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Patrick Stevenson

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"What are you? Retarded?" - Staff Sergeant Patrick Stevenson


Basic Information


Name: Stevenson F, Patrick

Place of Birth: Flira, Hombar State, Faraway 

Date of Birth: May 23, 2268

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3



Physical Description:

Patrick is seen standing at a height of six foot, three inches, having a very fit and muscular body, which he often credits to his work out routine and carrying heavy gear during drops. He is described as being a handsome man, having a strong defined jawline and cheek bones, and a look to him he doesn't seem to realize since he never really tries to look super attractive. His face has a long 4 inch scar going horizontally from the back of his chin across his cheek to right before his lip. He usually wears the standard issue Mobile Infantry greys, often wearing the combat fatigues, he has a radio clipped onto his shoulder due to his duties as an NCO. He sports a beret on the top of his head covering his short hair. His face is generally covered in a small stubble, showing his growing laid-back nature. He has large light brown eyes, giving a silent and emotionless stare. When he does tend to smile it is wide and defined. 


Weight: 190 lbs

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Visible Scars/Injuries:

- 4 inch scar across left cheek(horizontal).

- Large Horizontal Burn mark on his right thigh.

- Stab scar on his upper right shoulder



[Patrick Combat Gear September 18, 2298]


Military Information


Rank: Staff Sergeant




[Stevenson reading mission reports as Staff Sergeant. September 29, 2298]


Branch: Mobile Infantry


Date of Enlistment: August 30, 2286

Years of Service: 12

Service Record:

76th Moritas: Pvt - Pfc - LCpl - Cpl - Sgt - DSgt

Transfer to 112th: Cpl - Sgt - SSgt



- Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon

- General Specialization Ribbon x 4

- Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon 

- Operation 'Dynamo' Unit Citation

- Operation 'Jigsaw' Unit Citation


- Purple Heart x 3

- Veteran Combat Medal

- Combat Action Medal x 2

- Meritorious Service Medal x 2


Personal Information


Father: FLt. Brendon Stevenson (Deceased)

Mother: Jacklyn Stevenson (Alive)

Brother: CPo. Neal Stevenson (Deceased)

Ex-Wife: Cpl.(ret.) Macey Fergusson (Alive)


Strengths: Level-Headed. Quick Thinker. Tough. Fit/In Shape. Emotional Control. Mentally Stable. Experience in life and war.

Weaknesses: Emotional Connect-ability. Empathy. Social Awkwardness. 


Backstory: Patrick was born in a small town to his mother and father, born 3 years before his brother Neal. His father was a TAC Pilot in Fleet and his mother a young religious woman. Growing up Patrick's father was not always around since he was in federal service, often being gone for months at a time. This gave his mother time to make him religious and gave him values he still some-what follows to this day, but he isn't religious himself anymore. He and his brother would often be mischievous and villainous to neighbors and friends, they were best friends growing up and did everything together. After High School Patrick wasn't interested in the Federation Fleet so he joined the Mobile Infantry, to his mother and father's displeasure. His father almost disowning him since he didn't join the Fleet. During Basic Training Patrick was young and dumb, acting at an ignorant, but competent and loyal trooper, always doing his duty but he always loved to be humorous and charismatic. During Operation 'Dynamo', his first deployment to a combat zone his unit fought against large forces of bugs and he got his first commendation for his competence and was soon promoted to Corporal. His second deployment was during Operation 'Jigsaw' a complete failure, costing the lives of his entire platoon and most, if not all of his friends, including his best friend Yeren Hitchcock. Patrick went downwards from there, disconnecting himself from friends and family, choosing to steer down the path of duty and hard-work rather than friendship to suppress the emotions he felt. His (then) wife Macey Fergusson had retired from the MI after she got her citizenship while Patrick continued his service, soon he fell out of contact with her and their deep love they felt for each other grew weak. Eventually Patrick divorced her and left her behind for his fear of losing another person he was close to, but they still remain in contact and keep in touch, even to this day. Soon Patrick was in full fledged NCO mode, soon being made Sergeant for his training and combat expertise. When the invasion of Terra arrived Patrick was off-planet, being transferred to become a drill Sergeant. He was told his Father had died during the battle for Terra, his ship being vaporized before he could even get to his TAC fighter, however Patrick kept his emotions suppressed, choosing not to grieve over his father. After the Civil War broke out,  the planet Stevenson was stationed at had Sanctuary loyalties. With manpower running short Stevenson was assigned to train Penal Legions for combat, when the Coalition invaded the planet Stevenson remained at his post and held off the Coalition troopers, often refraining from firing at his fellow MI across the battlefield. After the news of O'Brian's surrender Stevenson and his entire Penal legion threw the white flag up, surrendering to the Coalition's troopers across the battlefield. Stevenson sat in a cell for a month, awaiting his sentence, however he was pardoned on the terms that he had committed no crimes, having found that he only followed orders, being in no state to argue against his assignments as a soldier. Stevenson was released on August 5, 2298. He was demoted from Drill Sergeant to Corporal before he requested a transfer to a very active front line unit, having the desire to fight again instead of train. Thus he was transferred to the 112th Battalion, which had been lacking NCOs, and was the main reason he was sent there.


