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[FEDNET] Hod Has Fallen.

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After a long, bloody battle on the streets of Hod, the planet was declared lost. Roughly 200,000 of the planets population were safely evacuated, the other 160,000 assumed dead. This is a sad day for the Federation and a loss that will be felt for many days to come.


With Hod, one of the major food distributors for the Federation gone, some are worried about how it will impact everyone else. The Federal Council have chosen to remain quiet for now, but we expect an official statement with in the next 48 hours. 


As of now, a large bulk of the Federal Fleet are regrouping at Hesperus, which houses some of the largest shipbuilding and mining outposts in the Federation. The Fleet plan to prepare a blockade and increase defenses of the planet and its surrounding stations. All 855,000 people living on the planet are anxious, but we all know our brave men and women of the Mobile Infantry will keep the fine people of the planet safe in the coming weeks! 


Until then, we wait for any official statements declaring our plans on how to deal with the glowing menace known as the Progenitors. Hopefully soon we can banish these foul creatures back into whatever abyss they came from. 


We'll have more news on the situation as the story progresses. Until then, this is Francis Tucker signing off.

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