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PK appeal/question

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My main Character James Chevosky was PK'd today during a boarding action. Medic told me himself and he was the one who issued the PK to come make an appeal if I really wanted to and after hours of thinking I thought I would put it here. Otherwise I would have let the PK happen and would have just moved on if medic had not suggested it.


The happening: I was ordered to push along a wall which I did successfully until a player controlled event character (played by medic) had killed me. It was fair I do say. Though player characters are always good at killing people. And I rolled a 1. The event was my character getting shot in the head and dying instantly.


It was a fair PK in my opinion but the PK issuer himself told me to make this to see if I could get him back since I put hours and hours of effort and time into the character to get him where he was. In terms of character development and rank and reputation.


It is possible for me to take it ICly. Maybe he got some sort of severe injury and it can add to character development. Maybe minor thinking problems, a speech issue, or memory loss due to the wound. I'm willing to take it IC that much. Or even a long term TK.


I hope you guys read this and take it into consideration. Thank you.

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