[Operation 'Jigsaw' August 5th, 2292]


[Patrick(right) and Yeren(left) during Operation 'Dynamo'. January 16, 2290.]


Personal Relationships


Romantic Feelings|Looked up to|Considered Kin/Family|Trusted|Friendly|Likes|Neutral|Mixed Feelings|Dislikes|Despises|Fears| 

(Request to be added, will not be added other-wise)


Pfc Elizabeth Staines:


"She seems interesting enough. Not someone I can say I like or hate. Although she gives off some signs of a psychopath, which I have seen plenty of in my life. Nothing to complain about really except maybe her voice. Her voice annoys me."


3Spc Andre Henderk:


"Seems like a good kid, he has a lot of potential and I believe he is a damn good negotiator, he got that one old crazy cunt to open the door for us, well, before he made a ran for it. Anyways he is alright, though acts like a dumb-ass occasionally. Which I am sure it is something he can fix with ease."


Sgt Troy Hughes:


"He seems alright. We crewed a tank together and kicked ass and killed a lot of bugs. I made some conversation with him and he seems like a good enough engineer and Sergeant. I don't know him enough to say anything else really."


2Spc Cait Donovan:


"She has an attitude and seems to like to be a practical jokster even though it will most likely get in trouble. I don't really have too much of an opinion really of her. She does her job well on the field and that is all that matters, a decent medic."


Ens Alysia Harper:


"It seems like she has a good head on her shoulders. She's decent enough to talk to and doesn't seem to annoy me since she acts like an adult. It seems her high rank and how fast she advanced up the ranks means she is smart and dedicated. Seems she has lost a lot too, as have a lot of men and women who serve the Federation, I just hope it doesn't get to her like it has many others."


LCpl Artyom Kholvok:


"First off I would like to say I love his accent, he seems to have a good mind and is generally friendly and enjoyable to talk to. We had a long and fun chat in the bar a while back with a few others, on the drop I lead he did a good job of saving my ass and for that I can hold confidence in him at saving me from certain doom again."


Lt Travis Young:


"A good competent leader from what I have seen. He has a sense of humor which I can appreciate out of an officer that can mix good humor and competence together in one. I trust him to lead men out in the field and every mission I follow him on he succeeds on. He has a good head on his shoulders and some whit and smarts to him. All in all, he deserves his rank."


Sgt Vito Dominiko:


"He seems like a good trooper, he is fun to joke around with. On the field he does what is required of him but lacks initiative which I am sure he can work on. But over-all not a bad kid nor a bad trooper." 


LCpl Jamie Sanderson:


"A good kid with potential. We have a little shtick where I call him 'son' and do fatherly annoyances like calling him a failure and a disappointment when he messes up. Although it is mainly as a joke. In all seriousness he gets wounded a lot, something that is a bit worrying in my opinion. But I have decided to try and make this nobody into a leader, which will take some work but hopefully will take some time off my hands around the ship."


Cpl Iris Blanka:


"I don't know too much about her other than that she is psychic. She seems okay though, albeit a bit more open than he bud Choi. Which is always a good thing. I do hope to see some leadership potential from her, despite her being psychic I believe she could lead one day. Maybe."


"Not as arrogant as I once thought. As it turns out I was completely wrong in my assumptions. It seems she is level headed and is one hell of a leader, past my expectations. She isn't that bad at making conversation which helps my boring life a little bit and adds some flavor to my day. I hope to see real potential come out of her in the future, capable of higher ranks than she holds now. Her psychic abilities have improved over time and I am sure one day she will be a professional at it and be able to break the most heavy minded individuals."


GySgt Maxine Valentine:


"Not much to say about her except that she is a capable Gunnery Sergeant. She's been doing her duty well and living up to Gunny Standards. It seems people have trouble understanding a Gunny's authority in the armory so I had to come NJP a retard for her. All in all not a bad Gunny or trooper, though I don't know them too much personally."


