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Lithium. What is it?






What does it do?




Lithium compounds and lithium salts are enclosed within capsules to create one of the most reliable means of psychic defense for the human race.

Prior to contact with alien life, lithium was used to treat depressive disorders, post-traumatic stress, and bipolar disorder. 

After contact with psychic lifeforms such as the Bugs and Skinnies, the human race realized that we were at a crucial disadvantage to psychic suggestion and manipulation. There was little that the average human could do to resist being fooled by psychic trickery. However, in large doses, lithium was discovered to be a somewhat effective means to resist psychic influence.


Lithium works by blocking neural pathways to different parts of the brain that are associated with psychic stimulation. After oral ingestion, a trooper is now protected from most forms of psychic suggestion. That being said, there have been instances when troopers being affected by psychic attack even after being dosed with lithium, but these instances are few and far between. Lithium does a fairly good job at protecting the mind, but its effects can be nullified by a psychic force that is powerful enough to break through the barrier it creates in the mind. 


However, Lithium has a great deal of adverse effects as well. In addition to nullifying most psychic activity from outside, lithium does the same to the inside. Psychics are unable to access or utilize their abilities while on lithium, cancelling out the combat advantage of a MIPOD operative on the field.



In addition to prohibiting a psychic from performing, the general side effects of Lithium are:


Blurred/distorted vision





Numbness in Extremeties

Shortness of Breath

Heartbeat Irregularities


Pulmonary Edema

Bloodshot Eyes


One capsule of lithium will last the course of two hours. Further consumption within an 18 hour period is ill-advised, 

as one capsule alone is a high enough dosage to cause severe disruption to the human body. Disregarding this can result in an overdose, or death.



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