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Dossier: Dorian Elswood

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112th M.I. Command,


Attached is the full background workup for Rct. Dorian Tyler Elswood including the notes from his assigned psychologist, Doctor Ryan Edbauer. This is all pretty standard dossier material, and changes to the service record should propagate automatically when your personnel database syncs up with FedNet. In addition to this dossier, I've attached additional informative modules for use by division medical and intelligence staff. I trust that the information will get to the right people.


Please send your confirmation of receipt and update your personnel roster.


Thank You,

Lieutenant Silvia DuCrois

Mobile Infantry Personnel Serives


//>>[Attachment-1 [DTE_112Dossier.dbe]


{Identifying Information}>>

--[Given Name(s)]: Dorian Tyler

--[Surname]: Elswood

--[D.O.B.]: 10-October-2270

--[Age]: 28

--[Height]: 180.34 cm

--[Weight]: 78.02 kg

--[Ethnicity]: Caucasian

--[Hair]: Brown

--[Eyes]: Green


{Background Profile}>>

--[Place of Origin]: Armadi; Sigma Octavius II; Sigma Octavius System

--[Next of Kin]:

-----------------------> Samuel Arthur Elswood; Father; Citizen; Mobile Infantry [24 Years of Service]; DECEASED

-----------------------> Victoria Marie Elswood; Mother; Citizen; Mobile Infantry [2 Years of Service]; DECEASED

-----------------------> Lisette Evelyn Elswood; Sister; Civilian; Suffers Cystic Fibrosis, unfit for service; LISTED BENEFICIARY

-----------------------> Audrey Juliana Chock; Maternal Aunt; Citizen; Fleet [4 Years of Service]; DECEASED


-----------------------> Hyde Central High School; 4.0 GPA; 90%+ Aptitudes: Math, Science, Social Studies; GRADUATED

-----------------------> Armadi University of Science and Engineering; Medical Sciences Major; 4.0 GPA; Years Completed: 1; DROPPED OUT

-----------------------> District 21 Trade Academy; Electrical Repairs; Years Completed: 2; GRADUATED

--[Federation Training Program]: Fort Riberson

--[Promotion Record]: {Up to date as of 29-August-2298}

-----------------------> Pvt. [Date Unknown; Clerical Error]

-----------------------> Pfc. [Date Unknown; Clerical Error]

-----------------------> 3Spc. [Date Unknown; Clerical Error]

-----------------------> 2Spc. [Date Unknown, Clerical Error]

-----------------------> Spc. [Date Unknown, Clerical Error]

-----------------------> SSpc. [Date Unknown, Clerical Error]

-----------------------> A/MSpc. [5-September-2298]

-----------------------> MSpc. [15-September-2298]

--[Biographical Summary]:

-----------------------> Grew up in middle-class suburban lifestyle on Sigma Octavius II's primary colony, Armadi. Groomed by father [MSgt. Samuel Elswood] from early age to take Citizenship seriously and instilled interest in Mobile Infantry service. Took part is Junior Federal Service program throughout middle school and high school. Father's declining health prompted retirement and return of mother [SSpc. Victoria Elswood] to work, making Dorian Elswood primary caregiver for younger sister [Lisette Elswood] who suffers cystic fibrosis. Dorian Elswood attempted university studies while caring for his sister, but found the workload split to be too much when sister's health began to decline. He dropped out of AUSE after one year and enrolled in trade school to study electrical repair during twice weekly night sessions. Upon graduation he took a part-time position as an electrical consultant for a Federal construction company. Dorian Elswood was caught in the Armadi Blitz at the start of the Civil War when Separatist forces moved to seize the industrial center. Samuel Elswood and Victoria Elswood were killed by artillery bombardment. Dorian Elswood evacuated with his younger sister after a failed attempt to reach his parents. After months circumventing combat zones, the refugee ships arrived in safe Federation space. Dorian Elswood promptly applied to serve in the Federation Armed Forces. Initially slated to be inducted as light infantry, examination of his personal situation and consideration toward the service of his family saw him inducted as proper infantry. Rct. Elswood excelled in training exercises making squad leader until a training incident rendered him unable to continue with command [IR-0558426: Broken spine resulting from recruit failing to properly hoist as top anchor in rappelling exercise]. After spinal repair Rct. Elswood's unit had already graduate, and he was instead placed into an in-progress unit to finish out his training. He was deployed to the 3rd Mobile Infantry Division, 29th Morita Regiment, 212th Morita Rifle Battalion ["Sabro's Sentinels"] which, at the time, were posted in a holding action on a Federation-loyal planet. Rct. Elswood was later transferred to the 4th Mobile Infantry  Division, 31st Morita Regiment, 112th Morita Rifles Battalion as part of an initiative siphoning personnel from over-staffed units to reinforce units suffering attrition.