Sgt Sarah Rebrick:


"From the start of our first conversations we had many similarities. We were both level headed, thought logically, and were ex traitors to the Federation, in our own ways of course. After a couple small conversations we soon enough had our own routine of talking all night long, about everything and anything, from strategies and tactics to our own personal lives. I do say I like her, she has a good head on her shoulders and her accent is very entertaining to listen to. Sometimes I mock it and find her reactions humorous. I do say she is a good fighter, maybe even better than me but she has yet to prove it. Her leadership capabilities are immense and she has a lot of potential for great things. Her past is iffy, and I can say that I wish to know more about her if she is willing to talk more openly to me during our late night conversations."


Cpt Sebastian Bently:


"A young, but smart and experienced trooper. He is similar to myself in many ways and I find him to be a good leader and he definitely has earned his high rank despite his age. He on occasion likes to mess with me but I really don't give a shit and could care less since it isn't anything that would actually hurt me, well that's a lie. But I don't care. Haven't actually held any conversations with him really so I have no other opinions to elaborate on." 


GySgt Leana Wells:


"A bit of a bitch but a good fighter, and I can respect that. She seems to have a joking mannerism of insults, which they are usually good and high class insults I cannot really counter. She's beat me in spars twice now and shows true skill in CQB. I have yet to see her on the field and I can't judge on her combat ability other than her immense skill in close quarters."


Cm Maria Irwin:


"From the few conversations I have held with her she seemed alright. Apparently is a direct descendant of Steve Irwin, which is pretty cool. Humorous and more intelligent than some of the other fleet personnel I am surprised she is just a crewman."


Cpl Bernhard Franke:


"He came to the unit a retarded reject. But I cannot say he is one of the most entertaining people I have ever met. He seems dumb at first but that is when you realize he is smart but acts like a total moron. After some time with him the past few weeks I decided to semi-take him under my responsibility to make him into a leader and into a trooper with lots of potential. His leading is still iffy but he is strong minded and loyal, two traits I cannot deny make for a damn good trooper. I have high hopes for him and I will try my best to make this man into a true warrior."


Cpl Gray Seraphim:


"He seems like a good kid with a lot of potential. I don't see him around too often but when I do he is good enough company and someone nice to chat with. In combat his performance is good, but nothing of note. He seems like the ultimate mid-ground as he doesn't seem to impress me nor disappoint me and he leads good enough. My expectations for him are high and I hope he doesn't ruin them."


Ens Jee-Un Choi:


"She's alright. She left the Mobile Infantry to join fleet, she seems a bit sensitive, at least she did when she was in the infantry. Now she just seems to sleep around occasionally which I don't really give a shit about. Enjoyable company, minimal combat capabilities, all in all she's not a terrible presence."


The gone but never forgotten:


MSpc Daniel Dumont:

"He's a good medic and a practical jokster. Something that will most likely get him killed eventually. His combat ability is decent from what I have seen and he has capabilities that he could press on if he just didn't act like a retard. He is a decent human being though since he shows care for troopers, which I can appreciate greatly." 

"He died as he lived, a good person. He was killed in combat from a landmine and wasn't able to be saved. Many will mess him, especially me. His harmless shenanigans always managed to make my day and his good spirit and selflessness on the field and on the ship will something I will never forget about him. May he rest in peace."


2Spc Devin Saiphan:

"He seems like a good hearted trooper, although a little slow and a tad bit dumb he can take a joke and dish a few out which I can give him credibility for. It seems he takes my balls grabbing jokes well and I will continue to give him original ball grabber names probably until I don't find it funny anymore."

"This man right here was one of the best troopers I have ever met. Absolute selflessness, dedication, loyalty, brave. He was a model solider of the federation. The laughs he gave me and the times we had conversation was some of the best I've ever had, he will always be in my thoughts and he's asked me something to do for him as his last wish to myself. I will do everything I can to fulfill it."


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7 hours ago, Troy Hughes said:

Troy? Though they never really met or talked I guess

I'll add him after they encounter each other more.

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1 minute ago, Durango said:

Add Elrad Davidson 




"ULTIMATE VR ARCADE: For Children 12+"

Lmao will be done soon. Though he doesn't know much about Davidson, will think of something

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1 hour ago, StevieJr said:

Though he doesn't know much about Davidson, will think of something

i thought they interacted


dw about it if im mistaken

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