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As many of you may have already heard, @Rook (Aramis Hux) has recently been inundated with education and other priorities that simply must take precedence over SSTRP, and as a result during the admin meeting this evening stood down from his post as the leader of Fleet. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Rook for his hard work over the past eight months, to congratulate him on his many successes for the faction, and to wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours. He will continue to have some presence on ship as Hux, particularly during Operation Helios where we draw a conclusion to the Progenitor storyline.


Effective immediately I will personally take control of Fleet as Captain Luther W. Taylor. In the past I've acted as a temporary interim leader whilst we sought out a suitable arrangement, however on this occasion I think I will instead seek to commit myself for the long haul.


The core problem with Fleet is inactivity - because Fleet is fundamentally boring for most people. I think this is caused by two primary factors:


A. Not a lot to do: Fleet have almost nothing to and their role at present involves sneering at the Mobile Infantry and occasionally watching an admin-ran light show from the bridge on the rare occasion.


B. Too many people for the jobs we do have: at the time of writing, we are a default faction - meaning any player can create a fleet character at any time. As a result, we have more people than we have jobs - and as a result, one job is split between 10 people. 


As a result, I will be implementing a series of reforms effectively immediately:


1. We will be running and using EmptyEpsilon for Fleet bridge operations

We flirted with this not long ago and it was a popular solution.


For those who aren't aware, EmptyEpsilon is a (free) networked bridge simulator - meaning we have a ship and a suite of different bridge stations (helms, weapons, engineering, science, relay). Each station holds a set of responsibilities:

  • Helms: at its core, responsible for navigating the ship, both via impulse (sublight) engines and via FTL (warp/jump drives). They coordinate with the Relay station to plot courses, or Weapons to manoeuvre the ship into an ideal position where it can fire on a target, or evading enemy missiles.
  • Weapons: responsible for maintaining a suite of weapons, including standard cannons, point defence, as well as an array of torpedoes (nukes, EMPs, mines, etc). 
  • Engineering: responsible for managing damage control teams, power allocation and temperature management. Engineering can for example assign 300% power to manoeuvre and impulse engines as a boost to helms, however that would put an awful lot of strain on the rest of the ship and risk overheating (and doing damage to the ship).
  • Science: able to probe and scan other targets, ships, etc. After matching waveforms, they can receive information about a target like their ship class, friend-or-foe, vulnerabilities, etc.
  • Relay: able to see a full screen map of the entire system and to plot a course; able to communicate with other ships and stations; able to launch probes that allow us to penetrate the fog of war and able to hack enemy ships to disable key systems in a battle.


I will be engaging a developer to see about mimicking this functionality directly within GMod (as a long term solution).


2. Noting TACs have now been added to the server and authorized for extended use, Medic has been given authority to hire a squadron of 1+4 TAC pilots.

TAC will not be a given on every drop, but the way I have suggested that admins use them is if they are called in as a support, to give them that TAC for the duration of the spaceplane's fuel reserves (around 15-30 minutes, depending on fuel use). Some admins may decide to have them around longer.


4. The roster is wiped, and henceforth, Fleet will be an exclusive, application only faction with a robust application process and a limited number of slots at any given time.

This is to address problem B: by reducing the number of people within Fleet, it means those who remain will be the more enthusiastic of the bunch, and will have to share and compete for opportunities with fewer people. The application process will require a player to write a "tech doc" - a piece of documentation that details a specific function of fleet, regardless of whether that's a specific system on the ship, a specific tool, a tactic, logistics: the end goal is to organically enrich the canon around Fleet. Successful applicant will be given the opportunity to choose a specific station to specialise in. 


Existing Fleet members will need to reapply.


5. Fleet will become an officer-only faction; the enlisted ranks will be abolished.

This is to recognise both the lack of consequence you have as an enlisted character and therefore their pointlessness, to acknowledge the reduced member count we will have in the future, and to acknowledge the robust application process that mimics or even exceeds the standard OCS process. Thus henceforth Fleet ranks will be Ensign (Ens), Flight Lieutenant (FLt), Lieutenant-Commander (LtCdr), Commander (Cdr) and Captain (Cpt).


6. Fleet and engineering will work side by side to maintain the ship. 

More to come on this later, but it pretty much does what it says on the tin. Engineering will take more of a formal responsibility whilst on ship for acting as technicians on our behalf, typically at the direction of and under the supervision of a Fleet officer.



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