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Admyral Joe

[FEDNET] Federal Council reforms.

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After a long hiatus, the Federal council has convened in its entirety. Lacking many of the prior elected officials and delegates with the fall of Earth and the subsequent civil war, many colonies, now in the limelight for holding significant amounts of the surviving population of the federation, have appointed their governors as members of the council to ensure that their voices are heard.




A Sky Marshal is yet to be appointed, however many look towards the governor of Iskander, the de facto capital of this new federation championed by the forces of the Coalition. The first decisions at the initial meeting? To renew the war against the mysterious ‘Progenitor’ race that took Earth and the Sol system. Additionally, the prior Sky Marshal, John Hudson, and other fallen members of the council have been posthumously declared Heroes of the Federation and there are further calls from members of the council to give honors to the fallen Infantry companies which died on Earth.

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