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Temporary LOA

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I'm going to take a small break from the server for a week or two. I will still be active on the forums and on steam. So if you ever need me for anything, or need me to hop on the server for a little while. LET ME KNOW, I WILL GET ON.


My reason?

Well recently I have lost inspiration and my fire for the server the last few days, I have been TRYING to get back into it but just haven't found the inspiration yet. I don't WANT to announce this LOA on a bad note or anything, as I still enjoy the community and the people. Recently I have also had a large bump up in responsibility and IRL bullshit, which I am sure happens to us all. Right now I am hunting for a job and it has been taking up large chunks of my time to be on the server.


I know I am a section leader now and ICly command would be transferred to my section assistant Takeshi. Which I have already ICly asked for. Apparently not because Nier is a doodoohead.

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Yeah I've found these are needed if you want to play the server for an extended period without going completely insane.


Good idea fren, cya.

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