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Dossier: Dorian Elswood

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112th M.I. Command,


Attached is the full background workup for Rct. Dorian Tyler Elswood including the notes from his assigned psychologist, Doctor Ryan Edbauer. This is all pretty standard dossier material, and changes to the service record should propagate automatically when your personnel database syncs up with FedNet. In addition to this dossier, I've attached additional informative modules for use by division medical and intelligence staff. I trust that the information will get to the right people.


Please send your confirmation of receipt and update your personnel roster.


Thank You,

Lieutenant Silvia DuCrois

Mobile Infantry Personnel Serives


//>>[Attachment-1 [DTE_112Dossier.dbe]


{Identifying Information}>>

--[Given Name(s)]: Dorian Tyler

--[Surname]: Elswood

--[D.O.B.]: 10-October-2270

--[Age]: 28

--[Height]: 180.34 cm

--[Weight]: 78.02 kg

--[Ethnicity]: Caucasian

--[Hair]: Brown

--[Eyes]: Green


{Background Profile}>>

--[Place of Origin]: Armadi; Sigma Octavius II; Sigma Octavius System

--[Next of Kin]:

-----------------------> Samuel Arthur Elswood; Father; Citizen; Mobile Infantry [24 Years of Service]; DECEASED

-----------------------> Victoria Marie Elswood; Mother; Citizen; Mobile Infantry [2 Years of Service]; DECEASED

-----------------------> Lisette Evelyn Elswood; Sister; Civilian; Suffers Cystic Fibrosis, unfit for service; LISTED BENEFICIARY

-----------------------> Audrey Juliana Chock; Maternal Aunt; Citizen; Fleet [4 Years of Service]; DECEASED


-----------------------> Hyde Central High School; 4.0 GPA; 90%+ Aptitudes: Math, Science, Social Studies; GRADUATED

-----------------------> Armadi University of Science and Engineering; Medical Sciences Major; 4.0 GPA; Years Completed: 1; DROPPED OUT

-----------------------> District 21 Trade Academy; Electrical Repairs; Years Completed: 2; GRADUATED

--[Federation Training Program]: Fort Riberson

--[Promotion Record]: {Up to date as of 29-August-2298}

-----------------------> Pvt. [Date Unknown; Clerical Error]

-----------------------> Pfc. [Date Unknown; Clerical Error]

-----------------------> 3Spc. [Date Unknown; Clerical Error]

-----------------------> 2Spc. [Date Unknown, Clerical Error]

-----------------------> Spc. [Date Unknown, Clerical Error]

-----------------------> SSpc. [Date Unknown, Clerical Error]

-----------------------> A/MSpc. [5-September-2298]

--[Biographical Summary]:

-----------------------> Grew up in middle-class suburban lifestyle on Sigma Octavius II's primary colony, Armadi. Groomed by father [MSgt. Samuel Elswood] from early age to take Citizenship seriously and instilled interest in Mobile Infantry service. Took part is Junior Federal Service program throughout middle school and high school. Father's declining health prompted retirement and return of mother [SSpc. Victoria Elswood] to work, making Dorian Elswood primary caregiver for younger sister [Lisette Elswood] who suffers cystic fibrosis. Dorian Elswood attempted university studies while caring for his sister, but found the workload split to be too much when sister's health began to decline. He dropped out of AUSE after one year and enrolled in trade school to study electrical repair during twice weekly night sessions. Upon graduation he took a part-time position as an electrical consultant for a Federal construction company. Dorian Elswood was caught in the Armadi Blitz at the start of the Civil War when Separatist forces moved to seize the industrial center. Samuel Elswood and Victoria Elswood were killed by artillery bombardment. Dorian Elswood evacuated with his younger sister after a failed attempt to reach his parents. After months circumventing combat zones, the refugee ships arrived in safe Federation space. Dorian Elswood promptly applied to serve in the Federation Armed Forces. Initially slated to be inducted as light infantry, examination of his personal situation and consideration toward the service of his family saw him inducted as proper infantry. Rct. Elswood excelled in training exercises making squad leader until a training incident rendered him unable to continue with command [IR-0558426: Broken spine resulting from recruit failing to properly hoist as top anchor in rappelling exercise]. After spinal repair Rct. Elswood's unit had already graduate, and he was instead placed into an in-progress unit to finish out his training. He was deployed to the 3rd Mobile Infantry Division, 29th Morita Regiment, 212th Morita Rifle Battalion ["Sabro's Sentinels"] which, at the time, were posted in a holding action on a Federation-loyal planet. Rct. Elswood was later transferred to the 4th Mobile Infantry  Division, 31st Morita Regiment, 112th Morita Rifles Battalion as part of an initiative siphoning personnel from over-staffed units to reinforce units suffering attrition.