--[Commendations for Federal Service]:

----------------------->Purple Heart [5 Clusters]

----------------------->Meritorious Unit Medal [Operation Helios; Participation in Battle of Terra]
----------------------->Valorous Unit Medal [Operation Helios; Incursion into Progenitor Ark]

----------------------->Meritorious Unit Medal [Operation Helios; Steadfast support provided by Medical Division]

----------------------->Outstanding Services to Combat Medicine Ribbon [Operation Helios; Individual recognition for outstanding services provided both on and off the field during campaign to retake Terra]



{Psychological Profile}>>





--[Overview]: Dorian Elswood is an extremely goal-oriented individual, and he maintains a strong sense of personal responsibility. If something is wrong, he takes it upon himself to correct it. Self-reliance leads to a need to be learning at all times, and his habits challenge the notion that a "jack of all trades is a master of none." Elswood seeks mastery in anything he sets his sights on, and his unending desire to be useful tends to put him in opportune positions to feed this education addiction.

--[Key Personality Traits]: Inquisitive, motivated, multi-faceted, responsible, emotional

--[Psychological Strengths]: Despite his tendency to refrain from compartmentalization, he shows astounding emotional resistance to matters in the field. His ability to stay on-task and keep a level head is likely what earned him a squad leadership position in training. His natural desire to seek out intellectual pursuits affords him an expansive library of general knowledge which, in turn, allows him to operate in most roles should the need arise. Elswood typically demonstrates strong empathetic tendencies, which if allowed to grow will likely provide a durable relationship to lean on.

--[Psychological Weaknesses]: Elswood's inability to compartmentalize means that rapid, subsequent emotional blows will impact him greatly. Due to his strong sense of personal responsibility, he shoulders the weight of any failure as his own--even when it is not the case. He is highly critical of himself, and does not view himself in a positive light. The only value he finds in himself is that which he can derive through interpersonal relationships with others. This causes him to gauge his worth based on what he can do for friends and allies, making him feel helpless when he is isolated. Dorian needs to be in control of his circumstances, even if to a degree he understands that some things are beyond his control. For example: Elswood would much rather be the anchor for a rappelling action as he knows he will not drop the rope on his troopers. This behavior borders on compulsion, though psychoanalysis indicates it is not an issue of trust in others. Finally, Elswood is paradoxically desperate for emotional connection and terrified of it. This may lead to his behavior appearing manic to those on the opposite end. To his credit, through CBT he has managed to recognize when these behaviors become problematic, and takes steps to correct them.

--[Known Psychological Conditions]:

-----------------------> ADHD -- Dorian exhibits many of the common symptoms of ADHD, though medicating him for it has proven to be detrimental to his mental well-being. It is the suggestion of [Doctor Ryan Edbauer] that Rct. Elswood not be medicated. Coping mechanisms taught through CBT appear to manage the issue without compromising his mental fortitude.


//>>[Attachment-2 [DTE_112MedRec.dbe]


{112th Morita Rifle Battalion Medical Record: Dorian Tyler Elswood}


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Gunshot [Full-Through]; Rear L. Shoulder [Enter]; Front L. Upper Pectoral [Exit]

----->Medivac: Yes

----->Cause: Patient thrown into line of friendly fire by explosion, DMR operator took shot on target as patient passed in front of weapon.

