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Face claim




Kyril On Deployment back home, Evacuating civilians during the Progenitor Attack.


Photo Gallery


"This marauder continues to impress me..."

Kyril Art 1.png


"Another day... Another godamn Sapper..."

kyril art 2.png




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Basic Information:

Name: Kyril Alexandros Layand

Age: 34

D.O.B: 15/12/2970

Gender: Male

Role(s): Combat Engineer


Father: Leiandros Layland (Alive)

Mother: Arete Layland (Alive)

Brother: Klemenis Layland (Alive)

Wife: Victoria Galloway (KIA)

Son: Alexandros Berman Layland (Alive)

Daughter: Junia Layland (Alive)

Homeworld: Earth

Alignment: Lawful Good

Hair color: Brown 

Eye color: Hazel

Build: Muscular

Rank: Master Specialist


Strength: 19/20
Dexterity: 15/20
Constitution: 12/20
Intelligence: 14/20
Wisdom: 11/20
Charisma: 14/20


Quirky, Sometimes arrogant, Loving of his friends, Terrible Alcholic...


"The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it" - Victoria Galloway.

A saying said by his wife.

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Loved // Liked // Respected // Friend // Neutral // Disliked // Hated


Comment to added!


(KIA) Lyndsey "Lyn" Carter: Best Friend.


Junia Layland: Daughter.


Sam Carter: Boy.


John York: Airlock.


Travis Young: Distorted.


William Saint Claire: Fool.


Dylan Nosh: 'TON'ner.


William Jorn: Companion.


Seabastion Bently: Pink Tie.


Troy Hughes: Broken


(KIA) William Hedgeworth: Crazy


Valeries Faust: German


Devin Saiphan: Gunnar


Andre Henderk: Silly


Pauline Westervelt: Bitch


Mattew Squires: Competent


Mikikail Kutznestov: Russian


Cait Donnovan: Irish




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I doubt Nosh will be doing much TONing now that he's in the FFRL tho.

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