--[Commendations for Federal Service]:

----------------------->Purple Heart [5 Clusters]

----------------------->Meritorious Unit Medal [Operation Helios; Participation in Battle of Terra]
----------------------->Valorous Unit Medal [Operation Helios; Incursion into Progenitor Ark]

----------------------->Meritorious Unit Medal [Operation Helios; Steadfast support provided by Medical Division]

----------------------->Outstanding Services to Combat Medicine Ribbon [Operation Helios; Individual recognition for outstanding services provided both on and off the field during campaign to retake Terra]



{Psychological Profile}>>





--[Overview]: Dorian Elswood is an extremely goal-oriented individual, and he maintains a strong sense of personal responsibility. If something is wrong, he takes it upon himself to correct it. Self-reliance leads to a need to be learning at all times, and his habits challenge the notion that a "jack of all trades is a master of none." Elswood seeks mastery in anything he sets his sights on, and his unending desire to be useful tends to put him in opportune positions to feed this education addiction.

--[Key Personality Traits]: Inquisitive, motivated, multi-faceted, responsible, emotional

--[Psychological Strengths]: Despite his tendency to refrain from compartmentalization, he shows astounding emotional resistance to matters in the field. His ability to stay on-task and keep a level head is likely what earned him a squad leadership position in training. His natural desire to seek out intellectual pursuits affords him an expansive library of general knowledge which, in turn, allows him to operate in most roles should the need arise. Elswood typically demonstrates strong empathetic tendencies, which if allowed to grow will likely provide a durable relationship to lean on.

--[Psychological Weaknesses]: Elswood's inability to compartmentalize means that rapid, subsequent emotional blows will impact him greatly. Due to his strong sense of personal responsibility, he shoulders the weight of any failure as his own--even when it is not the case. He is highly critical of himself, and does not view himself in a positive light. The only value he finds in himself is that which he can derive through interpersonal relationships with others. This causes him to gauge his worth based on what he can do for friends and allies, making him feel helpless when he is isolated. Dorian needs to be in control of his circumstances, even if to a degree he understands that some things are beyond his control. For example: Elswood would much rather be the anchor for a rappelling action as he knows he will not drop the rope on his troopers. This behavior borders on compulsion, though psychoanalysis indicates it is not an issue of trust in others. Finally, Elswood is paradoxically desperate for emotional connection and terrified of it. This may lead to his behavior appearing manic to those on the opposite end. To his credit, through CBT he has managed to recognize when these behaviors become problematic, and takes steps to correct them.

--[Known Psychological Conditions]:

-----------------------> ADHD -- Dorian exhibits many of the common symptoms of ADHD, though medicating him for it has proven to be detrimental to his mental well-being. It is the suggestion of [Doctor Ryan Edbauer] that Rct. Elswood not be medicated. Coping mechanisms taught through CBT appear to manage the issue without compromising his mental fortitude.

-----------------------> Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder -- [Update: 6-August-2298] The events during the 112th assault on Pluto have led to symptoms consistent with PTSD. Elswood has reported intrusive thoughts and memories during unrelated trains of thought, night terrors, night sweats, sleepwalking, and occasional auditory hallucinations. He is undergoing therapy to treat the issue.


