing pain of a talon shooting straight through your thigh. I felt ashamed. But Vickers stopped by while I was high on pain meds, and told me I did good. At least, I think that's what she said. She seems like a good person. I oughta' buy her a drink or something.




Seems like a fun guy to be around.




Kinda freaks me out a little bit.  Not quite sure what he does.




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