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Daniel J. Gonzalez

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Name: Daniel Joseph Gonzalez

Sex: Male

DOB: April 2

Place of Birth: Tucson Arizona

Age: 25

Height: 6'1

Weight: 175 lbs.

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Brown

Build: Mesomorphic

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Martial status: Single *wink*

Political Veiws: Independent

Religion: Catholic

Educational Information

High School: Sahuaro High School, Tucson Arizona

Extracurricular: Wrestling, Violin

High School GPA: 2.5

SAT: 1362


Degree: -Bachelor's of History and Moral Philosophy

-Master's of Mechanical Engineering

College GPA: 3.5

Preferred learning Method: Visual

Academic Interests: History, Science, Literature, Astrophysics, Mechanical Engineering

Artistic Interests: Violinist

IQ: 132

Summary of Academic Life:

Medical Record
In order from oldest to most recent

-Gunshot wound to left Collar bone from Separatist marksmen - Healed, minor scarring

-Cliffmite spike to chest from Arachnid Cliffmite - Healed

-Laceration to right thigh from Arachnid warrior - Healed, minor scarring

-Gunshot wound through right calf - Healed

-Stress fractures in both Tibia from Marauder training - Healed

-Laceration to left Humerus from Arachnid warrior - Healed, minor scarring

-Gunshot wound to left Scapula from insurgent - Healed, minor scarring

Federation Service Record

Service Tenure: 5 Years Active Duty

Current Status: Active

Pre-Enlistment analysis:


Word association: 83

Vocabulary: 94

Mathematics: 77

Reading: 97

Writing: 95

Sciences: 91

History and Moral Philosophy: 94

Mechanical Knowledge: 87

Extraterrestrial Studies: 90

Cognition: 97

Adaptation: 82

Memory: 85

Psychic Disposition: 12


Recommendation: Federation Fleet

Chosen Branch: Mobile Infantry


Previous Units:

91st Morita Rifle Battalion "Rose's Reapers" / Charlie Company / 3rd Engineering / Spc.

Company CO: Lt. Allison Rosemary

Company XO: MSgt. Thomas Hale

Engineering CO: Lt. Olaf Dalgraad

Engineering XO: TSgt. Steffan Hartman

-Mobile Infantry Distinguished Service Medal
-Mobile Infantry Silver Star
-Bronze Star 
-Prisoner of War ribbon
-Purple Heart x3
-Engineering Excellence Ribbon x2
-Charolette Campaign Medal
-Hespherus Defense Campaign Medal
-Citizenship Ribbon
-Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon
-Good Conduct Ribbon
-Joint Service Ribbon x2

Additional Notes: After Action Report - March 23, 2293



Date: March 25, 2293
Location: Undisclosed
Station: FSS Thomas Baker
Unit: 91st Morita Rifle Battalion
Designation: "Rose's Reapers"
Company: Charlie - 2nd Engineering
Commanding Officer: Lt. Alison Rosemary
Recommending Officer: TSgt. Steffan Hartman
Summary of Events: On the 25th of March, the 91st Morita Rifle battalion was dispatched to the planet Galieon after an Arachnid attack. Enemy ground forces neutralized the stationed ground forces and began to establish a foot hold on the planet. FSS Thomas Baker was the closet to respond to the stationed unit's SOS and served as QRF until additional reinforcements could arrive. Initial ground response was promising as companies Alpha, Bravo, and Delta re-secured key positions while company Charlie re-established FOB Juliet 12 for planetary communications. It became a trap as Arachnid forces counter-attacked en mass and disabled all communications. Companies Alpha, Bravo, and Delta suffered servere casualties. Company Charlie suffered casualties as well, but their continued defense of FOB Juliet 12 until reinforcements arrived is a testament to their leadership and commitment to their duty. Once relieved, Charlie company volunteered to lead Federation forces into the Arachnid strongholds, thus re-securing Galieon. Among these brave men and women, stood out a few individuals.Third Specialist Gonzalez was among some of these people. His actions are the sole reason communications were re-established, and allowed reinforcements to relieve the exhausted soldiers of Charlie company. Enemy arachnids had disabled the communications array and a later discovered brain bug was preventing further attempts at contact and mentally assaulting the remaining defenders. Third Specialist Gonzalez, after extended defense of his fellow troopers, tending to wounded to assist over encumbered medics, and suffering both physical wounds, and psychological attacks from the brain bug, rigged multiple short wave radios together to create a makeshift LRR, using the partially repaired communications tower as an amplifier. Third Specialist Gonzalez was able to make contact with friendly forces to relay vital information, direct inbound MEDEVAC, and TAC to effectively push back enemy forces. Were it not for his actions, many other troopers would have lost their lives, and the recapture of Galieon would have been in question as the Federation would've been force to dispense more resources. Third Specialist Gonzalez's actions on this day show an unwavering sense of courage, duty, commitment, and reflect great credit upon himself and his unit.

