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/roll modifiers for PvP fights

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( Original post taken from old forums, posted by @Xalphox )



Hi all


Not all troopers were born equal. For example - one of my characters (Larsen) is not only a grizzled 30 year veteran of the Mobile Infantry, but he has a penchant for untold brutality and savagery, he's obsessed with fitness, and he regularly takes anabolic steroids. And yet our current system dictates that statistically 50% of the time Larsen would lose to a 4'1 quadriplegic Recruit. This is stupid.


To combat this I am considering considering stealing yet another element from DnD: modifiers. I expect this will apply almost exclusively to strength - as it's one of the only PvP stats (aka an admin can't simply just give the benefit of the doubt because it doesn't disadvantages their also-a-player enemy unlike PvE). It's also hard to work out buffs at the time without coming under accusation of bias - hence why I think it's a good idea for us to put it "on the record" before it happens.

Default Bonuses

Recruit: +0

Private: +5

Private First Class: +10

Specialist (all ranks): +10

Lance Corporal: +15

Corporal: +20

Sergeant: +30

Staff Sergeant: +35

Technical Sergeant: +35

Master Sergeant (and above): +40

Member of the Marines: +15

Member of the Pathfinders: +100

Wearing Marauder Suit: +200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (200 septillion)


Multiple people aiding in or performing an action: these all stack together, ie. if A rolls a total of 120 and B rolls a total of 80, the total force of the action is 200.

Default Penalties

Member of a non-Mobile Infantry division: -50


In addition to these default ones, players would be able to request special buff/debuffs based on their character's experiences or traits (like the Larsen steroid junkie example); Executive Admins would approve these on a case-by-case basis. These would be in addition to the above.



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