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Heresiarch Grimm

Apukohai Tyberos

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Whilst the information pertinent to the Mobile Infantry exists on record, seldom else can be found outside of one particular location inaccessible by most.


Idle Theme - Halls of Steel




Combat Theme - "Converting hostiles."



Combat Theme - "Tyberos, re-deploying."





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Basic Information:


Name: Apukohai Tyberos

Age: 20

D.O.B: Database Error

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Federation

Role(s): Infantry, SAW Gunner, Weaponry Maintenance, M55 Certified, MIPOD Operative, Former Marauder.

Kin: Database Error

Homeworld: Karrus

Alignment: Federation

Hair Colour: N/A

Eye Colour: Brown

Build: Muscular by Karnan standards.

Rank: Recruit -> First Class -> Lance -> Third Specialist -> First Class -> Lance


FSR-C Required.


Other Information:

FSR-C Required.


Whiter than average skin, adorned with one (1) scrimshaw necklace.

Motto: "Karnan to the Core."


Notable actions or facts:



Commendations and Awards:



Friendships, Relationships and everything in-between:



Cait Donovan

Former Medic. Proficiency acceptable. Known clashes with one other Trooper, no issues since. Interaction indicates Individual is trying to get along with members of the Unit whilst bending the rules of acceptable conduct. Involved with treatments regarding "condition". Combat efficiency known, competent with basic actions and unreliable with complex manoeuvres.


Alicia White

Medic. Proficiency unknown. Originally handled ailments relating to "condition". Little interaction otherwise. Friendly, potentially flirtatious behavior exhibited towards higher ranked individuals. Combat efficiency unknown. Further interaction and observation required.


Daniel Dumont

Medic. Proficiency deemed mediocre, additional observation required. Posited a solution to "condition". Little interaction since. Combat efficiency unknown. Further interaction and observation required.


Vito Dominiko

Engineer. Proficiency unknown. Recently put into Engineer Detachment by Lieutenant Vickers. Little interactions remembered. Presumed competent in Combat. Further interaction and observation required.


Tzipora Bronson

Infantry. Newly recruited to Unit. Proficiency seems adequate so far. Spends most of their time in the bar. Individual seems smart, also not Terran, unknown if correlation present. Combat efficiency deemed equal to Donovan. Further interactions and observations required.


Veronika Harth

Infantry. Newly recruit to Unit. Proficiency seems sub-par due to already sustained injuries. So far spends time with Marauders. Identifies self as "Lich". Individual has some capacity for planning, may prove beneficial. Combat efficiency unknown, presumed poor due to sustained injuries. Further interactions required.


Chiyuki Asahi

Infantry. Proficiency seems adequate, though no or little first hand accounts. Small amounts of interaction outside of combat deployments or unit enforced gatherings such as mandatory showering. No consistent area found for individual. Further interactions required.


William Saint-Claire

Many things. Proficiency deemed sub-par due to individual being in multiple roles during time with Unit. Roles include, but may not be limited to; Engineer, FFRL Operative, Weapons Specialist, Medical Infantry, possibly a Judicial Marine. Multiple roles assumed to be gained by pity and number requirements rather than skill, given horrific performance in the field. Spends majority of spare time in bar. Would trust Former Medic Donovan over Individual for medical treatment. Would trust Engineer Volker for Engineering actions over Individual. Would trust Asahi over Individual for combat performance.


Lorilee Zemke

Fleetie. Can at least fly. Dumb as bricks. Thinks they look like a baby penguin, thus self-assigned the callsign Penguin. Doesn't seem to know what a baby penguin actually looks like. Is about as useful outside of a cockpit as a baby penguin. Doesn't seem to exist outside of one or two instances on the Grant.



Medic. Proficiency unknown. Combat ability unknown. Barely known to exist, much more observation and interaction required.

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