93rd Morita Rifle Battalion "Hale's Heroes" / Delta Company / 7th Engineering / SSpc.

Company CO: Lt. Thomas Hale

Company XO: MSgt. Mason O'Brien

Engineering CO: Lt. Steffan Hartman

Engineering XO: TSgt. Lindsey Carson

-Mobile Infantry Silver Star
-Operation Rolling Chariot Medal
-Bronze Star
-Purple Heart
-Engineering Excellence Ribbon
-Good Conduct Ribbon
-Joint Service Ribbon

Additional Notes: Applied for Marauder Selection and Training


Current Station: AFC-BC Ulysses S. Grant / 112th Morita Rifle Battalion "Davidson's Deathmakers"/ Alpha Company/ 2nd Engineering / TSgt.

Company CO: Cpt. Logan Garrett

Company XO: Lt. Eleanor Tuuli

Engineering CO: Lt. Travis Young

Engineering XO: TSgt. Daniel Gonzalez

- Purple Heart x2
-Operation Promise Keeper Ribbon
-Operation Restoring Hope Ribbon
-Operation Omega Ribbon
Additional Distinctions:
-Engineering Ribbon
-Federal Defense Medal
-Reserve Ribbon

Additional notes:- Marked as potential and applied for Marauder candidate

- Washed out after training injury

-Excels in Electronic Warfare

-EOD qualified

-EVA Qualified


PERSONAL LOGS: May 13th - Homecoming



*Daniel sits down in front of the camera. He would be wearing a set of MI class Bs and looked to be in his bunk.*
"Well, here I am. It's been awhile since i've done any ViDocs. So I think last time I did this was before I got to the 112th. Spoiler on that, I didn't stick with them for long. My transfer application to Marauders got accepted after i'd been there just under a few weeks. I was at the training center the next day. It was going well for the most part. Training kicked my ass though. Was some where around halfway through it when I got shin splints that began turning into stress fractures. Wasn't too serious to discharge me, but made me wash out of Marauders. They told me to reapply the next year, which I will.So now i'm back at the 112th. Been back for a few weeks. Lot's changed. Most of the people I hardly knew beyond a name are gone. Few others that were new guys are now leading them. Dunno where Krautstag went. Either people don't know where he went or aren't inclined to say. Simonovich became a Captain, then blew himself up on a bug planet. Uh....Gatsabushi died...who else....Larsen's a Colonel now. I didn't know the guy personally but it counts since I'm running out of names here. Few of the NCOs like Dimov and Dooley are officers or Pathfinders now. Didn't know them either......"
*Daniel went silent for awhile.*
"Shit..... I didn't know anyone, it was like high school all over again. I was that awkward silent kid no one knew or talked to. I still am really..... Some doctor would probably say it's cause I have an attachment issue from all the people that've died that I knew. He's probably right. But hey, i'm trying to meet some new people now. Lerwick's still around, he's an alright guy. Hell even found a few of the people from the Reapers and Heroes. Like this chick Agan. And I heard Sorrentino is XO of the company. Really haven't seen him around. Doubt he remembers me. Wonder if he still has that interior decorator patch? I even ran into Kolosov when before I went off to Marauders. I'm sure whoever's listening to this thinks i'm a sad shit head or something. Eh....fuck em. It's harder you know? Everyone's already got their niches and social groups done. I'm just sorta floating around, seeing whoever will talk with me, or if I try talking to. The engineers with this unit are good people, friendly. Kinda outnumbered with how many are chicks, including the CO. The rest of the MI........they're MI......So, yeah.......they're kinda dumb. Maybe not all of them, but the conversations usually are. But what can I say? They cover my ass when i'm working, so that's enough for me."
*Daniel looks down at a message that popped up on his PDA.*
"Shit, gotta report to training, talk to you later."
May 27th - Back at it


