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Dr. Phil Character Sheet

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image.jpeg.9c2c6a709b9d01a65205bff7750f4298.jpegImage result for dr phil m & m

Basic Information:

Name: dr. phil
Age: 1 google plex
D.O.B: older then time
Gender: helicopter
Affiliation: KKK
Role(s): what?
Kin: m & m's
Homeworld: some random chocolate factory
Alignment: chaotic; chaotic
Hair color: none
Eye color: brown
Build: handsome
Rank: master sergeant shooter person

Backstory: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/dr-phil-mm
Attributes: what 

Strength: 2.5/20
Dexterity: 5/20
Constitution: 1/20
Intelligence: 10000000000/20
Wisdom: 10000000000/20
Charisma: 10000000000/20

Misc. Attributes: nothing

Combat Rating: 10000/10

Pain/Health: 888888/10

a lot of it

being the most famous and richiest m & m and psychologist yesssss dr. phil is my name


not getting that pussy

Personal Relationships
Relations: you were my friend until you died lol|you were my brother|the rest of the m & m family|you were my good friend|okay i guess 2.0|okay i guess|who?|ignore this gay shit |you fucked your daughter?|you married your daughter?|what is a fear?

--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--
Every dead meme that has been murdered/killed.

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4 hours ago, cat danny 25 said:

We can't all pad our post count little viper ;)

Cute nickname, I like it.

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