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Jason Marsh: The Ragin’ Cajun

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Full Name: Jason Randal Marsh

Height: 6’0

Eyes: Blue

Build: Fucking sexy

Age: 19

DoB: August 14

Home Planet: Tera/Earth

Region: Louisiana

Birth Place: Mederie, Louisiana

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Siblings: James Roy Marsh [Status unknown], Rachael Kay Marsh [Status Unknown]

Parents: Father: John Stanley Marsh [Status Unknown],Mother: Claire Roseanne Marsh [Status Unknown] 

Tattoos: Fleur de lis beneath right hand just below the wrist

Jason Marsh was born on the 14th of August to mother Clair Roseanne Marsh and father, John Stanley Marsh at 4:25pm at a Federation Hospital in Mederie Louisiana just outside New Orleans. He was the first born of his house, his brother, James, born a year later and his sister, Rachael, born 2 years after James. After Jason was born his parents decided to move to New Orleans so he’d be exposed to the rich culture afforded to the strong Cajun presence in New Orleans. Jason’s Father served Federa service for 6 years, he reached the rank of Master Sergeant and fought in Campaigns on Zezinho Beach as well as other parts of the outer rings during the first big war. Clair, Jason’s Mother, served as a Fleet pilot during the first big war and assisted flying the SS Alvin York above Klendathu during the first assault. She retired after 6 years of service as well. The two met each other at a Federal fleet station as they where returning home and married 3 years later.


Throughout Marsh’s childhood he was endowed with a since of loyalty to the federation. He’d wanted to join the Mobile Infantry since he was 12, having listened to the caliber stories told by his father and his uncles. He signed up for Federal Serbice as soon as he graduated high school at the age of 18 and was sent off to boot. And soon after was assigned to the 112th.




nah fuck all that




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Jason 'Everyone sound off their sector baring, you start shooting we'll know where they're coming from' Marsh.

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