*Daniel layed down on his bunk, void of a shirt this time, he seemed to be nursing his left arm and had something in his hand. His hair was still partially wet and he looked clean shaven. Some old style rap seemed to be playing in the background from his PDA.*
"Been a busy few days. Got promoted to Senior Spec, managed to get shot, and went on I guess a date. Yeah. Film at three.... Starting off, Lerwick bumped me up to Senior Spec cause im always around doing stuff, wants to see how i'll do with training while he's off on leave. I got shot, been awhile since that happened.....yeah."
*Daniel held up the partially smashed round up to the camera.*
"That was in my shoulder. Cut through my armor and hit my scapula square. Good thing I drank my milk as a kid. The armor weakened the force, when it hit the bone, it wasn't going hard enough to shatter the bone. Doesn't mean it didn't bruise it though. It bounced and stuck in my back. Boy.....that one hurt quite a bit. I've been shot before, took a round to my collar bone, that one hurt too, didn't break the bone either. Yeah, get shot and cut, yet no broken bones. I go to Marauder training, and THEN I get bone fractures.......oh the irony. Luckily I had a pretty girl to patch me up both times. This chick named Orlov who was kinda slutty got me on my feet. Which brings me to how I got this new souvenir, and said second pretty girl. This medic comes over and leaves the round in and packs the wound, giving me some painkillers. Good to go. Tells me to be careful or get my ass kicked. I tell her yes ma'am and she smiles. Whatever, getting in the weeds here. We finish the op and I'm in medbay, meds had started wearing off at this point when she comes back in and starts working the bullet out. She was actually quite tender with taking the bandage off. Hummed something really peaceful, I just turned my head and watched her work. Kinda interesting to watch. Low and hold, just as I was getting really relaxed, cause of the anesthetic she gave me, she finishes up.
*Daniel turns partially to show the fresh stitching going down his left Scapula. He then shows his forearm, a name in Permanent marker written on it.*
"Don't ask me why, but I made this cheeky comment about asking for an artist's signature and there you go. Aster Carey is her name. I go ahead and opt for some pain meds, and realize I haven't had a shirt for the past almost hour or so. She decided to cut it in half while in the field. Anyway, im standing like a dumbass without a shirt and notice her checking me out. Now i'm not great at noticing hints, but I mean if she's giggling at my dumb comments, checks me out and I see a blush, imma guess that's a good sign. You know, I thought i'd be over it by now, but I still sounded like a teenager asking her for a drink, even more so when she said sure. And there you have it. We got cleaned up and had a drink, it was really nice actually, till we got called on another drop.......I'm probably over thinking it, and I'm guessing she was being friendly. Whatever though i'm calling it a date damn it. Hopefully I get to see more of her, who knows, i'm hesitant to try this shit again after Elizabeth.....but that's really not fair to Aster if she does like me. Or myself..... Damn it I need to go find someone to train."
 June 1st - Something more, robust
*Daniel takes a seat in front of the screen, holding his violin and bow, promptly tightening the bow and testing it on his strings and tuning the instrument. He looked to be in the engineering bay. After setting up, he pulls up some sheet music from his PDA, setting it up and beginning to play a piece. It wasn't anything special by any means. Probably no more then a B- rating, but he set the instrument down with a satisfied look. He looked at the camera and just scoffed a brief laugh, turing it off.*


