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Patrick Stevenson

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Basic Information:
Name: Patrick Stevenson
Age: 32
D.O.B: May, 23 2266

Gender: Male
Affiliation: United Citizen Federation, Mobile Infantry
Role(s): Squad Leader, Trainer, Section Leader
Kin: Father(Deceased), Mother(Alive), Brother(Alive). Ex-Wife(Alive)
Homeworld: Faraway
Alignment: United Citizen Federation
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Build: Athletic

Time Served: 14 Years



Combat Gear as of 8/1/2298


Rank: Sergeant

Promotion Record: Rct - Pvt - Pfc - LCpl - Cpl - Sgt

Transfer to 112th:

Cpl - Sgt

Patrick's Story: Patrick was born in a small town on Faraway to his mother and father, being 3 years older than his brother. His family was a military family and had been serving in the Mobile Infantry and Fleet for generations. In his teen years he was a very happy go lucky guy and was generally a good person. After high school when he finally became of age he immediately joined the Mobile Infantry. During his early years in the MI he was immature and like any other young person ignorant and dumb, he was very out going and humorous but he was always a trooper. He made lots of friends but after they started to die off one-by-one he began to try and avoid ever making friends again, getting into the NCO mindset as he began to get more and more hard-ass and serious as years went on. By Corporal he was in the NCO zone completely and began putting all efforts into learning how to lead and train. He made Sergeant at the age of 22, after he got Sergeant he was at the peak of his professionalism and dedication to his job, putting in most of his time to do his duties, leaving little time for anything else. This sometimes soured the relations with his friends and family and over-time he grew distant to them. He divorced his then wife due to fear that he would die and leave her a widow for life, although they remain friends, presently he feels no more romantic feelings for her.  He felt no desire to go any higher than Sergeant since the rank fit him well, and denied several promotions to Staff Sergeant and higher. So he was transferred to become a drill instructor. When the Civil War started he happened to be in a unit that joined Sanctuary's forces, although he himself was mainly on-planet training penal battalions to become capable fighting forces and rarely saw any combat unless it was on the planet he was stationed on, which near the end of the war he was fighting Coalition forces that had began an assault on the Sanctuary held planet. After the news of O'Brians capture he almost immediately deserted his post and surrendered to the Coalition forces across the battlefield, along with all the troopers he was leading. After The Coalition's victory and the official reforming of the United Citizens Federation he was offered a pardon and was given a second chance, being able to either rejoin the Mobile Infantry or go home since he, in truth, never did anything wrong except be a soldier and follow orders. He was demoted from Sergeant to Corporal before being transferred to the 112th Moritas 'Bently's Bandicoots' on personal request since he wanted to serve with a distinguished unit on the front lines so he could fight again.

Attributes: Strong, temperate, loyal, loud, authoritative, patient, combat leader, trainer.

Combat Record: Served through numerous campaigns in his time.

Wounds: Minor shoulder stab wound (Treated)

Character Description: A man standing at 6'3 that can be seen being pretty muscular and intimidating to look at. His face has visible aging and scarring from years of service to it but he is quite handsome, with a strong jaw-line and visible cheekbones with a medium sized nose and small lips, he usually has a calm and collected look to him. His hair is kept in a buzz-cut at all times. He is also clean shaven and almost always has a smooth face. He is always seen wearing a federation beret and a radio for constant communication. A baton can be seen on his belt at all times. He can usually be seen being calm and collected, almost like he never panics.


Reference Picture:



Patrick in his youth.(Corporal).


Achivements: Getting through the mobile infantry for 14 years without dying.

Regrets: He regrets nothing.


Relations: Romantic Feelings|Looked up to|Considered Kin/Family|Trusted|Friendly|Likes|Neutral|Mixed Feelings|Dislikes|Despises|Fears| 

(Request to be added, will not be added other-wise)


Pvt Elizabeth Staines:


"She seems interesting enough. Not someone I can say I like or hate. Although she gives off some signs of a psychopath, which I have seen plenty of in my life. Nothing to complain about really except maybe her voice. Her voice annoys me."


3Spc Andre Henderk:


"Seems like a good kid, he has a lot of potential and I believe he is a damn good negotiator, he got that one old crazy cunt to open the door for us, well, before he made a ran for it. Anyways he is alright, though acts like a dumb-ass occasionally. Which I am sure it is something he can fix with ease."


Sgt Troy Hughes:


"He seems alright. We crewed a tank together and kicked ass and killed a lot of bugs. I made some conversation with him and he seems like a good enough engineer and Sergeant. I don't know him enough to say anything else really."


2Spc Cait Donovan:


"She has an attitude and seems to like to be a practical jokster even though it will most likely get in trouble. I don't really have too much of an opinion really of her. She does her job well on the field and that is all that matters, a decent medic."


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