//>>[Attachment-2 [DTE_112MedRec.dbe]


{112th Morita Rifle Battalion Medical Record: Dorian Tyler Elswood}


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Gunshot [Full-Through]; Rear L. Shoulder [Enter]; Front L. Upper Pectoral [Exit]

----->Medivac: Yes

----->Cause: Patient thrown into line of friendly fire by explosion, DMR operator took shot on target as patient passed in front of weapon.

----->Treatment: Exit wound packed with hemostat dressing and covered with occlusive dressing [Field Care]. X-Stat injected into entrance wound and covered with occlusive dressing [Field Care]. Lavequin antibiotic injection and Ketamine painkiller injection administered [Field Care]. Removal of wound packing and application of ligature to minor blood vessel [Medbay]. Puncture sutured closed and treated with biogel [Medbay]. Placement in recovery tank [Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: Two days

----->Status: Healed; Mild Scarification on Rear L. Shoulder; Moderate Scarification on Front L. Upper Pectoral


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Laceration;  Front R. Thigh [Vertical]

----->Medivac: No

----->Cause: Patient slashed by Arachnid Warrior talon while dragging wounded trooper

----->Treatment: Wound wrapped with elastic bandage for compression and covered in an occlusive dressing [Field Care]. Lavequin antibiotic injection administered [Field Care]. Removal of field dressing and cleansing of wound [Medbay]. Laceration sutured closed and treated with biogel [Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: One day

----->Status: Healed; Mild Scarification on Front R. Thigh


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Laceration;  R. Hand [Vertical; Full-Through]

----->Medivac: No

----->Cause: Patient slashed by Arachnid Warrior talon while in the process of performing field care on another trooper.

----->Treatment: Celox ointment applied to interior of wound, hand taped together with medical tape and occlusive dressing [Field Care]. Lavequin antibiotic injection and mobic painkiller injection administered [Field Care]. Removal of field dressing and cleansing of wound [Medbay]. Laceration stapled closed and treated with biogel [Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: N/A

----->Status: Wound Re-opened in Combat


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Laceration;  R. Hand [Vertical]

----->Medivac: No

----->Cause: The staples sealing a previous wound together were broken due to recoil of sustained fire while manning mounted twin-fifty caliber machine gun.

----->Treatment: Celox ointment applied to interior of wound, hand taped together with medical tape and occlusive dressing [Field Care]. Lavequin antibiotic injection and mobic painkiller injection administered [Field Care]. Removal of field dressing and cleansing of wound [Medbay]. Old staples removed and laceration re-stapled closed and treated with biogel [Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: Two Days

----->Status: Healed; Moderate Scarification on Back of R. Hand; Mild Scarification on Palm of R. Hand


--[Mental Health Concern]

----->Symptoms: Invasive Thoughts/Memories; Night Terrors; Night Sweats; Sleepwalking; Infrequent Auditory Hallucinations

----->Diagnosis: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

----->Cause: Graphic death of trooper Lyndsey Carter and his inability to help her; Death of friend Jason Marsh despite administering optimal field treatment; Graphic death by primitive dismemberment of Marauder Johnathan Skye while working with rescue team to retrieve him; Death of William Hedgeworth directly in front of him--close enough to be covered in resultant viscera; Vaporization of Ji Park at the edge of OB blast radius; all deaths closely packed together and in conjunction with other personal struggles with next of kin.

----->Treatment: Therapy sessions once weekly, and as needed when in PTSD crisis

----->Recovery Period: TBD

----->Status: Treatment ongoing


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Arachnid Plasma Burn;  L. Hand [Back]

----->Medivac: No

----->Cause: Splash from bug plasma blast caught patient on the back of the L. hand.