 July 9th - PRIVATE
*Daniel walked into the engineering bay, a Manila folder in his hand. Not even bothering to check who was around he smacked the folder on the desk and took a seat. His eyes stared at the date on the tab, burning into his retina. He wanted to cry, he was barely holding it together when he heard the news. But now he felt a void. Nothing but there except curiosity. He wanted to know what happened. Normally he hated spoilers, but he still had to read this story. Eventually he opened up the file and read through it. All of it. Every syllable, every punctuation. Looking for something, anything to cast his rage at. He read it all and found nothing. There was nothing for him to blame. His eyes read and read the same part over and over. His heart thundered repeatedly in his chest, making him feel the whole bay pulsed with him. That almost daily feeling of your gut leaving when you realized the worst made a canyon in his.After a long while, Daniel closed the folder, his hand rested on top of it, the pair of dog tags joining the fold wring in his grip. He stood there. Alone. Not even his thoughts to inquire him. All that came was his training. Leave it, worry about it later, just do your job, focus on getting home. Dad will know what to do. It felt useless to him, he searched for his feelings, something, he needed something. He jerked his hand away, setting the tags flying into the corner, making the papers whip into air and gracefully float down. He looked at the chain link fence that marked the small locker area. He fixated on that, on that, walking over and lacing his hands through the links, just like he did with hers. With his head lowered, Daniel stood there for several moments.*
"FUCK!" He roared."FUCK!"
*His hands let go and abused the fence, hitting it over and over with everything he had. The links rattled and bounced back at him defiantly as he continued his assault.*
He Yelled at the top of his lungs, threatening to lose his voice, incur the wrath of his superiors, whatever. He held no care for their whims.
His foot tapped the desk behind him, beckoning his rage at the metal formation. He kicked it several times, nothing held back, slamming his fists on top of it multiple times. A new shot of pain, worse then the previous bolting through his arms. It didn't take long for the pain to bring Daniel back to this torturous reality. He huffed and huffed, leaning back against the fence that rejected his blows now tenderly supported him as his back slipped down till he was squatting. He looked at his hands, they shook, red and raw from his metal onslaught, feebly asking for mercy. Daniel squeezed his hands, trying to counter the pain and brought them to his eyes. The engineering bay was empty of anyone else. All of its cold metal equipment gave company to the quiet sobs of a devastated man.




Respected / Loved / Uh.... / Blood Brothers / Friends / Warming up / Neutral / Disliked / Hated / Feared


Past Relationships

Username: *******
Connecting.........Connection Established - Accessing Federation Record# 91742 Marauder Candidate Profile 65107-72961/MI/ENG/SSPC/DG

*A camera turns on, showing Daniel sitting at a plain steel table on one end, and a Federation doctor sitting at the other.*FD: Let's begin shall we? How are you feeling today Specialist Gonzalez?

DG: I've been better sir...

FD: Hm yes, well no one can blame you after the ordeals you've been through.

DG: How are you sir.

FD: Oh, I'm doing alright, thank you for asking. And please, you don't have to call me sir.


*There is a brief quiet as the Doctor opens a manila folder, shuffling through some of the papers*


FD: Now Specialist, I'm going to ask you about some of your compatriots in your past units. I'd like for you to answer them honestly. Feel free to give as much detail as you can in whatever way you feel appropriate. There will be no recourse for any of your opinions or the manner in which they're expressed.

DG: Very well.


Allison Rosemary

FD: Let's begin with your first commanding officer, Then Lieutenant, now Captain Allison Rosemary

.DG: ........She was a Lion. The Reapers, her pride. No one dared to challenge her. That was asking for a bullet to the head. She knew how to get the job done. Everyone of us trusted her orders. And in return, she looked after her pride. You didn't fuck with Rose or her Reapers.