----->Treatment: Exit wound packed with hemostat dressing and covered with occlusive dressing [Field Care]. X-Stat injected into entrance wound and covered with occlusive dressing [Field Care]. Lavequin antibiotic injection and Ketamine painkiller injection administered [Field Care]. Removal of wound packing and application of ligature to minor blood vessel [Medbay]. Puncture sutured closed and treated with biogel [Medbay]. Placement in recovery tank [Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: Two days

----->Status: Healed; Mild Scarification on Rear L. Shoulder; Moderate Scarification on Front L. Upper Pectoral


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Laceration;  Front R. Thigh [Vertical]

----->Medivac: No

----->Cause: Patient slashed by Arachnid Warrior talon while dragging wounded trooper

----->Treatment: Wound wrapped with elastic bandage for compression and covered in an occlusive dressing [Field Care]. Lavequin antibiotic injection administered [Field Care]. Removal of field dressing and cleansing of wound [Medbay]. Laceration sutured closed and treated with biogel [Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: One day

----->Status: Healed; Mild Scarification on Front R. Thigh


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Laceration;  R. Hand [Vertical; Full-Through]

----->Medivac: No

----->Cause: Patient slashed by Arachnid Warrior talon while in the process of performing field care on another trooper.

----->Treatment: Celox ointment applied to interior of wound, hand taped together with medical tape and occlusive dressing [Field Care]. Lavequin antibiotic injection and mobic painkiller injection administered [Field Care]. Removal of field dressing and cleansing of wound [Medbay]. Laceration stapled closed and treated with biogel [Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: N/A

----->Status: Wound Reopened in Combat


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Laceration;  R. Hand [Vertical]

----->Medivac: No

----->Cause: The staples sealing a previous wound together were broken due to recoil of sustained fire while manning mounted twin-fifty caliber machine gun.

----->Treatment: Celox ointment applied to interior of wound, hand taped together with medical tape and occlusive dressing [Field Care]. Lavequin antibiotic injection and mobic painkiller injection administered [Field Care]. Removal of field dressing and cleansing of wound [Medbay]. Old staples removed and laceration re-stapled closed and treated with biogel [Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: Two Days

----->Status: Healed; Moderate Scarification on Back of R. Hand; Mild Scarification on Palm of R. Hand


--[Mental Health Concern]

----->Symptoms: Invasive Thoughts/Memories; Night Terrors; Night Sweats; Sleepwalking; Infrequent Auditory Hallucinations

----->Diagnosis: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

----->Cause: Graphic death of trooper Lyndsey Carter and his inability to help her; Death of friend Jason Marsh despite administering optimal field treatment; Graphic death by primitive dismemberment of Marauder Johnathan Skye while working with rescue team to retrieve him; Death of William Hedgeworth directly in front of him--close enough to be covered in resultant viscera; Vaporization of Ji Park at the edge of OB blast radius; all deaths closely packed together and in conjunction with other personal struggles with next of kin.

----->Treatment: Therapy sessions once weekly, and as needed when in PTSD crisis

----->Recovery Period: Four Months

----->Status: Recovered; Mental Stability Verified; Monthly Psych Checks Scheduled For Foreseeable Future


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Arachnid Plasma Burn;  L. Hand [Back]

----->Medivac: No

----->Cause: Splash from bug plasma blast caught patient on the back of the L. hand.

----->Treatment: Moisturized burn with hydrogel, applied bandage treated with Lidocaine, wrapped hand with gauze [Field Care]. Lavequin antibiotic injection administered [Field Care]. Removal of field dressing and cleansing of wound [Medbay]. Burn treated with biogel and wrapped in moisture-preserving dressing [Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: Two Days

----->Status: Healed; Light Scarification on Back of L. Hand


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Amputation;  L. Leg [Mid-Calf]

----->Medivac: Yes

----->Cause: Assailed by floating buzz saw drones while treating a patient. Saw blades chewed through muscle and fibula; cracked tibia.