----->Treatment: Moisturized burn with hydrogel, applied bandage treated with Lidocaine, wrapped hand with gauze [Field Care]. Lavequin antibiotic injection administered [Field Care]. Removal of field dressing and cleansing of wound [Medbay]. Burn treated with biogel and wrapped in moisture-preserving dressing [Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: Two Days

----->Status: Healed; Light Scarification on Back of L. Hand


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Amputation;  L. Leg [Mid-Calf]

----->Medivac: Yes

----->Cause: Assailed by floating buzz saw drones while treating a patient. Saw blades chewed through muscle and fibula; cracked tibia.

----->Treatment: Tourniquet applied to slow bleeding, celox ointment applied to assist in blood clotting, blast bandage used to cover exposed tissue [Field Care]. Leg amputated at point of exposed bone by Medic Bianchi in field. [Field Care]. Lavequin antibiotic injection administered, ketamine painkiller injection administered [Field Care]. Removal of dressings over leg stump followed by cleaning of wound. [Medbay]. Proper stump formed by surgical team before BT application and submersion in recovery tank [Medbay].

----->Recovery Period: Six Days

----->Status: Healed; BT fully functional


--[Physical Injury]

----->Injury: Gunshot [No Exit];  R. Side [2 cm. Above Pelvis]

----->Medivac: Yes

----->Cause: Squadmate failed to stop firing as they tracked target past patient's defensive position

----->Treatment:  Patient directed CLS-certified trooper to pack wound with X-stat and cover with occlusive dressing[Field Care].Patient self-administered lavequein antibiotics and mobic painkillers. Both medications administered via syringe [Field Care]. Surgical removal of bullet from patient, cauterization of small blood vessels, experemental cement applied to lascerated kidney, six holes repaired throughout intestinal tract, gall bladder (ruptured) removed. Bullet entry wound sutured shut [Medbay]. Patient set in recovery tank for twelve hours to accelerate healing.

----->Recovery Period: One Day

----->Status: Healed; Light Scarification on Lower R. Torso Above Waist.


//>>[Attachment-3 [DTE_112PersonalRelations.dbe]


{Personal Relationships}>>
--[Relations Key]: 




----->Good Friend




----->Mixed Opinions





--[Known Relations]: 

----->Charles ScottClosest friend and confidant. Elswood respects Scott above all others and would not hesitate to do anything for the man if asked. Despite their moderate age gap, Dorian views Scott as he might an older brother. He wants nothing more than for Scott to be happy and healthy. Dorian feels deeply indebted to Scott, and he strives to pay him back in any way he can--including, but not limited to, fielding as many responsibilities as possible to alleviate some of Scott's administrative strain. Few people seem to understand Elswood as well as Scott does, and where Scott does not understand Dorian, he does not pretend to; few make as honest an effort to fill the gaps in their know-how on Elswood, either. On more than one occasion, Scott has kept Dorian grounded and assisted in his coping. Charles's willingness to share uncomfortable or difficult experiences with Dorian makes the strongest impact on the younger medic because of Elswood's strong admiration. If Charles Scott can overcome such hardship to be the man Dorian knows him as, then maybe--just maybe--Elswood can do the same. He is afraid, however, that he will never live up to Scott's expectations or his reputation. Few, if any, aboard the Grant do not hold some sort of respect for Scott. Dorian does not know if he will ever achieve the same level of competency, confidence, and rapport.


----->Troy HughesElswood considers Hughes a friend, though distinctly feels that the scales of their relationship is unbalanced. Specifically, Dorian does not think Hughes considered him so much a friend as a positive acquaintance. As tends to be the case with Elswood, he tends to feel more closely connected with those who he has had a hand in treating--especially on the battlefield. Having tended to Hughes multiple times in the past, he feels a decent rapport with the man. Of all the NCO's, Elswood tends to favor Hughes due to his deference to Elswood's medical judgement. Since the death of Marsh, Dorian is particularly concerned with timely medivacs and will go out of his way to fight for them; Hughes has never made Elswood struggle to get the support he needs to do his job. Dorian is concerned for Troy's mental well-being, but does not feel comfortable pushing the issue. Instead, he directs Troy to Charles Scott--a much closer friend to Hughes--for such matters.