FD: Is that all?

DG: You're expecting more?

FD: I suppose I am.

DG: There isn't much more to be said about her. She's one of the finest officers I've had the privilege to serve under and deserves any awards she's up for.

FD: What makes you think this is about commendations?

DG: I don't, but i'm saying it for the record anyway.

FD: Fair enough, I apologize.


Thomas Hale

FD: Let's continue to your next CO, Lieutenant Thomas Hale. Would you say he was an effective leader like Captain Rosemary?

DG: She groomed the guy to become an officer. As much as I respected Rosemary, Hale was a better leader. I'd follow that man into hell.

FD: Why would you say that?

DG: Naturally the student should surpass the master. We'd all seen Hale rise through the ranks, He commanded everyone's respect through his genuine personality and demeanor. He's an honest man.

FD: You sound as if you knew him personally.

DG: I did. I met Lieutenant Hale when he was just a lance corporal. I had just been shipped out from basic and Hale was the first guy I met. Showed me around, kept an eye on me for a little. Even as an E-3, he was acting like a leader. We slowly got to know each other. Even bailed me out of a 'situation' or two.

FD: Would you care to elaborate on those situations?

DG: No I wouldn't...


Ivan Kolosov

FD: Lets move on to some of your fellow engineers.

DG: Who would you like to know first?

FD: Tell me about...Ivan Kolosov.


*Daniel gave a chuckle*


DG: Crazy bastard is what he was. Still is.

FD: Please elaborate.

DG: When I first met the guy, I thought he was a prick. Then again, most computer hackers are. He wasn't much different, but he was a damn good programmer. He had some uh, decryption programs he'd made that blew Federation programs away.

FD: Did your thoughts about him change over time?

DG: To some extent. He still was a prick, but the guy was alright. Sure as hell couldn't beat him in a drinking contest either. We came to trust each other. I would call him a friend. The kind you know is an asshole, but still has their moments. I remember walking in on him with one of the ship bunk rats. Alina Orlov was her name.

FD: 'Bunk Rat'?

DG: Like the village bicycle. She was the tomb all the pharaohs slept in.

FD: Ah, What was that interaction like?

DG: Kinda funny. Walked into the engineering quarters and saw rustling in one of the empty bunks. Ivan and the girl poke their heads out, me and Ivan exchange this smile. You know, the kind that you give a guy when he scores. 

FD: My, that's very open of you to admit.

DG: Like I said, she was a bunk rat.... In the end, I liked Ivan, he was alright.


Steffan Hartman

FD: Tell me some more about some of your fellow combat engineers.

DG: I never got to know most of them real well. There were a few I got to know personally, most though I didn't.

FD: Why is that?

DG: You tell me, you're the Shrink here.

FD: Psychiatry is one of my fields yes, but you're smart enough to know what i'll say.

DG: I wouldn't like it either. Doesn't mean I wouldn't deny it.

FD: We're getting off track, back to my previous question.

DG: Ship's are a big place, lot of people on them. Even in just engineering. Sure I knew of guys, but not many I knew personally. Some I didn't take the time or care to get to know, others had their own social circle. Some I labeled as incompetent. Others were just sorta around.

FD: What's someone who does come to mind you knew.

DG: Steffan Hartman.

FD: Ah yes, he was your XO and then became your CO. I see he recommended you for the Distinguished Service Medal. Tell me about him.

DG: He was like Hale. Except the engineering version. Guy kinda appeared one day, but everyone quickly took a liking to him. He didn't bullshit you. When we weren't on the field, he liked to banter back and forth with you like enlisted. On the field, the guy was competent and barked orders before you could complain about standing around.

FD: How well did you know him?DG: Pretty well, we shot the shit alot, he changed a bit though when he lost his arm.FD: Yes, I saw in his service record he survived wounds from a Tanker.

