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Arkady Mikhailovich Zuykov

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Name: Arkady Mikhailovich Zuykov

Position: Helmsman/Relay Officer

Transfer from: UCF-FR-518 Tabarzin


Hailing from the port city of Sevastopol, Zuykov was bathed in a naval-rich environment. He routinely visited his local military museums, admiring the large murals which glorified the sailors who gave their lives upon the tide. He was especially keen in mathematics and physics as a student, all the while finding time to read of the admirals and commandants who he saw paintings and mannequins of. His fixation on the exploits of commanders of navies past pushed him not only to gain experience upon the high tide, but to later enlist in the Federation Fleet. He was trained as a navigational officer, however, adopted many traits as so he could both cooperate with - and replace - a relay officer in the time of crisis. He served with the crew of the frigate Tabarzin, covering landing forces on Shoreridge and Xi Shi II. He was later aboard to assist in the Battle of Sanctuary, having both engaged hostile spacecraft and covered troop landings below.


A deep respect for the traditions and customs of the Fleet has instilled the values of courage, perseverance, and honor in Zuykov. He believes that the famous Ulysses Grant may be a stepping stone into a deeper career within the fleet, thus his transfer request.

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Approved as an Officer-Cadet (rank OCdt).


Pick a topic of your choice to write a tech doc on - it should be around a page's worth of content, fleshing out a Fleet technical topic of your choice. It can be completely made up so long as it sound sensible/plausible and doesn't directly conflict with existing content.

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