Update #1: Elswood is almost certain that he values his friendship with Hughes more than Hughes does. While Dorian is starting to regard Troy as a good friend, it seems like Hughes is intent at keeping Elswood at arm's length. Even after Dorian managed to get him hooked up with Harper, Elswood feels like the playing field remains uneven.


Update #2: Dorian feels his friendship with Hughes slipping--however much if it there had even been in the first place. Hughes's mistake caused ripples across the ship and Dorian's own friend group. With every right to be upset having been the one to bring Hughes and Harper together, Elswood opted to reassure the man that despite his idiotic decision, he was not a bad man. 


----->William Saint-ClaireGetting a read on Saint-Claire proves challenging to Elswood. While Dorian would like to consider Saint-Claire a friend, he is wary of the man's seemingly chameleon-like behavior. He did not notice the change until Saint-Claire's promotion and induction into the Military Intelligence unit. On occasion, Elswood felt like he was on the wrong side of Saint-Claire throwing his newfound clout around. On other occasions, Dorian might forgotten Saint-Claire was ever even promoted. On average, Elswood gives Saint-Claire the benefit of the doubt. That is to say, he often gives most people the benefit of the doubt due to his deep-seated desire to be liked--or rather, not to be disliked. In the particular case of William Saint-Claire, however, Elswood can admit that he feels fairly safe in his bet.


----->Ylva HilmarsdorrirPreviously skeptical of Hilmarsdottir on a personal level, Elswood had always been encouraged by Scott's positive relationship with Ylva to give her the benefit of the doubt. Thankfully, he held on to this optimistic notion long enough for Ylva to share a bit of herself with him. She always seems to know when something is nagging at Elswood, and the attention she pays him and his well-being make him feel valued as a friend. Her willingness to open up to him has only solidified their friendship and cemented Elswood's place as a steadfast supporter. The common ground they share has sparked a sort of protectiveness of Ylva. His desire to see Hilmarsdottir and Scott together used to be the primary source of protectiveness toward Ylva--more a protectiveness by proxy for the sake of his best friend. It has by now evolved into a standalone feeling. Some measure of guilt nags at him for having been so one-sided about his so-called "shipping crusade", though he intends to make it up to Hilmarsdottir by being the best friend he can.


Update #1: It has been a long time since Elswood has seen Ylva, and the last time they spoke she was evasive and unfriendly. When Dorian pushed to see what the problem was, she shut him out entirely. Something in their friendship appears to have taken a turn, and he cannot figure out what. Whatever their relationship had been before, it certainly is not the same anymore.


----->Cait DonovanElswood views Cait as a surrogate little sister, though it may be a bit selfish of him to pigeonhole her into that position. Cait is the same age as his real little sister Lisette, and in a way Dorian imagines that Cait is similar to how Lisette would be if not for her cystic fibrosis. Where others see a punk ass little hothead, he sees beyond the facade to the compassionate, fun-loving young woman beneath. He takes personal responsibility for her well-being both on the field and aboard the Grant, though will let her make the mistakes she needs to in order to grow as an individual. Initially disappointed by her single-minded desire for combat kills, he worried about her transition to the medic role. After her first growing pains as a medical professional, however, his reservations were put to rest and his confidence in her restored. Dorian would do just about anything to help her become more confident as a medic, and takes pride when she does good work in the field. Elswood believes Donovan has a lot of potential, and he intends to help her realize it.


Update #1: Donovan is proving to be a fine medic in Elswood's opinion. She has done a lot of growing and is starting to trust her judgement calls. Dorian firmply believes she will make an excellent specialist some day--perhaps even a medical NCO. She still needs to reign in her attitude with engineering, however.