DG: First time I saw the guy get hit. Shook him up real good, a few of the other as well.

FD: Did it shake you up?

DG: On some level it likely did. But after a while in the field, you learn to compartmentalize that stuff for later. We still had a mission to complete.

FD: How did Lieutenant Hartman change after his injury?

DG: Guy got more serious, still talked with his men, but the bantering stopped. He wasn't really the same anymore. But then again, none of us ever will be.

FD: What makes you say that Specialist?

DG: You ever serve in a combat unit?

FD: I've seen my share...yes.

DG: Then I don't need to explain myself.


Jakob Hewitz

FD: So, Specialist, what can you tell me about some of the marauder personal you were stationed with?


*Daniel laughed*

DG: They were undisciplined cowboys.

FD: Really now?

DG: Oh no, on the field, they did their jobs well, nothing much more to say about that. On the ship though, they got wild sometimes.

FD: Tell me about some of them.

DG: There was this one guy, Jakob Hewitz. Fucking gargantuan.

FD: Ah yes, I am familiar with his record. Quite the height and service record.

DG: Guy was a gentle giant almost. Real friendly, liked to joke around. Wouldn't wanna cross him though. Also banged just about everyone on the ship.

FD: Is that so?

DG: Hell, I would've slept with him if I was gay.

FD: Why do you say that?


*Daniel shrugged and smirked*


DG: He was dreamy, and had a way with words.


*The two men share a brief chuckle before the doctor composes himself*


Ragnar Halvrdsyn

DG: There was also this one guy named Ragnar. Dunno what he was, like Finnish, or Scandinavian or something. Sure as hell knew how to party, and liked to fool around on the ship.

FD: Lieutenant Halvrdsyn? How did you know him?

DG: As a friend, guy trusted me alot as an engineer, he was real buddies with Hewitz as well. Those two and another named Caine, they were real close. They were human beings too, just like you and me. Their CO, Krone, jerked their leash when needed, but for the most part, they liked to have fun on the ship. It really helped with the tension sometimes. Even if some of it was grounds for disciplinary action.

FD: What else can you say about them?

DG: I remember drinking with them on a few RnRs, they all mostly didn't, but Ragnar especially didn't think himself superior to us infantry. He was just another soldier...with a multi billion dollar suit of armor. I liked the guy, hell I liked most them. I hope they're doing good.


Lilly Love

FD: Specialist, I'd like to ask about any different types of relationships you had with some of your compatriots. Particularly about any romantic engagements.

DG: Whoa, now we're getting into the deep stuff.

FD: Hm, yes we are.

DG: Well, There were a few women there, yeah. There was this girl named Lilly Love. She was the kind of girl that made bars go silent when she came in. Bright red hair. A sweet voice that calmed you, smart and was a great medic.

FD: What was your relationship with her like?

DG: She had a way of being a devious little flirt. A very discreet southern accent that would melt you away if she put the ritz on with it. She could have had any guy on that ship she wanted.

FD: Did that make you protective of her?

DG: No, I regretfully wasn't like that with her, I honestly can't say whether she was genuine with her teasing. I like to think she did like me on some level. Regardless, she had me wrapped around her finger. If she said come hither, I dropped whatever it was I was doing.

FD: So you two were never intimate?

DG: I wish we were, even if it was just a one off. She had a /Perfect/ ass.


Elizabeth Savoie

FD: She sounds like quite the woman.

DG: Yeah.

FD: So you were never in a relationship with anyone in your units.

DG: Only one, Elizabeth Savoie.

FD: Tell me about her.

DG: She was only a year or two younger then me, like 19. This quiet French girl. Deep brunette hair, and blue eyes that caught you. She was the kind of girl that was selective in her men, with good reason. She wasn't a flaunter like Lilly either. But when you had a few moments alone with her.......daaaymn.

FD: How did your relationship go?