----->Treatment: Tourniquet applied to slow bleeding, celox ointment applied to assist in blood clotting, blast bandage used to cover exposed tissue [Field Care]. Leg amputated at point of exposed bone by Medic Bianchi in field. [Field Care]. Lavequin antibiotic injection administered, ketamine painkiller injection administered [Field Care]. Removal of dressings over leg stump followed by cleaning of wound. [Medbay]. Proper stump formed by surgical team before BT application and submersion in recovery tank [Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: Six Days

----->Status: Healed; BT fully functional


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Gunshot [No Exit];  R. Side [2 cm. Above Pelvis]

----->Medivac: Yes

----->Cause: Squadmate failed to stop firing as they tracked target past patient's defensive position

----->Treatment:  Patient directed CLS-certified trooper to pack wound with X-stat and cover with occlusive dressing[Field Care].Patient self-administered lavequein antibiotics and mobic painkillers. Both medications administered via syringe [Field Care]. Surgical removal of bullet from patient, cauterization of small blood vessels, experemental cement applied to lascerated kidney, six holes repaired throughout intestinal tract, gall bladder (ruptured) removed. Bullet entry wound sutured shut [Medbay]. Patient set in recovery tank for twelve hours to accelerate healing.

----->Recovery Period: One Day

----->Status: Healed; Light Scarification on Lower R. Torso Above Waist.


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Shrapnel Laceration; R. Thigh [Vertical; 8 cm.]

----->Medivac: No

----->Cause: Grenade thrown by enemy combatant

----->Treatment:  Patient self-treated by sealing wound with medical cement (4 Hr.) and wrapping site with biogel-treated bandage[Field Care]. Patient self-administered lavequein antibiotics and mobic painkillers [Field Care]. Wound sutured shut by junior medic, treated with biogel ointment, and wrapped in gauze [Medbay]. Patient advised against placement in tank.

----->Recovery Period: Three days

----->Status: Wound Reopened by Excessive Movement


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Shrapnel Laceration; R. Thigh [Vertical; 8 cm.]

----->Medivac: No

----->Cause:  Patient was ordered by superior to double-time to gym from medbay despite injury. The run coupled with being pushed to move heavy and uncooperative patient to brig caused sutures to split.

----->Treatment: Sutures reapplied,  biogel ointment applied to sutures, wound wrapped in gauze [Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: Three days

----->Status: Wound Reopened by Excessive Movement


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Shrapnel Laceration; R. Thigh [Vertical; 8 cm.], Stress Tear [Existing Laceration]; R. Thigh [Vertical; 8 cm.]

----->Medivac: No

----->Cause:  Patient required to respond to shooting incident at Court Marshal hearing. Excessive activity caused sutures to split a second time and for stress tear to deepen existing laceration.

----->Treatment: Double-layer sutures applied,  biogel ointment applied to sutures, wound wrapped in gauze . Brace applied to relieve pressure when walking.[Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: Three days

----->Status: Healed; Moderate Scarification of R. Thigh


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Ruptured Earlobe; L. Ear, Ruptured Auditory Canal; L. Ear, Concussion; L. Lower-Frontal Quadrant [Skull Contusion]

----->Medivac: No

----->Cause: Punched in L. side of head by another trooper [Redacted; Signature: [Dorian Elswood] Training accident. Patient struck in L. side of head by M55 tube due to improper backblast clearing procedure.

----->Treatment: Patient self-treated. Bigoel applied to ruptured earlobe, rupture sealed with steri-strips and medical adhesive [Medbay]. Auditory canal laceration treated with celox to reduce fluid buildup, packed with biogel-treated gauze [Medbay]. Levaquin and ibuprofen administered orally to reduce inflammation (patient aware of inherent risk of taking ibuprofen with a concussion) and prevent infection [Medbay]. Ice pack applied to injury site [Medbay].  

----->Recovery Period: TBD

----->Status: Healed; No Obvious Permanant Damage


//>>[Attachment-3 [DTE_112PersonalRelations.dbe]


{Personal Relationships}>>
--[Relations Key]: 




----->Good Friend




----->Mixed Opinions





--[Known Relations]: 


//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Charles Scott");


"With the exception of my little sis, you're the closest thing I have left to family, Scott." Elswood to Scott


----->Charles ScottScott's been my closest friend since I first came to the Grant. He took the time to get to know me before anyone else ever did, and he guided me when I felt lost. Maybe it had always been his intention to steer me into the medical detachment, but I don't really care. He's been there for me through some really rough times, and he never lets me stay down on myself when shit goes awry. I've learned a lot from Scott, and he's never unwilling to teach me even more. I'm not sure if there is anyone I respect more than Scott, and it's good to be back under his command after being away.