----->Sebastian Bently: Interactions with Bently have been rare, but none of them unpleasant. Elswood respects Bently's straightforward attitude and his "get it done" disposition over the politics usually associated with an officer's commission. Dorian believes that Bently tends to seek out the best person for any given task first and foremost, but has never hesitated to turn to another suitable candidate should his first choice not be available. For example, Bently often seeks out Scott for medical matters, but given Scott's busy schedule Dorian has offered to help Bently with whatever he needs. Unlike many others, Bently has not hesitated to take Elswood up on his offer and has allowed him to perform what is needed in place of Scott. Elswood is not sure if this is because Bently finds him capable in particular, or because he is often the next most qualified for the job. Dorian tends to lean towards the belief that Bently finds him capable, as he did allow Elswood to do one of his medical workups. On the battlefield it does not go unnoticed by Elswood that Bently prioritizes his troopers over himself--or at minimum does not put himself above his troopers. On multiple occasions he has been wounded and opted to hold the line beside his troops rather than fall back and be treated. Bently is a "lead from the front" type, and Dorian admires that greatly. It causes him a great deal of stress, however, when trying to perform his medic duties. Treating a patient who refuses to sit still and stop shooting makes for a tough job. Unlike other troopers, though, Dorian cannot just make Bently sit still!


Update #1: Elswood has spent a lot more time with Bently as of late, and the medic feels as if there might be some level of friendship building despite the rank desparity. There is a lot more to the officer than many might believe and Dorian finds himself always willing to make time for Bently. The man himself is still as difficult to read as ever, so Dorian keeps his disposition toward the psuedo-friendship to himself--at least for now.


----->Mikhail KuznetsovOnly recently has Dorian's relationship with Kuznetsov begun to evolve beyond acquaintance into friendship. The pair had shared a few drinks together on more than one occasion, and Dorian served in a squad with Kuznetsov on more than one occasion--one or more with Mikhail as squad second (or perhaps even as lead, if memory servers correctly). Elswood finds Kuznetsov to be a fairly even-keeled individual for the most part, having never seen too much beyond the superficial interactions they shared. On a recent mission, Kuznetsov had been gravely wounded. A different, newer medic--who shall remain nameless--had attempted to earn his field treatment proficiency for promotion to 2Spc, but nearly botched the treatment. Halfway through the treatment, Dorian ordered the other medic to stand down and took it upon himself to treat Kuznetsov. In a situation painfully similar to that experienced with Jason Marsh, a timely medivac separated Kuznetsov from death. Arguing for his patient's medivac and shouldering the responsibility of mobile field IV, he managed to get the man out alive. Perhaps it was the feeling of righting a past wrong, but Dorian felt vindicated--and though his vindication a sort of budding friendship with Kuznetsov. Perhaps the most impacting moment for Dorian had been Kuznetsov's change in attitude when Dorian took over treatment, going from hopelessness to fighting to live. The small gesture of confidence did wonders for Elswood and his recently battered self-esteem.


----->Alicia WhiteElswood finds White to be a very busy person, and thus it is difficult to establish a friendship beyond the bounds of casual conversation and the occasional deeper conversation. He doesn't know a great deal about her as a person save for what he has managed to ascertain by observation. Dorian finds White to be a good-humored, yet sensitive individual as evidenced by her response to the loss of Carter. In a manner of speaking, Elswood is thankful that she had been there with him for Carter's loss. It gave him someone to take care of and keep his mind off of it; allowing him to treat and reassure White kept him together for the ensuing shitstorm. Initially attracted to White, he diverted course immediately upon discovering the relationship White and Bently share. In truth, Elswood finds the couple to be an absolutely adorable pair having listed to them talk about it in a one-on-one setting from their respective perspectives. The symbiosis of their relationship gives him something to smile at, and perhaps a bit of hope--though exactly why that may be true is difficult for him to put into words. Overall, Dorian respects White and feels an established--albeit fledgling--friendship with her.