FD: Specialist?

DG: We grew apart......

FD: How so?

DG: We became distanced.....lost touch.

FD: You're being offly vague.

DG: It's in the past, I don't know what happened to her, if she's alive or dead. I moved on.

FD: Would you like to know?

DG: Honestly I wouldn't. Thank you for the memory trip though

FD: Seems fair enough.


Destiny O'Hare

DG: There was also this girl, Destiny O'Hare........Man, she was something.

FD: Please, go on.

DG: I'll admit, I loved her.

FD: That's the first time you've used that word.

DG: I consider myself a intelligent guy with a wide vocabulary, but love is a very apt and quick way to describe my feelings about her.

FD: What was she like?

DG: She was another medic in my past units, bright red hair, so calm and kind, yet great for a laugh, I could always make her laugh. If she was around, I never felt scared, I knew she'd take care of me.

FD: She sounds like quite a woman.

DG: She was.....We kinda developed a bond beyond anything romantic.

FD: I'm sorry,I'm not following.

DG: I loved her alright, but it wasn't anything romantic. I considered her my sister. Keaton really landed on a gem with her. I was sad to hear when they split up, they truly liked each other.

FD: I'm sorry, that was alot you revealed there, you never felt any romantic attraction to her?

DG: Oh no I did, but there were two major things. A. It became more then that. And B. She was with Keaton, I cared about them too much to even consider something like that.

FD: And when they split? Did you try then?

DG: I'll admit it crossed my mind then, but I knew the answer immediately. I wasn't going to try anything then either. It would have been insulting to both of them.


Keaton Wilda

FD: You mention this Keaton in high esteem, would you mind telling me more about him?

DG: I've never had a closer friend......He was my brother. I would gladly follow him into hell. He is a good man.

FD: How did you two meet?

DG: Honestly I don't remember. It might have been a mission we were together on, but we just kinda hung out a lot and became friends. Honestly I was a bit jealous, but happy for him when I found out him and Destiny were a thing. He really did land a catch with her.

FD: What was he like?

DG: It's hard to explain......Keaton was a guy just like me trying to make his mark. He took his lumps trying to learn leadership, but became an incredibly competent sergeant. Officer material. Breaking up with Destiny really hurt him though, but to his credit, he moved past it and all three of us still remained friends.

FD: Anything else to add?

DG: Wherever he is, I hope he's doing alright. He was too good to be killed. And even if he did, He would have given them hell. He'll always have my trust and respect.


Connection Error...
Transcript Corrupted - Please alert your nearest Mobile Infantry Engineer


Current Relationships

+Aster Carey - Never again........never again....


Hannah Callister - She's a nice girl, genuine, never see her around anymore. She's good "Company".


Franco Sorrentino - Guy's a Pathfinder now. Cool.


+James Lerwick - Had me convinced the guy would survive anything. He was a good man.


Garret Swift - He was alright, new how to give a guy a break. Naturally became Tech sergeant after Lerwick, now he's gone. I'd say he's earned it.


Starr Axby - Nice enough girl, spends all her time in the morgue. She's got hair like a lion's mane. Nice enough, i'll leave it at that.


+Cody Howard - Shame, decent enough kid.


Travis Young - He's my CO, probably one of the most respected guys here. I like him.


Sarah Redbrick - She's alright, still needs work learning her rank, but needs to also not forget she's an Engineer.


Jaune Meridian - He's a medic with Survivor's guilt. What more is there to say.


+Abigail Vitsion - She's gone, dead, dunno how. Fucking shame. Last of the old teachers when I got back I guess.


Ezarath Cazernovia -Dunno, gone


Meegwyn Diaz Dissappeared to wherever.


Daisy Bailey - Always getting into a Mom/Dad fight with Young, they both just need to bang and get it out their systems. Still wouldn't fuck with her


Annabelle Thacker - Fuck up's finally gone.




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Travis Young



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ptsd lilly love EP flashbacks


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