//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Troy Hughes");


"Ya keep blowin' shit up, I'll keep patchin' our guys up, and we'll get the job done eventually!" -- Elswood to Hughes


----->Troy Hughes: I haven't seen Troy since I came back to the Grant. Someone said he retired and then came back? Sounds like Hughes to me--unable to make up his mind on damn near anything. Why would his career be any different? Troy's a good guy, and I value him as a friend. Feels a bit rusty at the moment, but who wouldn't feel detached after being ass-dragged out by Intel for a while? Still, I hope to catch him around sometime.




//->DisplayEntry.Embed("William Saint-Claire");


----->William Saint-Claire: Holy shit, Willy's a medic now! That tickles me--like, a lot. He'd been an Intel mook before, and I patched him up on occasion. Seems like FFRL got its shit scrambled good and scattered their sticks to the wind. That means former black coats like Saint-Claire float around in search of something new. Apparently he thought he looked good in red, so here we are. I'm gonna enjoy needling at him for a while, all in good fun, of course. I like Saint-Claire well enough, and he'd been a friend to me when he didn't have any reason to be. I've got a long memory, so stuff like that sticks. Looking forward to spending some time with him in the bay.


//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Sebastian Bently");


"If the Captain fights medical so much, how is he still alive? You said, he get's wounded a bunch, right?" -- Medic in training to Elswood

"Pure spite, mostly. It's like PCP for officers or somethin'." -- Elswood's response.


----->Sebastian Bently:  Somehow that stubborn fool lived to make Major. Could have fooled me given how hard he neglects his medical needs! Still, I suppose that some people just subsist on pure spite. Bently's never been hateful per se, but he is definitely the sort to live on just to gall somebody else! I missed him while I was gone. Nobody in Intel gives a flying fuck about anyone else, but Bently always cared for his troopers--no matter how little he actually showed it. I'm happy to be back under his command, I only hope that his rank hasn't changed him like it's done to so many others.


//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Mikhail Kuznetsov");


----->Mikhail KuznetsovKuzenetsov was the first of a few people I knew to see me once I got back to the Grant. He seemed genuinely enthusiastic to have me back around, and I admit that it was refreshing to see a familiar face. I am pleased that he is still alive--too many people were just names on a wall when I returned. He may be more biotech than flesh these days, but he's still the same Mikhail that I knew when I left. I'm sure we'll hang out more in the future.


//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Alicia White");


----->Alicia WhiteSomeone said she was lit on fucking fire while I was gone? Holy fuck, that is some bad luck there. Hope she's doing alright in long-term recovery. I wonder how Bently feels about her absence? White's definitely another familiar face I expected to see coming back to the Grant. Without her the medbay's just a bunch of unfamiliar faces wearing red vests.


//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Tallie Vega");


----->Tallie Vega: Ah, Vega. Another friendly face I'd been hoping to see when I returned to the Grant. No sign of her, though. A real shame, Vega was a good medic and a good friend.


//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Quinn Caffrey) --> [TRANSFERRED];


"I promised her everything, but..."  -- Dorian Elswood


----->Quinn CaffreyFool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. It's not happening again.


//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Maxine Valentine");



"It's not anythin' about you, Max. You'll get back up, get back out, and ya'll do better the next time. Ya deserve better than that, so go and get it." Elswood to Valentine


----->Maxine ValentineSeems like everybody I knew before getting black-bagged by Intel heard I was coming back and made a break for it. Haven't seen any sign of Max, which is odd because she tends to be around Wells--and I have seen Wells. Max was cool and a solid friend, hope she's doing alright wherever it is she's fucked off to.