----->Sylase FreemanOf all the medical staff, Freeman is one of the few Elswood feels reservations about. He finds Freeman to be a good enough person--good company, anyway. However, having witnessed the near-botched treatment Freeman applied in the field, he is skeptical of his skills and tenacity. Freeman does not actively seek out training to learn new skills or practice his old ones--not even after the incident with Kuznetsov. Dorian is concerned that Freeman does not have what it takes to be a medic, and that he may get someone killed though poor medical care in the future. Like Dumont, Freeman seems to disappear when it comes time to put boots to dirt. Elswood is friendly enough with the man, but not particularly interested in getting friendly with him until Freeman gets his shit sorted out. He cannot afford to put friendship above the quality of his junior medics. Dorian is expected to shape Freeman into a viable medic, and he in turn expects Freeman to put in the effort. Thus far, he's not seen much effort.

Update #1: Elswood has come around to seeing Freeman as a friend and a valued member of the medical team. Despite earlier misgivings, Dorian has watched Freeman grow a great deal as a medic. The potential to be a great medic exists in Sylase, if only he went out of his way to do more training and advance his technical skills!


----->Tallie Vega: Elswood is not terribly familiar with Vega. He has met her in passing a few times, though she spends a lot of time being a conversational attache rather than an active participant. From what he can tell--which isn't much--she's fairly self-sufficient and interested in little beyond her point of view. He can guess that she likes books and that she doesn't appreciate stupidity. Her penchant to throw Spanish around is mildly amusing. All in all, she doesn't seem terribly interested in interaction when she is around, so Dorian leaves her be.


Update #1: It is extraordinarily difficult not to develop a positive relationship when trying to comfort someone else. Vega, dragged into the middle of a situation entirely unfair to her, had been struggling with the consequences of other peoples' actions. Elswood, ever the concerned busybody, took it upon himself to try and make her feel  better. At the moment Dorian does not feel like he has been very successful in convincing Tallie that she is not at fault. He is concerned as to how the situation may affect her, and will likely take steps to keep an eye on her where he can.


----->Quinn CaffreyEverything started when Caffrey succumbed to psychic overload during a desert drop and collapsed. Nearly left behind by the squad, Elswood carried her through the sand up to the fallback FOB while arachnids nipped at their heels. Something about carrying another person while moving at a dead run through the desert, all while being swiped at by oversized carnivorous insects, left Dorian feeling connected to her in some way. Their subsequent interactions did not prove nearly as inspiring. Often, their brief meetings left him feeling embarrassed and/or frustrated. For whatever reason, she continued to seek him out on occasion. Whatever changed her view of him did so for the better; seemingly out of nowhere, Quinn took an interest in Dorian's own well-being. Thrown off by the shift in her demeanor, Elswood found himself trying to figure out what makes Caffrey tick. The more time he spent with her, the more he found that he enjoyed her company. An enjoyable friendship evolved into a relationship Dorian found himself leaning on for support when things got rough. Somewhere beneath his surface thoughts and outside the scope of his conscious mind, the first blooms of affection began to bud. By the time he recognized his feelings for what they were, they'd already driven their roots deep into his head.


Update #1: It has been a long time since Dorian has seen Quinn. The last few times he even passed by her she had brushed him off or promised to talk later, which never happened. The last time he saw her, the both of them spilled their guts to one another. For the first time in a long while he thought that everything might be alright, but Quinn disappeared. Dorian has not seen her since that night, and wonders if she might have transferred off the Grant. He feels abandoned, hurt, and lonlier that ever. She said she loved him, and maybe she did--just not enough to stay.


----->Devin SaiphanDespite having seen more than his fair share of Saiphan around the Grant and down on the field, Elswood does not know a great deal about the man. He finds Devin to be personable enough, and from what he does know, Saiphan appears perfectly amicable. He respects the man as an engineer, having been an observer to his field work on more than one occasion. Dorian finds Saiphan to be friendly--at least in his experience-- to everyone in general, though does not quite regard him as a friend. The pair seem to only to catch each other in passing, but they never really sit down to talk. Friendship is certainly not out of the question should they spend more time together.


