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[FEDNET] Hod Attacked!

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Terra War.jpg


The great planet of Hod, home to over 300,000 people, is under attack! Reports show that the Progenitors are pushing to attack the planet as we speak! 


Hod, being one of the two closest planets to Sol and Terra, is under siege from the Progenitor menace! We take you now to one of our Reporters, Tod Manson, who is currently on the ground with the 55th Morita Battalion. 


[The screen flickers, shifting to a war-torn street. Stray plasma rounds whizzing by in the background as infantry return fire to something off screen.]

"I'm currently on the ground with the 55th Mobile Infantry Division! They're taking heavy fire from hostile alien forces! I've never seen so many! They just keep coming! Casualties are in the thousands! The platoon Captain, Johnathan Walker, has said that as of now standing orders are to try and gain a foothold and push the Progenitors off of Hod."

[Distant screaming is heard, followed by a loud, monstrous roar.] 

"What in God's name!" 

[The screen begins to shake before the camera turns to static.]


Our sources suggest that right now several more Federal ships are heading to Hod to help try and hold the planet. One of which being the 112th, known as the unit famous for the capture of Erin O'Brian. We at FedNet wish our brave men and women of the Mobile Infantry the best of luck. 


This is Paul Andrews, signing off. 

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