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Jun Nagase

Sabine Bilodeau

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Name: Sabine Bilodeau

Station(s): Helms, Weapons, Engineering, Science, Relay.

Biography: Sabine first joined Fleet on the Audie Murphy, where she slowly worked her way through the petty-officer ranks, showing most natural skill in the Helms station and general flying. She was commended on her natural flying abilities by her Viking Dropship instructor. In her time on the Murphy, she experienced countless standard battles and several abnormal battles, such as arachnids crawling their way onto the bridge and an unknown alien lifeform making contact. She then had to leave because it was revealed one of her eyes were deteriorating, and she needed an extended stay at a hospital station for examination and eventually to get her eye replaced. Upon her return months later, the Audie Murphy had been destroyed and most of the original crew was now on the Ulysses S. Grant. From there, she quickly worked her way up to Chief and up to Master Chief Petty Officer where she stayed for a couple of months before a suitable replacement could be found, at which point Then-Captain Hux offered her to take OCS, which she accepted. During her time as Petty Officer post medical return, she was on Sanctuary station at the Fleet meeting where O'Brien declared herself Sky Martial. The Civil War started and she started taking part in larger Fleet to Fleet battles, rather than the previously more common skirmishes between a handful of ships at most. She was also included into the Fleet Command structure by Captain Hux to assist in strategy and planning early in the Civil War. During the end of the Civil War with Sanctuary, she had worked up to Lieutenant and is the Head of the Helms station. She is also working with Engineers to teach them about basic and essential ship repairs. She will occasionally fly Dropships down on non-combat or low-risk missions, such as for RnRs.

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Approved as an Officer-Cadet (rank OCdt).


Pick a topic of your choice to write a tech doc on - it should be around a page's worth of content, fleshing out a Fleet technical topic of your choice. It can be completely made up so long as it sound sensible/plausible and doesn't directly conflict with existing content.

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