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Ammo for mk55 and ugl

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Can we make the mk55 spawn with some ammo? At the moment it only spawns with two rounds which isn't really enough.


Also, the UGL comes with no ammunition. Could there be a flag or something that spawns people with ammo for it, or something like that?


Both these guns atm need admin support to use, and the ammo doesn't stick around for map changes or respawns.

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Seconded. I find that I have to try very, very hard to find an admin willing to spawn 40mms for me, and then if I die one time or we map change, I need to spend another 20 minutes asking each admin individually until one is willing to take ten seconds to do it for me.


Edit; I've noticed that admins have no problem self-spawning, but it's suddenly a chore when players need assistance.

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