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Medal Ceremony [29/07/2018]

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On Sunday the 29th, at 5PM EST (9PM GMT) there will be an IC Reward ceremony held. Here medals will be handed out that have been collected up over the past few months. 


If you have anyone you would like to recommend send a forum message to me, @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz or come to 2Lt. Verbeck or Cpt. Bently ICly to recommend people. 


When recommending someone on the forum use this format. 


Your character name:

The character you're recommending:

What they did to deserve an award:


Keep in mind not all medals will be accepted and it is unlikely you will be given one unless recommended by another player. 

Be sure to read through the list of medals below and see if any of them apply to someone. 


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