//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Leana Wells");


"She doesn't know when to stop--like, actually doesn't know when to stop." -- Elswood about Wells


----->Leana Wells:  Wells seems to be mad at me again for some reason. Maybe not mad mad, but agitated. More than her usual agitation, too. Dunno what happened while I was gone, but she thinks I bailed on her on purpose apparently--like it was my choice, or something. She's been unusually distant with me, too. Sucks, really. I've considered Wells a close friend for a long while now, though I'm not entirely certain it's a healthy friendship. Either way, it seems to be... strained? Weakened? Something like that. She's not exactly the type I can just go up to and ask "yo, what's wrong?" She's more likely to cave my skull in with a brick than answer my question.



//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Sarah Redbrick");


----->Sarah Redbrick: Can't find her anywhere. I heard what happened to Stevenson while I was gone, and I'd been hoping to make sure Redbrick was alright. Nobody seems to know where she disappeared to, either. Did she transfer out?



//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Daniel Dumont") --> [KIA];



"Dumont, ya more of an idiot than I feared if ya think I can't tell there's more to ya than ya let on." -- Elswood to Dumont


----->Daniel DumontFor all the shit Dumont gives other people, and for all the shit that Elswood gives Dumont, Elswood respects the man a great deal for his medical skills and dedication to patients. Dorian knows that Dumont is never quite serious with all of his jokes and crass social habits, and he has on more than one occasion bore witness to the truth beneath the clown suit. In truth, Elswood trusts Dumont with his life, and would go to bat for him if the situation ever arose. Their relationship, while simple, is purely positive.


Update #1: Elswood gifted Dumont his favorite flask made from rendered down weapon parts from the Second World War as a sign of respect and friendship. He knows he does not always show Dumont that he values him, but Dorian hopes that the gift will help him remember the next time (or hundred times) he has to give the man shit for one reason or another.


Final Update: Elswood recovered the flask from Dumont as a keepsake. It felt odd taking what had once been his back from a dead friend, but Dan kept it close at all times. A good reminder of the better times, Elswood supposed.


//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Jee-Un Choi")  --> [AWOL];


----->Jee-Un ChoiI don't want to talk about Choi. Ever.


//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Zoey Sunderland");



"There are plenty 'a guys who got it worse than this bee-tee here, but... I dunno. It makes me feel less like me. Like people'll think less 'a me." -- Elswood to Sunderland.

"Who would think less of you for that?" -- Zoey's rebuttal to Elswood.


----->Zoey Sunderland I am not sure what I did to deserve such patience from her, but she wasn't angry with me at all for being gone. Not that there was anything I could do about it, but for some reason I expected she would be upset. I guess it's just what I'm used to given my past experiences--not really fair of me to have put those on Zoey. It's so very good to be able to see her again. I missed her dearly, and I hope such a long separation never comes back around for another pass.


//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Valarie Faust");


----->Valarie FaustNo sign of Faust since my return. Just where in the hell did everybody go?


//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Cait Donovan");


----->Cait DonovanShe bailed on the medics. She bailed on the medics. After all the shit she used to talk about the engineers, she ditched the medical detachment and joined the yellow vests. I don't have anything against the engineers, I am just baffled by her choices. It should go without saying that I am disappointed. After all the extra training, all the pep talks, all the reassurances, she gave up and abandoned medical--and during a time when medical desperately needed experienced medics! Not sure how I feel about it all, but it's probably somewhere between agitated and bitter.


//->DisplayEntry.Embed("Lowell Hartwick);


----->Lowell HartwickGood enough guy from what I've seen. He's an NCO, so that gives me automatic pause in considering whether or not I want to engage him. NCO's tend to be either very good, or absolute dogshit without any in-between. Haven't seen him on the field yet, so I can't really attest to his leadership in one way or the other. I try not to get friendly with the shitty NCO's. They tend to be the ones getting troopers hurt or killed and generally making medical's job harder. That said, "Hart-Hart" knows how to banter and doesn't appear to take himself too seriously, so at the very least I am hopeful about him not being a total spaz. 


//>>[Attachment-4 [DTE_112Addendum.dbe]


{Additional Resources}>>


[Below Is A List of Unconfirmed Resources Related to Dorian Tyler Elswood]:

----->"The Truth About A Liar"; Biographical Record; [Link]


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