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Surveys - July 2018

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9 hours ago, Archer said:

@Xalphox can you remove the need to login, like in the previous surveys

You shouldn't need to - it's not bound to google accounts?



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I wish to take a moment to encourage all of the remaining playerbase to take the time to complete this straightforward survey.


Change occurs because a call to change is made.  Most players can recall negative experiences with numerous communities where they get burned by those in charge because the player challenges the status quo, and staff turn around on the player with ill intent.  This survey is the staff's attempt at seeing if the status quo needs to change.  Don't let this opportunity pass by.


If you don't take the time to make your voice heard, in this survey or in a public thread, then your ideas will never be considered, and the community as a whole cannot be blamed for your inaction.



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