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Head of the Executive: Prime Councillor vs Sky Marshal

Who's should be head of the Federation?  

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  1. 1. Who's should be head of the Federation?

    • The Sky Marshal
    • Prime councillor, with the Sky Marshal as purely as head of the military

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So we were discussing this ingame a few moments ago.


The general consensus on SSTRP has always been that the Sky Marshal is the head of the executive AND the commander-in-chief, similar to all other western systems - but the RPG describes a Prime Councillor who is elected for 5 years.


I'm of the viewpoint that the RPG is just retarded - it is a secondary canonical source, no existing western government functions in a way where the commander in chief and the head of state are different people, and any such system would fundamentally be unstable. I think the Federation being as militaristic as it is, it is much the same as the US president being president and CiC - but just flipped, where his title as Sky Marshal is more prominent than being head of the executive.

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I advocate for SM and CIC to belong to the same person, but I still think that a secondary position who is capable of stepping up in similar fashion to a vice pres' would be a good idea. There's no reason for a system of government machinated from the remnants of an internal collapse to not have a back up plan until a new elect is chosen.

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It was always my belief that yes, the Sky Marshal was the Commander-In-Chief and head of the Executive, but ultimately created no policy. The role of the Prime Councilor was to head the Majority Party and influence the election of the Sky Marshal, as well as other laws. In the case of the Sky Marshal's resignation or death, the Prime Councilor simply leads his party is voting in a new Sky Marshal. The reason for the instability of the Federation due to the death of the Sky Marshal and the subsequent execution of most of the Council, leading to the establishment of the Sanctuary junta. This was less of an issue with the system, but more the massive blow to organization on the Progenitor's part.


Basicly, Prime Councilor heads majority of the council, makes policies regarding domestic affairs, and appoints (votes) in the executor (commander-in-chief and sky marshal) of the Federation Council's policy.


Sky Marshal is the ultimate authority in the execution of war efforts and policy, but has a duty to the Council so that they are informed and can influence domestic policy accordingly.

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i think the sky marshall should be the absolute leader of the federation

i think pulling so much from this "roleplaying game" book has made us soft in the middle

i play this because i liked a stupid movie i cant even fucking read guys

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With the Federation seemingly always at war and so busy in all that, I think it would be wiser to split the jobs into two so more focus could be put on each one. You could even make the SM a rank above the PC, but I think it would be cool to separate the two. Should've made that point earlier, oh well. 

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