----->Alysia HarperInitially hesitant to engage with Harper due to some friction sparked between the Ensign and others he held in high regard, Elswood nevertheless fell into an amicable relationship with Harper. A frequent visitor of the medbay for the purpose of blood donation, Dorian spent a fair amount of time getting to know Harper through idle chitchat and observation. Furthermore, Ensign Harper has been one of the most frequent patient visitors in the medbay--often present after a drop when a trooper she is familiar with has been wounded. Her dedication to her friendships is a trait Elswood respects, and it allowed for a friendly disposition to develop naturally. Being the nosy bastard he is, Elswood managed to discover that both Hughes and Harper shared romantic interest in the other; however, both knuckleheads proved too dense to recognize the other felt the same way. Through some (nearly catastrophic) intervention, Elswood managed to get the pair together. With military life being what it is, Dorian enjoys trying to facilitate a bit of happiness where he can.


Update #1: Elswood feels absolutely sick about what happened to Harper. Being the individual that set Harper and Hughes up in the first place, he feels partly responsible for what happened with Hughes.


----->Iris BlankaHaving patched Blanka up in the field before, Dorian met her--at least in passing--before recent events shook the entirety of her friend group. Knowing that psychics can be particularly prone to stress and the emotional deterioration of those around him, he opted to keep her close to Harper. This in turn allows the medic to keep an eye on Blanka for any signs of mental overload as well while allowing Harper to have the support she needs. When the cracks started to form. Elswood decided to send Blanka from the medbay for some self-care time with a positive influence--likely the Fleet pilot she's been hanging out with. Dorian does not know much about the woman from a personal standpoint, but she seems to be devoted to her friends, and that is always positive points in Dorian's book.


----->Maxine ValentineDorian has deployed alongside Valentine many times since she joined the 112th, and he finds her to be competent and capable as a trooper. Until recently, however, he never interacted with her beyond the superficial exchange of ammo and/or medical treatment. Upon more casual interaction with Valentine, he found that they share a fair amount in common--insofar as the state of their social lives is concerned. While Valentine comes across as a prickly ball of anger, Elswood is unfazed by her demeanor. He suspects that she appreciates is nonchalance towards her hostility, and in return Dorian acts as an avenue for her to vent whatever frustrations are pushing her anger buttons. It may be too early to tell, but Elswood believes that the potential exists for a friendship between them. A friendship based on mutual hatreds and woes, but a friendship nevertheless.


Update #1: Elswood has spent enough time chatting and drinking with Valentine to feel a friendship building there. Maybe not a bond forged of iron, but a friendship nevertheless. They talk about what pisses them off and what makes them anxious. Their similarities in relationship experience allow them to empathize rather easily with one another--or so Dorian believes, anyway.


----->Leana WellsUnsure of what to make of Wells at first, he found her to to be purposefully abrasive. It didn't bother Elswood much, as he found abrasive people to be easy to get along with so long as you knew how to do their dance and play along with some self-depricating humor. Over the course of an in-depth treatment, he discovered that the surgery she needed to help her overcome her chronic pain would not be covered by the Feds--listed under "elective" surgery. Rather than tell her about it, he covered the cost. She found out, and despite being pissed to all high hell and back, she appeared genuinely appreciative. Dorian enjoys Wells's company for the most part, her crass jokes and not-quite jokes giving him something to play off of. In a way, he hopes that if he sticks around long enough, he may make it beneath that prickly exterior.


//>>[Attachment-4 [DTE_112Addendum.dbe]


{Additional Resources}>>


[Below Is A List of Unconfirmed Resources Related to Dorian Tyler Elswood]:

----->"The Truth About A Liar"; Biographical Record; [Link]


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