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Jun Nagase

Message for Combat Medics [IC]

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[Sent to combat medics' PDAs from MSpc. Bennet and put up in the medbay]


Unfortunately it is common in our field of work that limbs are severed.

However, Biotech limbs are expensive. -Very- expensive. Therefore, I am sending this message out to remind combat medics to try to take the lost limb with them back on ship so that there will at least be a chance that we can avoid spending the money on a biotech.

That isn't to say you should jump into acid to grab someones hand, or run into a horde of Arachnids to get someones leg.

But if you see someone's limb get taken off and you think you can get it, please do. The surgery is largely the same, except one uses multi-million pound equipment and is, in the end, less effective than the alternative that is reattachment.

Even if the limb is severely damaged, there -may- be a chance for repair and reattachment.


But, as stated above, do not put yourself in harms way to get the limb. If it's in the street covered by a sniper, leave it.


Master Specialist Lisa Bennet

First Platoon Alpha Company 112th.

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